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-Pendragon- Place

(Sometimes later) Time Skip/flashback

Code Geass: The Phantom of Britannia

Chapter 1: The day when it began

The Holy Empire of Britannia was one of the world's dominant military superpower and the large Empire-unions that control the world beside the Chinese Federation, and the Euro Universe.

With its power and might, Britannia had conquered their neighbor countries one by one to furthers expanded their territory. The countries that fell under the Britannia might have their freedom, rights, and name taken away and became an Area with the citizens became a Number. Under the rule of The 98th Emperor of Britannia Charles zi Britannia, Britannia continues to expanded and prospered. However, for the conquered countries or area, the life of the number was bad because they live a life of a slave and for the select few that lucky enough; they became an honorary citizen of Britannia. However, even if they had become honorary Britannia their life only became slightly better because the prejudice that happened in Britannia.

When Charles zi Britannia became the 98th Emperor of Britannia, the empire followed the ideology of Social Darwinism. While the Emperor himself did not hold most of the governmental power in theory, in practice, he delegated regional control to his many children's, and even those that did not govern particular regions had considerable political and military power. Charles had stated that traditional "Ten Commandments" morality was counter-progressive and believed that only internal struggle and military conquest could facilitate human evolution, and advocated such acts as adultery and murder. He did not even make an exception for his own children's, as he showed no sympathy for their deaths, only pride in those who survived this and disappointment to those who failed.

However, that soon changed when Marianne Lamperouge married the emperor and became Marianne vi Britannia the Imperial Consort. The rose of Marianne from a commoner to a knight then knight of the round and finally became the Imperial Consort was like a fairy tale. It sparked hope to the commoner of Britannia to ascend in the rank of nobility. After the emperor married Marianne his demeanor became softer, unlike before and soon enough she became the emperor most favorite Consort. Many people felt happy about it, but the same could not been said for the noble because for the noble it was like spit on their face that a commoner had higher standing from them.

For the emperor himself the time he spent with Marianne was the happiest time in his life but everything had an end.

(2009 a.t.b.)


The once bright, warm and full of live Aries Palace now became cold, silent and dark because the death of its owner. The owner of Aries Palace, Marianne vi Britannia the Imperial Consort was dead because a terrorist attacked the palace that located in the Imperial Capital of the Holy Britannia Empire Pendragon. The terrorist attacks had taken the life of Marianne vi Britannia and left her daughter Nunnally vi Britannia the 11th Princess paralyzed, with only his son Lelouch vi Britannia the 11th Prince survived the attack. Because at the time the attack happened Lelouch was not in Aries Palace.

When the news about the death of Marianne vi Britannia was out to the public, many people became saddened and mourned her. However, not for the noble, because many of them were actually happy with the death of Marianne vi Britannia and only a selected few that sad. Nunnally was in the critical condition now because the attack and many prayed for the daughter of their favorite Consort to get well soon.

However, when people started to think nothing bad could happen again, something terribly wrong happened.

Just three day since Nunnally admitted into the hospital, a shocking event happened.

The 11th Princess Nunnally vi Britannia, the daughter of the Imperial Consort Marianne vi Britannia was murdered at the hospital.

This news greatly shocked all of the people because just in three day after the attack of Aries Palace and the death of Marianne vi Britannia, there was another attack to the royal family and the target was Nunnaly the daughter of Marianne vi Britannia. The people started to worry for the 11th Prince Lelouch vi Britannia safety, because it was obvious that the terrorist was targeting Marianne vi Britannia and her children's.

With the second attack happening, the security of Pendragon had been raised to the time of war and the city fell under the military law. Even so, the anxiety people were high and many started to wonder about the attack, making many conspiracy theories started to appear.

Even so many people wondered how the young prince would cope with all that happened in this short time. After all, he had lost both his sister and mother. Still, there was almost no news about the prince situation.

Some said that the prince had been transported to out of Pendragon for his safety or had gone to hiding in Pendragon Palace and many more, but all of that were wrong. The prince, in fact, was still in Aries Palace, locked himself in his room.


