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-Amu's P.O.V-

I woke up to find the bed empty and frowned. I got up and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room of the apartment I shared with Ikuto to find him standing infront of the window like usual. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.


I said and he turned and wrapped his arms around me in return and kissed the top of my head.

"Morning Amu."

He said and I smiled up at him. It's been six years since I last played with the band, but we still keep in touch though I haven't heard from them in a while. They'd continued on without me, but refused to try and audition for a new singer because they were leaving that spot open for me if I ever wanted to come back.

"How are you feeling?"

Ikuto asked after a while, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"I'm fine, a little hungry."

I said and he smiled down at me before kissing me briefly, then heading into the kitchen. Ever since I told him I was pregnant he's been trying to pamper me, and sometimes I let him, but there are times I like to do things on my own. I'm only three months along and you can barely see my baby bump, but it's there. I'm hoping it'll be a girl, Ikuto just wants to have a healthy baby. Two years ago Ikuto asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. We'd moved into this apartment when we came here after the concert. Ikuto said we needed a fresh start and so he took us to Paris to do so. Suu, Dia, Ran, Miki, Nemi, Nami, Yumi, Zena, and Yoru are all gone. They disappeared back inside their eggs after the first week after mine and Ikuto's wedding. It had been sad to see them all go, but I had a feeling that we'd see them again sometime soon. Rima and Nagi finally hit it off, as did Utau and Kukai and the rest of our friends. Their charas left as well and Easter and them were fully destroyed and a new group of Guardians was made.

I smiled to myself before making my way over to the couch. I cut the T.V on and switched it to the news. I was shocked to see Alice and the others on T.V talking with the news reporter. Apparently they were special guest stars.

"So, do you think Xena will ever come back to The Guardians?"

The woman asked and I saw the sad looks on everyone's faces and felt really bad.

"To be honest we're not sure, but I'm sure wherever she is she's happy."

Grey said and I smiled at his comment. I was happy, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss playing with them.

"Here you go Amu."

Ikuto said as he came and sat next to me. He handed me a bowl of soup and I started to eat it while I continued to watch the T.V.

"That's Alice and them right?"

Ikuto asked and I nodded.


I said as I continued eating. I listened as the reporter asked about the band's next gig, what their plans for the future were, and if they were ever going to hold auditions to get a new singer.

"I'm going to put those rumors down right now."

Hikaku said angrily and I smiled at his attitude.

'Still the same as ever.'

I thought.

"We have no, are not, and will not hold auditions to replace Xena. Xena is the only lead singer for the Guardians and will be the only lead singer for us."

He said as he crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair. I saw the others nod in agreement and the woman blink in surprise.

"They're still rather loyal to you."

Ikuto said as he took my empty bowl and set it down on the table.

"Of course, we were like a family."

I said with a sad smile and he pulled me to him and held me close.

"You miss them don't you."

He stated more than asked and I nodded. Suddenly my phone rang and I got up to answer it. I nearly dropped it when I recognized the voice on the other end.

"Hey Amu, I know this is rather sudden and sort of a lot to ask for, but we really need your help."

Grey said from the other end.

"What is it?"

I asked and I heard him hushing people on the other end.

"Well, we got a once in a lifetime gig and we kinda can't do it without you."

He said and I looked at the floor confused.

"What do you mean? What's the gig?"

I asked as I leaned against the wall.

"Well, the President's daughter's birthday is in a week and the President wants us to be his birthday gift to her, but he said we can't do it unless you're there to sing because his daughter absolutely idolizes you."

Grey explained and I stared wide eyed at the wall. The President.


He asked, bringing me out of my shocked state.

"I know it's a lot to ask and I know you probably don't want to-"

"Can you meet me at the airport in ten minutes?"

I asked cutting him off and silence came from the other end.


I asked and heard him mumble something.

"Sorry, I hadn't expected you to say yes. Yeah, I'll see you in ten. And Amu."

He said.


I asked.


He said and I smiled.

"No problem Grey."

I said before hanging up and walking back towards the couch to tell Ikuto, but he already had a bag in his hands.

"Have I told you how much I love you?"

I asked and he just smirked at me before grabbing his keys and following me out the door.

