Hey guys, this is my first fanfic so be nice! I can take helpful criticism but if you're reviewing to tell me you don't like the issues my story contains then I have to tell you, I did warn you. Which brings me to: warning! This fic contains a male on male sexual relationship (although I tried not to make anything too graphic), drug abuse, domestic abuse, and dub-con. Don't like, don't read.

Also… I don't have a beta and my spelling sucks so you'll have to bear with me, I tried my best.

"Hello Jasper, my pet." James cooed, caressing my cheek gently. I leaned into the caress and kissed his palm, a silent plea for hit pity. He looked at me with that cold expression on his face, the one I was afraid of, calculating. "You haven't had your H today have you?" He murmured, petting my head gently. I shook my head 'no' vehemently, tears springing to my eyes. God I wanted it. I needed, I needed it, I needed it! I hadn't had any for close to a whole day and I had started feeling the effects of withdrawal hours ago. "Poor baby." He said softly, looking at me closely before suddenly brightening. "Soon enough." My mouth fell open and my bloodshot eyes bugged out of my head.

"Not now?" I whispered, afraid to speak. James turned to me from his position by the door and shot me an annoyed glare.

"No." He snapped, his lip puling back in contempt as I began to weep and threw myself groveling at his feet. "You will receive your reward Jasper just as soon as you earn it. Stand up." He ordered. I looked up at him through tear hazed eyes and begged, sobbing:

"Please, please! I will! I'll do whatever you want but please, give it to me now!"

"Get up!" James spat, kicking me hard in the chest. I yelped and scuttled away, drawing my knees up and clutching the new bruise on my ribs. The tears now streamed freely down my cheeks. It hurt! God did it hurt! The withdrawal was like a hand squeezing my insides, I felt like I was dying…. Speaking of a hand, it was at that exact moment that James grabbed the back of my neck ad yanked me to my feet.

"I said GET UP! Do not make me say it again." He ground out; batting away the hands I put up to shield my face.

'Yes sir." I whispered, going limp in his grip. The anger didn't leave his face but he at least stopped shaking me.

"Good, come on."

"Yes sir." I answered obediently. "But can I—" I cried out as he slapped me hard across the face.

"Shut up Jasper!" He hissed, shaking me once more. "Do you understand? Shut up!" I nodded, dropping my gaze quickly. I knew better than to push James when he was like this. I was lucky all I got was a slap…

"Good boy." He soothed, releasing me almost immediately and letting me go completely. Gently he raised my head by placing his fingers under my chin and softly pushing up. "I'm sorry I slapped you Jasper, you know why I had to right?" I nodded, blinking fast as a tear leaked out of my eye. "It's okay Jazz, " He soothed, stroking my back reassuringly, once more back to his gentle side. "As soon as you help me I'll help you. You'll get your reward soon." I nodded and sniffed, dropping my eyes once more. I couldn't' stand to see that smirk… "Good boy." he murmured again, giving my arm a loving touch before turning and heading towards the bedroom. "Come on, and stop that wretched crying, it ruins you pretty face." Numbly I followed. All I had to do was get through this and I got my hit.

"Jasper! Fuck!" James moaned breathily, coming perilously close to losing control. "So… fucking… tight!" He panted, his sweaty face contorting with pleasure above me. He shifted suddenly and hit a different angle and I screamed….

About an hour later I lay nearly comatose on the bed, lying where he had left me. God I felt horrible. The withdrawals were stronger now, making my whole body shake violently with chills and all my muscles spasm. I felt cold, cold all through me, spreading from my core to all my blood vessels and out farther. To top it off, now I hurt more in other places; James was not exactly a good lover. He ravaged and pillaged, taking what he wanted with little thought about his partner. Still, the pain from our recent activities was nothing compared to this, this constant hell caused by the withdrawal. I had my eyes squeezed shut against the pain and didn't see James reenter the room until he touched my arm. I flinched, eyes flying open, but otherwise remained still.

"Shhhh Jazz." James purred, his eyes still glazed over in fading ecstasy. He stroked my arm, getting me to unlock my elbow and allowing him to straighten the limb. I shuddered when his fingers brushed over the crease of my elbow and the countless track marks there. He felt my reaction and smiled.

"It's a new batch, you're the first to try it out." He chuckled. I moaned, my eyes rolling back in anticipation of what was soon to come. Slowly, tortuously, he cinched his belt tightly around my upper arm, getting me ready for the injection. I was panting now, rolling around on the bed in excitement. Funny how I never had this kind of reaction when we got ready to have sex….

"God baby, you love this don't you?" He groaned, eyes growing darker in lust. "You look so hot like this." I let out a whimper that was nearly a scream. The sensation of him teasing me was too much, I needed it, I needed it now. I let out a shuddering gasp and all the muscles in my body relaxed when I felt the sharp prick of the needle in my skin finally. My head flopped to the side and I watched as James pushed the plunger down, sending my freedom, my desire, rushing down the thin point barely visible beneath my skin and straight into my blood stream. It was beautiful and I was entranced. Blessedly injection is fast acting and the stuff James gave me was good, I felt it almost instantly. Suddenly the monster within me stopped rattling the bars and went back to sleep. It felt ecstasy override the pain and moaned as I flew through cloud after cloud of pleasure. My gaze fixed blurrily on James, smiling like a shark, pleased with himself for giving me my release. I saw him but I didn't think of him, I was beyond thought. I let out a breath and the waves of pleasure began to bear me away and I felt my breathing and racing heart slow as I started to fall asleep. God this felt good. As my eyesight faded I just vaguely saw James' smile falter and be replaced by fear. Then the biggest wave of pleasure yet swallowed me and I let go to swim in the current.