-Aries Palace-

Cornelia li Britannia the 2nd Princess stormed her way inside Aries Palace, her destination was her half-brother Lelouch room. Followed behind her were her two knights, Gilbert G.P. Guilford and Andreas Darlton. The two knights could see the distress and lack of sleep look at their princess face clearly because the death of Marianne vi Britannia and the 11th Princess Nunnally vi Britannia. She was blaming herself for not in there at the time of the terrorist attack at Aries Palace and hospital.

The blow of the death of the Imperial Consort was so great to her and now the death of her half-sister made it twice larger. She cursed herself for had not overseen the security of the hospital herself because she was still grieving and let other to guard the hospital. This grave mistake had cost her Nunnally, and made her felt that she has failed Lady Marianne twice and consequence be dammed if something happened to Lelouch.

Walking through the corridor of Aries Palace, she could not help but to notice how empty and cold this place now and as she saw the minimal security in this place, she scowled.

"Darlton, Guilford!" Cornelia called as she continued to walk not bothering to stop.

"Yes, Your Highness?" the two spoke in unison as they followed her.

"Darlton, I want you to bring your most trusted man to stand guard here. Guilford, I want you go checking the palace security." Cornelia commanded

"Yes, Your Highness" and with that the two Knights parted their way with her to fulfill their order.


-Outside Lelouch Room-

After walking for a while, Cornelia arrived in the front of a white double door; the door in question was closed. Now that she was in the front of Lelouch room, she could not help but to feel nervous and afraid for what awaited her inside. It had been two day since the death of Nunnally and five for Lady Marianne, she had not seen Lelouch even once in this past five day. She was being busy grieving, trying investigating the attack, and comforting his sister Euphemia for the death of Nunnally and Lady Marianne. It was not until later this morning that she heard that Lelouch had locked himself inside his room in Aries Palace and a disturbing rumor about Lelouch as the next target for the attack.

Nevertheless, she could not help but to be afraid for what his half-brother reaction to her, because she was the one who responsible for the security in Aries Palace. She would not be surprised if Lelouch blamed her for what happened, but she could not bear the thought, that the last link that connected her to Lady Marianne, her idol to hate him.

'Damn get a grip Cornelia' She thought when she realized that her hands were shaking. Steeling her resolve, she raised her hand to knock the door.


"Lelouch it's me, Cornelia please open the door"


-Inside Lelouch Room-

If someone see Lelouch room now, they would think a storm had happened inside the room.

Everything was broken, slashed and torn apart and in the middle of this was Lelouch vi Britannia the 11th Prince, sitting on the floor with a sword on his right hand. A blank look was in his face; his eyes were so lifeless without the usual light in there. It had been five day since his whole world destroyed, the death of his mother and then his sister. When he heard the news about a terrorist attack in Aries Palace, his heart stopped beating for a moment because he knew that his sister and mother was there that night. The death of his mother was a big blow to him, but when he heard that his sister was survives albeit being in critical condition he was glad.

Then three day after the death of his mother, he received the news that his sister had murdered in hospital. At that moment everything around him started to collapse, the death of his mother has made a crack in his heart but the death of his sister was the finishing blow to destroy his heart.

Despair, for the first time in his live, Lelouch felt that he truly understood what that word meant. The death of his sister was his final straw for him as he snapped, but now, after he released his pent up anger, frustration, sadness, hatred and despair, all he felt was nothing but a cold truth. He was alone, true he still had his father but to him that man never felt like a father. He also had his other siblings but they all were half-sibling and some of them hated him because his mother was a commoner, so they called him the commoner prince. To summarize it, he never had connection with them as a family.

'Why why why?' Lelouch thought

'Just because mother was a commoner that they kill her and because Nunnaly is being born from commoner that she should die? '

'If so then I am the next target'

'But it has been two day since Nunnaly murdered, so why they do not attack? '

'What is they are waiting for?'

'They should know where I am….'

'Or they trying to torture me with the knowledge that I am they next target'

'Still they should attack now, when the security of this place still low'

'So why don't attack?'

'There is still no news the terrorist being captured'

'Terrorist, huh?' Lelouch snorted, thinking how a terrorist could be here in the middle of the capital city Pendragon. Even they were, the terrorist could not infiltrated and attacked the Aries Palace with all the security around the palace.

'For all I know this is the work of the noble that hate mother'

'But even so, there is still no word from father.' Lelouch thought, wondering why his father did not bother to see him or send a word or something.