-No one's P.O.V-

Amu and Ikuto met Grey at the airport and they flew to Washington D.C with Alice and the others. Ikuto sat back and watched as Amu talked with her old bandmates about all that's happened since she left. They were shocked when Hikaku said him and Yaya were dating and that she and the others would be there. They were all worried that because Amu was pregnant that she shouldn't perform, but Amu made them agree saying she was fine. She curled up against Ikuto's side and fell asleep until the plane landed. They had a day to prepare before the President's daughter's birthday so they went to the White House where the President said they could stay until after the party. Ikuto and Amu got a room to themselves and unpacked, then fell asleep from the trip over.

-Ikuto's P.O.V-

I watched as Amu changed into the outfit Alice gave her since she could no longer character change with one of her charas. It was still weird with Yoru and them not being here, but we were getting used to it. I smiled as Amu came out in a pair of loose white pants and a white belle sleeve shirt. She looked gorgeous and you couldn't tell she was pregnant, though you could barely tell anyway. She kissed me quickly before moving onto stage with Alice and the others. I smiled when I saw how happy being with them again made her. She was always smiling, but I could tell she missed this so of course I was going to let her play with them again. I'd do anything for Amu. I saw Utau and the others and went to stand with them. They greeted me and we all turned towards the stage when the President revealed his gift to his daughter and the curtain on the stage rose to reveal Amu and the others.

"Hello everyone!"

Amu said with a smile and the President's daughter whose name was Lira I believe, screamed and hugged her father tightly.

"We're The Guardians and we're here for a very special young lady named Lira who's turning nine today."

Amu said and I smiled at her.

"So because today's so special, I'll let the birthday girl come up and help me with the first song."

Amu said before she crouched down and held her hand out towards Lira who squealed and ran towards the stage and Amu helped her up.

"What song would you like to hear first Lira?"

Amu asked sweetly and I smiled again. She will make a wonderful mother.

I listened as Amu and Lira sang the first song, then the rest of them. I had forgotten how great they played together. Lira was allowed to stay on the stage the whole time. After they finished their songs the guys let her play with their instruments. Alice showed her a few chords on the guitar, Amu let her sing something in the mircophone, but she mainly wanted to see the drums. Hikaku set her on his lap and taught her how to play a song. I noticed she blushed and laughed when I realized she had a fangirl crush on him. The President thanked Amu and the others for coming and we all wound up back on the plane again. When Amu and I got back to our hotel she was practically asleep on her feet. I helped her to the bed and changed her clothes for her.

"Thank you Ikuto."

She said as she curled up against my chest as I crawled into the bed behind her.

"You know I'd do anything for you Amu, I love you."

I said and felt her smile against my skin.

"I know, and I love you too."

She said and I kissed the top of her head before falling asleep.


-No one's P.O.V-

"Mamma! Mamma!"

A young girl with pink hair and midnight blue eyes shouted as she ran inside from her older brother who had midnight blue hair and honey colored eyes.

"What is it Lila?"

Amu asked as she picked her three year old daughter up.

"Ika says my chara won't hatch because I'm weird."

Lila sniffed and Amu glared at her five year old son in disapproval.


Amu said and he looked down at his feet and his chara, a younger version of Yoru flied up to his shoulder and sat down.

"He didn't mean anything by it Nya."

Yiri said with a smile and Amu sighed. Once her son had been born and found an egg in his bed Amu and Ikuto smiled and explained what it meant. Once it had hatched they met Yiri and he explained how Yoru and Miki had gotten together and well...you can guess the rest. So they were rather eager to see what their daughter Lila's charas looked like. She had two eggs. One was purple with stars and the other was white with flowers.

"They'll hatch Lila, you just have to be patient."

Ikuto said as he came into the room and picked up their son and hoisted him up to his shoulders. Ika laughed and held on to Ikuto's shoudlers.

"How do you know papa?"

Lila asked curiously and Ikuto and Amu smiled at eachother.

"Because sweetie, we've been through the same thing."

Ikuto said with a smile and both he and Amu set their children down so they could go play. Ikuto wrapped his arms around Amu's waist and she laid her head against his shoulder.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

Amu asked Ikuto and he smirked down at her as he leaned down close to her.

"No, but I wouldn't mind hearing it again."

He said and Amu smiled up at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. They pulled away to breathe and Ikuto laughed a bit.

"Then again, actions always did speaker louder than words."

A/N: And that's the end. I wanted to include their kids so I did. Plus show that their charas were still around, but not out. they went back because Amu and them became who they wanted to be, but their kids have charas from their parents' charas. You know like Yiri is Yoru and Miki's kid. Stuff like that. anyway, sorry if you guys didn't like it. I thought it ended pretty well. Thanks for sticking with me. Much love, later.