She's coming back! My big sister is finally coming back to Mystic Falls. Isabella Marie Gilbert is my older sister, she's been away since our parents died, but she's finally coming back.

Now I just have to find a way to tell Stefan and Damon about my sister. God, now I'm dreading it, having Damon around my sister scares me. But then again If anybody can put Damon Salvatore in his place, its defiantly my sister.

I was on my way to the Salvatore Boarding House excited over the news. I put my car in park and went to ring the door bell, but there he was. My boyfriend Stefan. I smiled happily and jumped into his arms, causing him to stumble back and chuckle at me.

" Whats got you in such a happy mood?" Damon's annoying voice ran from behind Stefan.

I glared at him slightly but decided not even he can ruin my good mood. So I kissed Stefan's cheek and slid down his body and stepped around him and squealed happily. Causing both Salvatore brothers to wince at the high pitch of it.

" MY SISTER IS COMING HOME!" I shouted happily

Both of them looked shocked, but I turned towards Stefan and glared at him.

' Don't even think about it. You didn't tell me about Damon until I had to meet him for myself! " I said with my hands on my hips daring him to be angry or upset.

We walked into the living room area and sat down. Stefan next to me and Damon in his 'favorite' leather chair. Idiot, I swear that chair is the ugliest thing that could have ever been placed in this beautiful home.

" So … this sister of yours. Tell us about her." Damon said with a smirk.

I gave him one of my own back, which surprised him. He thought I was going to warm him to stay away from her. HA! Like I would need to do that. She would turn his ass down faster than a rabbit ate a carrot. They were similar in a way, Damon and Bella.

" Her name is Isabella Marie Gilbert, she's 18 and going to finish out her senior year here. She's been gone since mom and dad died, she was super close to them like I and Jeremy were. Anyways, she has tan skin like me of course, dark brown hair that's thick and wavy unlike my straight then hair, her yes are these amazing round doe like eyes making her seem innocent but she's really not. She's a serious bitch if you get on her bad side, and her eyes are this weird light sea green. She's a little taller than me, loud, bitchy, funny, witty, and a serious party person. She's all about having fun and living life to its fullest. " I said smiling thinking about my sister.

" She sounds like she'll be nice to get to know." Stefan said

I smiled at him thankful that he was taking it so easily. I honestly was sort of afraid that his feelings would be hurt that I didn't really talk about her. It hurt when she left, but I also understood why she did. Not to mention she's 18 and free to do what she wants, unlike Jeremy and I who are 15 and 16, well 17 for me if you want to round up. I really missed my sister.

" She sounds hot." Damon said with his annoying smirk plastered on his face.

I laughed this time.

" Have fun with that. Before she left she was with Tyler Lockwood, I doubt you'll be able to handle her, let alone get her. Isabella isn't your typical Mystic Falls girl. She's not desperate Damon." I told him

He of course glared, as if he were actually offended.

" So you don't think she would be interested in me? Not at all?" He challenged.

" What are we going to do about her and our secret is what I'm worried about. We already have Jeremy under Damon's compulsion. And Bonnie knows about us obviously…are we going to have to fill her in on everything as well?" Stefan stated

I wondered the same thing.

" We'll cross that bridge if we come to it." I said patting his hand that was resting on my waist.

I really was starting to wonder the same thing. Would we have to tell her? What if she found out on her own? What if Bonnie slipped up and spilled the beans? Damn now I'm starting to stress even more than I have ever been since I started my relationship with Stefan.

" Well when does this Isabella come ?" Damon asked with a thoughtful look on his face

" We're all going to meet her at the Grill in an hour. " I told him

" We're all?" Stefan asked

I smiled and laughed.

" Yeah, you, me, Damon, Caroline Tyler, Matt, Bonnie and Jeremy." I told him

He nodded his head and Damon just blurred up stairs.

" You really shouldn't have challenged him Elena. He's going to go after your sister now." He sighed out.

" Yeah, we'll don't worry about my sister, she's even stronger than I am. She will be fine." I assured him.


Everybody was here and ready sitting at one of the larger tables at The Grill. Stefan looked nervous about meeting Bella, and Jeremy was enjoying his discomfort. Tyler looked nervous as well, but for a totally different reason.

You see, Bella and Tyler were together for a long time, just as Matt and I were. Only, they broke up because Bella left, then Tyler started seeing Vickie to try to get over Bella because he believed in his heart that Bella wasn't coming back, and its not like he could up and leave, his parents would kill him no matter how much they love my sister and consider her family.

" Relax dude, Bella wont bite." Jeremy laughed at Stefan.

All the girls giggled, and Bonnie looked smug.

" Oh I wouldn't be too sure of that." She said nodding her head towards the entrance.

There she was, my sister standing looking intently at Stefan with his arm around my shoulder on the back of my chair.

She was wearing light blue skinny jeans that hugged her legs and hips nicely. A v-cut wife better that seemed to show off a nice amount of cleavage, which I envied her for having such bigger boobs than I. And her black ankle boots topped her outfit off. Her makeup was perfect, black mascara and eyeliner around her wide eyes, her lips a dark red from lipstick, and her hair was naturally wavy, half up half down.

" Fuck." Damon muttered as he stared at her

Tyler glared at him, but stopped when Bella started moving her away towards us. I stood up and ran to her and hugged her.

" BELLS! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH IM SO GLAD YOUR BACK COME SIT DOWN! I WANT YOU TO MEET SOME PEOPLE!" I practically shouted out, or I did shout out in excitement but she just giggled and hugged me tightly.