'Is it because we are so weak and he thinks this was a waste of time' and when Lelouch thought about it. It did not sound too weird because his father was the one with ideology of Social Darwinism.

'Because I am weak this happen'

'Because I am weak, Nunnally was murdered' a self-loathing feeling rose inside of him.

'Then I must go stronger'

'I must attain power!'

'Yes, power that what I need now'

'Whatever it takes, I must have it'

'The power to take revenge.' swore the ten year old boy inside his heart, but then someone call bought him back from his deep thinking.

"Lelouch it's me, Cornelia please open the door"

'Cornelia? What she wants now?'

"Enter, it's not locked" Lelouch said, not brothering to turn around to see her when he heard the door opened.


-Outside Lelouch Room-

"Enter, it's not locked" Cornelia let out a breath that she did not know that she had been holding. Slowly, she turned the knob and opened the door and what greeted her was a shocking view.

Looking at Lelouch room, she could help but to wonder that maybe a storm has come to this room. Everything was in a mess, and sat in the middle of it was Lelouch with his back at her and then she realized that Lelouch had a sword on his right hand.

'This could be bad' Cornelia thought, considering that his half-brother perhaps become insane from the loss of his mother and sister.

"Lelouch?" Cornelia asked with a shaking voice.

"Yes" a cold smooth voice answered her. It made her blink in confusion since when Lelouch sound like that.

"Are you okay?" looking at the suddenly tensed Lelouch, Cornelia felt that was the wrong question to ask. 'Just great for all of thing I could ask, why I am asking that?'

"I'm fine, and thank you Cornelia" now Cornelia could not help but to be unnerved by the answer, it did not sound like the Lelouch she knew at all.

"Are you sure?" Cornelia asked and slowly Lelouch stood up from his sitting position. As he turned to her, the shadow of the room hid his face. Therefore, all she could see as a pair of purple eyes that stared her with a coldness that a ten-year-old boy should never produce and for an instant, it made her saw a glimpse of her father in Lelouch.

'I must be tired' Cornelia thought as she shook her head.

"So what can I help you now Cornelia?" Lelouch asked still in a smooth and cold voice as he walked to Cornelia.

"Is there any reason for me to ensure the safety of my brother?" Cornelia asked as she could see a trace of crying and lack of sleep on Lelouch face.

"Half-brother Cornelia" Lelouch said and Cornelia could not help to frown at his answer.

"But still a brother" Cornelia remarked.

"Yes" Lelouch replied with a sarcastic tone.

"I came here to increase the security in Aries Palace," Cornelia said to get her point out to him. "And about the funeral of Nunnaly and your mother will be held tomorrow."

"Is that all?" Lelouch asked in the same-dammed voice, which she started to hate.

"No, I wish to tell you about something" now was the hard part for Cornelia

'I hope nothing bad happen' Cornelia wished


"Listen I'm sorry Lelouch but at the night of the attack I was the one who remove the guard from Aries Palace" as soon she said that Lelouch eyes widened in shock before narrowing with anger and hatred, Cornelia just averted her eye in shame.

"Why?" just one question but somehow there was a dangerous edge on it.

"Lelouch it's true I am the one that remove the guard but that under your mother direct order herself" Cornelia pleaded feeling desperate and when she see him, Lelouch eyes seem widening again in shock before narrowing again and a calculating gaze was in his eye.

"I see"

"Please Lelouch, you must understand that…."

"I understand Cornelia but please can you leave now? There a lot to be think about…." Lelouch cut her and Cornelia knew better to push her luck.

"Okay" Cornelia said defeated "Just to tell you I have Darlton to place his most trusted guard I here" seeing Lelouch just nod his head, Cornelia just turned around in defeat and walk out his room.

When she was out, Cornelia fell to her knees.

"That went smooth." Cornelia mumbled before she stood up and started to walk away to find Guilford.


-Inside Lelouch Room-

After Cornelia left his room, Lelouch turned around and sat on the only chair that still intact in his room before let the sword fell to the floor.

'These change everything….' The new information that Cornelia told him was disturbing.

'Mother ordered to remove the guard by herself?' a frown appeared on his face, 'But why she do that?' his mother should know better about the noble whom disliked her to the point an assassination would not be strange.

'The only conclusion, Mother is meeting someone who she can trust but have been betrayed by that someone' Lelouch summarized based the information that he had.

