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Pearl's POV

It is time. I'm now a grown man, or at least that's what Daddy said. Although I do feel that 14 is a rather young age, Daddy has began his 'emotional exploits' at this age, and I must follow in his footsteps!

Normal POV

Pearl stood nervously outside the large, solid gold gate. He had already practiced all that his father had taught him.

No, it wasn't battle strategies.

It was dating tips.

Pearl felt embarrassed just thinking about it. However, he shook the though away.

"In order to get the girl, you have to face your fears!" His father's courageous words echoed through his brain. Pearl had had a crush on his good friend Platina, ever since she matured.

Once again, the age of 14 wasn't much of an age.

As Pearl's trembling finger approached the doorbell, a cry caused him to halt.

"Missy?" the teenager thought aloud.

Much to his dismay, it was only the butler, Sebastian. He was hoping that it would be his crush, so that he could rush in to save her, giving him a chance to show off his heroism.

As the old man finally reached the gate, he took a few pants, before yelling again. (Which was redundant since he was standing RIGHT IN FRONT of Pearl?)


Pearl flinched at the bellowing of that old chap.

Upon finally realizing the distance between them, he adjusted his bow tie and continued.

"Our security cameras have caught footage of a young hooligan and his equally disgraceful Elekid messing around with the doorbell last night. Who knows what might happen..." Sebastian shuddered at the thought, before pressing a button on the wall.

The golden gates squeaked open as they gleamed under the Sun's rays. Pearl could never get tired of that.

As Sebastian led Pearl to the mansion, rattling on and on about the rules and regulations in the house. Pearl wasn't really listening though. His mind was stuck on Platinum and how he was going to approach her.


Pearl snapped out of his thoughts and realized that he was already at Platinum's door. Sebastian gave a polite bow before leaving.

Pearl's hand wrapped around the solid gold handle attached to it's oaken door. As he pushed it open, he saw Platina in her usual grace, sitting on an arm chair sipping tea with her pinkie out like most rich people would do so. It was almost as if she had expected to

"Good afternoon Pearl." Platinum said as she returned her teacup back to it's porcelain saucer. "And what do I owe this visit?"

"Eh..." Pearl hesitated, before mustering up his courage and continuing.

"You know that you and me love...going on adventures right?"

"...Go on."

"And have you heard about that new region? Unova?"

"Yes I have."

"...You know that you and me love going on adventur-

"Pearl please get to the point."

Pearl was nervous. He could have whooped Cyrus with his entire team with one hand tied behind his back, but he could not bring himself to say it.

"W-would y-you l-l-like to go... to Unova...for another adventure?"

Pearl had bit his tongue so many times in that single sentence that he could faintly taste his own blood.

Platina's eyes brightened. "That would be wonderful! It's been too long since we got together."

Pearl was too elated to express his thoughts in words. So he let them remain as thoughts.


"I'll ring Diamond up to tell him the news." said Platina as she skipped into another room, which was an interesting sight to see instead of that 'law and order' side of her.


...wait, Dia?

As Pearl saw Platina disappear from view, he slumped down onto a nearby sofa and put a hand to his forehead.

"This is going to be a pain..."

So what do you think? Its a little short, and I felt really awkward writing romantic stuff, but I'll do my best to meet your demands. The next page is definetly going to be longer, so stay tuned. Also, as I've said before, I'm pairing Pearl with one of my OCs. I didn't put too many details in my previous notice, so I'll give you more information now.

Her name is Hayley Rose, born in Unova. She looks like Hayley from the game 'My Pokemon Ranch'. She meets Pearl in the Desert Resort and will be appearing later in the story. She has a Panpour, which evolves later when Pearl gives a Water Stone to Rose. She also has a Sandile which shall evolve later. Her starter is Victini, but is kept secret until later. (SPOILER! :P)

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