" I missed you too little sister!" She sighed and pulled back , her eyes getting watery.

I smiled a big smile to let her know it was alright, and hugged her to me once more. It was good to see her, to have her back around. I loved Aunt Jenna, but having Bella back home would be like having a piece of mom back with us. I knew Jeremy felt the same way.

I pulled her along towards our table and of course Tyler and Damon both stood up and reached to grab the same chair for her which, the only open chair was between the two of them. Tyler I understood doing it, he always done that for her, but Damon.. This was new.

I raised my eye brow at him as did Stefan and he just ignored us and smiled at my sister. Who didn't looked phased, she was use to male attention. She's very beautiful. I don't think there's a male in Mystic Falls didn't lust after my sister at some period of time. Hell, even Matt confessed last year that he had a small crush on her when we were younger. I found it funny, and not so funny at the same time.

Bella shook her head and sat down regardless and didn't bother with a thank you, not that Tyler was waiting for one. He knew she was probably still pissed at him. But that's a story for another time.

" It's nice to see you again Bells, I'm glad your home." Bonnie said reaching for Bella's hand across the table.

Once their hands touched, Bonnie gasped and pulled her hand back as if she were shocked with electricity. Bella raised an eye brown and giggled.

" So my sister from another mister, did you get a reading on me or something as usual?" Bella teased which caused Bonnie to look at her with a mock glare.

" One of these days Bella, you will believe me and skills." Bonnie said jokingly at her but her voice was off.

I decided to file that away for another time. Right now I wanted to introduce her to my boyfriend and his jackass of a brother. Who at the very moment was staring at Bella's chest, not so very stealthily either. She noticed and glared.

" Bella I want to introduce my boyfriend Stefan Salvatore, and his older brother Damon Salvatore. They live at the Salvatore Boarding house." I said with a small smile on her face.

She glanced at Matt, who gave her a small smile. Which she seemed impressed by it.

" Stefan and Damon, this is my older sister Isabella Gilbert. " I said politely in return giggling at how proper it sounded coming from me.

Bella stared at Stefan as if sizing him up, and narrowed her eyes at him slightly.

" Its nice to meet you boys. How long have you been in town, I don't remember any of your faces before I left." Bella said tilting her head sideways, she always done that, when she was thinking.

" We've been here for a few months, not to long really. " Stefan said and extended his hand towards her to shake it.

She looked at his hand then back to his face, and smiled a little. Phew, that was close.

They shook hands and then Damon decided to step him. Of course trying to compete with Stefan as if he really needs to.

" it's a pleasure to meet you Isabella." He said taking her hand and raising it to his lips and kissed it gently.

Bonnie and Caroline looked at me as if saying WTF, and I just rolled my eyes and mouthed later. Bonnie looked worried, she doesn't like Damon all that much.

" I'm sure it is." Bella said as if bored

I giggled as did the other girls. And soon the conversation was flowing. We were talking about what had happened while she was gone. Of course we told her of the 'animal' attacks and she looked thoughtful at those moments and her eyes seemed to hold worry but I wasn't too sure, she was nice at masking her emotions. Better at it than I was, which was a quality I admired about her.

Tyler would smile softly at her and would tuck her hair behind her ear and joke with her. They seemed to be getting along, much to Damon's displeasure. Damon interacted with her too, his sarcastic side only bringing out Bella's bitchiness which made the girls giddy with giggles. Damon seemed impressed by her as well as Stefan, whom I think was winning her over.

Soon enough it was time to leave, they were officially kicking us out for closing time. Tyler offered to take Bella home since she got a ride from Aunt Jenna who was on her way to visit Ric. Bella didn't seem like she was ready to talk to Tyler alone, so I told him it was okay and that I would ride with her. I also pulled him aside and told him to try to talk to her at school or on the weekend. He looked sad but nodded in agreement with me.

" Your going to ride back with me and Stefan to the house. " I informed her and she looked grateful.

She and Bonnie said goodbye as well as Caroline who honestly wasn't one of my sister's favorite people in the world.

The ride home was quiet, Damon was driving, and Bella sat up front with him telling me it was alright to sit with my boyfriend.

" I cant wait to get some sleep, I have a council meeting in the morning and I'm not looking forward to it." Bella sighed out.

I tensed and so did the guys. Shit, she's going to find out about vampires and sooner than I was ready for .

" Really? I'm on the council as well, I could pick you up if you'd like." Damon offered.

I was amazed at how smoothly he said that even though I could read his body language. He was worried. I looked up to Stefan and gave him a wide eyes look that screamed panic, He mouthed it was alright and kissed my forehead.

" Why are you on the council your only 18" I said trying not to seem like I was prying, which I totally was.

Bella looked over her shoulder as best as she could seeing as she was in the seat and strapped in.

" I'm the oldest, and Aunt Jenna isn't a Gilbert. There for it leaves me the responsibly to take the Gilbert place. " She sighed out.

She didn't seemed all too thrilled about it and neither was I.

" Damon is in the same situation. " I told her as cheerily as I could

Stefan hugged me closer to him and I relaxed once more. Bella didn't see our tense bodies, so we were alright.

We were dropped off and the boys left after Damon confirmed his pick up duty for the morning. It was the weekend so nobody would worry about her missing school for a few hours.

I laid down in bed and couldn't help but be nervous. True I was happy my sister was back, and now I felt like things were only going to get more interesting. Interesting in a good way and not good way. I wasn't trying to think badly, but it was how I was feeling.

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