'The question now is, who is that someone?' Lelouch listed a list of suspect in his head

'Any of my half brother and sister is out, the Ashford is out too. They have no gain from the death of mother and Nunnaly'

'In the end no one have a gain, except for the noble but even so mother would never remove the guard if she meeting a noble. Because beside the Ashford, the other is hate her or indifferent'

'But what if mother doesn't remove the guard by her own will but an order…. ' This line of thought made Lelouch realized something, which if someone knew about it will cost his life.

'The only one that can order mother is father, the emperor himself'

'But why father kill mother and then Nunnaly?' it made him sick when he thought that his own father ordered the death of his mother and sister. Still this did not make sense to him because his mother was the emperor most favorite Consorts.

However, when he thought about the reason why the emperor wanted to kill Nunnaly it did make some sense. Nunnaly was in Aries and perhaps witnessed something about the attack. So if it was true then the emperor ordered the death of Nunnaly because he afraid that when Nunnaly wake the truth would be known. Still the reasons for killing her mother stay unclear because the emperor did not gain anything from it.

'Doesn't gain anything?' Lelouch thought, thinking about it then he realized something.

'No there is a gain from the death of mother' a horrifying thought came to him, there was a rumors that the noble thought the emperor grown soft because his mother. In this empire that take on ideology of Social Darwinism, when the emperor showed a sign going weak would make the noble not afraid against the emperor. Then it was a matter of time before the noble trying to overthrown the emperor or a rebellion happen.

Therefore, the emperor killed his mother to erase the weakness that the emperor had and by doing, that will solidified his standing. The noble would not questioning the emperor again and become more afraid to him, in addition the emperor could scapegoat the noble that trying to overthrow him and justified his action.

'But it cannot be true, just for that he kill mother and Nunnaly' but the more Lelouch think about it, the more it made sense and it sickened him.

'Just for that reason' Lelouch clutched his hand so tight that it drew blood.

'I swear. I will make him pay. I will have my revenge to him.' Swore Lelouch deep inside his heart and an eerie glow enter his eye, the eye of someone that lost everything and have nothing to lose, the eye of a mad man and avenger.

'Whatever it takes, I will have it!'

'I will have my revenge and attain power more than my father ever has or dream! '

'I swear it!'

Now in the tender age of ten the 11th Prince Lelouch vi Britannia childhood came to an end.

The once bright and cheerful child has died, and from the ash raises something more terrifying that the world ever sees. Nothing now that can stop him anymore from obtain what he want, Lelouch vi Britannia will take on the world itself if it has to.

"Hehehe…HAHAHAHAHA…." For the first time in this five-day Lelouch laughed, not the children laugh like but a mad man laughs that lost all of his sanity and this coming from the ten-year-old boy.

(The next day)

-Royal Graveyard Pendragon-

It was a gloomy day today at the funeral of the Imperial Consort Marianne vi Britannia and the 11th Princess Nunnally vi Britannia. Only a select few people has come to the funeral, 1st Prince Odysseus eu Britannia, 2nd Prince Schneizel el Britannia, 2nd Princess Cornelia li Britannia, 3rd Prince Clovis la Britannia, 3rd Princess Euphemia li Britannia and Duke of Ashford was the most noticeable among them. The emperor himself did not come because the public speech that he was doing right now from the palace.

However, the lack of one person was noticeable, that person was the 11th Prince Lelouch vi Britannia. Among the one who came to the funeral noticed that Lelouch is nowhere near the funeral, even after the coffin been lay to the grave hole and closed. Lelouch still nowhere to be see, many other people think that the prince still in grief or trying deny that his mother and sister has been dead, or perhaps been hiding for his safety.

Cornelia herself is worried about this, she wondered where Lelouch was right now.

Before her eyes land on Duke of Ashford, she pitied that man. Ever since the death of Lady Marianne, the Ashford has fallen from the grace from a powerful noble to become just an ordinary noble. Because the Ashford was the main supporter of Lady Marianne many other noble dislike them. Moreover, when Lady Marianne died, the Ashford soon enough lose their power, now they are noble in name only.

"Sister" asked the timid Euphemia as she tugging her sister dress.

"Yes Euphie"

"Where is Lelouch? Why he is not here?"

"Sigh…."Cornelia just sighed.

"Maybe he still grieving alone Euphie" Cornelia said, not knowing what to say as she see her little sister just nodding her head.

"Cornelia" Schneizel el Britannia called.

"Schneizel" Cornelia said as she became aware that that the usual smile in Schneizel faces was nowhere to be sees, and his eye holds a great sadness.

"Where is Lelouch? Do you know where he is now?" Schneizel asked, even his voice is not vibrant like usual, perhaps the death of Lady Marianne and Nunnaly affected him greatly.

"I don't know Schneizel, but the last time I see him was yesterday locking himself inside his room in Aries," Cornelia told Schneizel who just nod his head.


"The royal family has lost a great person doesn't it?" Schneizel asked unexpectedly, and Cornelia cannot help to agree with that. Lady Marianne always more than only an Imperial Consort, she was the one who holding the large royal family together. With her gone now, the rift between the royal families will become larger.

"Even the usual happy Clovis has been on desperation" Schneizel continued and it was true Clovis looks like have been crying and lack of sleep.

"Odysseus too have not been like himself lately," Schneizel continued, Cornelia then look at Odysseus and the usual looking easy going man was replaced by a serious look.

Schneizel observed the grave as his thoughts were led astray from the people around. Usually at those kind of ceremony he would look at the ones still living, look for their reactions and see through their masks. Yet this time the blonde middle-aged man could feel some water in his eyes. It was somewhat a revelation to him, that such a thing as Marianne Lamperouge and her daughter dying could affect his too often cold heart. Ultimately his gaze wandered on the ground under which the empress and the short-lived girl now resided, a certain sadness filling him as he realized the once lively palace would now be filled with a dreary silence, like a remember of what tragedy had befallen onto the place.

"If you meet Lelouch please tell him that if he wants another chess match, I will welcome him anytime" Schneizel said as he walked away as he found it became much harder to control his emotion the longer he stay here.

Cornelia just watched the retreated figure of his half-older brother.

Looking to sky Cornelia cannot help to think that from now on everything will change. That happy and peaceful time before the death of Lady Marianne and Nunnaly that she thinks, will last forever now gone forever. She just now hoping that Lelouch will not do something foolish, for she and Euphemia cannot withstand the lost another siblings.

(One week later after the funeral)

-Pendragon Palace-Great hall-

One week has pass since the funeral of Imperial Consort Marianne vi Britannia and the 11th Princess Nunnaly vi Britannia and true to Schneizel word the palace has become more quiet and cold.

However now a meeting has been hold in great hall at the Pendragon palace. The noble and the royal family have been attending this meeting, but many do not know what this meeting about. The only thing they know is that the emperor himself that have been summoning them to here and no one dare to defy the order from emperor himself.

Cornelia has been wondering about what this meeting for, it has been too sudden and without a notice before hand. Looking at the front, she sees the emperor, his father sitting at the throne with knight of one Bismarck Waldstein beside him. She cannot help to think about the meeting that has held in his father personal office four day ago.

(Flashback four day ago)

-Pendragon Palace-Emperor Personal Office-

The emperor was standing with his back at her, staring out of the window viewing the city.

"Cornelia, do you know why I have been summoning you here?" the emperor asked

"No, Your Majesty. But perhaps about the investigation…."

"That is correct, Cornelia" the emperor cut off,

"The progress…."

"I'm not asking about the progress Cornelia" the emperor cut off again and Cornelia starting to have a thick mark on her head.

"Then?" asked a confused Cornelia

"I want you to cease all of your investigation," the emperor told, no, commanded. This time Cornelia eye widen in shock and she lost all of her composure.

"What? But Your Majesty …" Cornelia said angrily.

"Do I must make myself clear Cornelia? That I, Charles zi Britannia the 98th Emperor of Britannia order you to cease all of the investigation about the assassination of Marianne vi Britannia and Nunnaly vi Britannia" now the emperor has turned around and the glare from him made Cornelia flinched away.

"Yes Your Majesty, but can I know for what reason?" Cornelia asked gripped his fist tightly.

"It's none of your business Cornelia" Answerd the emperor, she cannot help to feel anger at that but she cannot against the order from the emperor.

"Is that's all Your Majesty? " Cornelia asked, restraining herself to snarl at the emperor.

"Yes, you are dismissed" the emperor said off handedly.

"Then excuse me, Your Majesty," Cornelia said, wanted to get out and venting his anger.

"Cornelia" the emperor called just before she opened the door

"Yes, Your Majesty?"

"Have you seen Lelouch lately?" the emperor asked, this question throw Cornelia out of the loop.

"No, Your Majesty. Since the day before the funeral I have not seen him" answered Cornelia

"So he doesn't come to the funeral?" asked the emperor, now this is a rare sign that the emperor showed a sign of shock but quickly hiding it.

"Yes, Your Majesty" for a moment there is something in emperor eye for an instance before gone.

"You can go now Cornelia" say the emperor, Cornelia just nod her head and go out from the room.

(Flashback end)

Now to think about it after that, she has gone to Aries Palace searching for Lelouch, but he is not there. Then she tries to search him everywhere and find no luck to finding him, it makes her worry. If something happened to him, she cannot forgive herself for not there to prevent it. Cornelia shook her head.

'Now not the time to think about that' Cornelia thought, looking around she see Schneizel standing not far from her 'Perhaps Schneizel know what this meeting about?'

Walking to him Cornelia then greet him "Schneizel"

"Ah, Cornelia. How are you?" Schneizel asked pleasantly

"Fine, but do you know what this meeting about?" Cornelia asked, a frown was in Schneizel face.

"You don't know Cornelia?" Schneizel asked softly

"If I know, I will not ask you" retorted Cornelia, Schneizel just looking her, shaking his head, and sighing.

"It's about Lelouch," Schneizel told her and suddenly a feeling of dread come to her.

'It couldn't be….' Cornelia thought, she has been dreaded that Lelouch will seek a meeting with the emperor and starting to demand the emperor about the death of his mother and sister.

It has been in her nightmare for this past day, knowing that Lelouch will not just stand and doing nothing about it. If by any chance he was doing what she thought then Lelouch will be exile from Britannia and for worse will sentenced to death for his insolence.

"Is he seeking a meeting with father?" Cornelia asked Schneizel her voice is waver a little.

"No" answered Schneizel with an amusing look, making her confused but the same time a little relieved.

"Father himself that wants a meeting with Lelouch," continued Schneizel, now to say Cornelia shocked is an understatement for Lelouch can make her father, the emperor himself want to meet Lelouch.

"But, to summon all the noble and royal family?" asked Cornelia feeling that there is more about it.

"Because it seems Lelouch have been three times ignoring the emperor personal summon," said Schneizel, which amused by that fact.

"So in the end father hold this meeting, because Lelouch will have no other choice but to come" continued Schneizel, it is true that someone can ignore a personal summoning but not a meeting. Although usually there is no one dare to ignore the order from emperor for a personal summoning, but Lelouch ignored it three times.

Cornelia cannot help but to smile, 'It seem Lelouch inherit some of Lady Marianne trait'

However, her thought interrupted when a guard announces the arrival of Lelouch,

"Presenting the 11th Prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia" announced the guard at the door, and the door opened for Lelouch to come inside.

Now all of the attention focused to the door, and the sound of footstep echoed at the distant. Then from the door emerges Lelouch, with a new different robe, the usual white and blue robe was been replace by a black and silver trimming. He enters the great hall with a face full of confidence and a small smile on his lips. However, what surprising her is that the aura Lelouch has, it was the same as their father and for an instance, she sees a ghostly image of the emperor.

A gasp can heard beside her, she know it was Schneizel. It seems that she not the only one that realize the resemblance of Lelouch and the emperor, looking around she know that the nobles and the others royal sibling just thinking the same.

Lelouch continue to walk until he was a few feet before the throne before kneeled, to her surprise Cornelia can see Bismarck and the emperor seem to be shocked and taken back. It seem no one expecting this, maybe they are expected Lelouch for storming his way in here with anger and starting to demand things. Not a confident ten years old boy, that strides to the throne with such grace.

"I have come fulfilling your summoning, Your Majesty" a deep and smooth voice coming from Lelouch.

Charles POV

He was sat on his throne at the great hall, waited for Lelouch to come. Beside him is the knight of one Bismarck Waldstein and in front of him are the royal family and the noble. The reason he hold this meeting is because of Lelouch, he have thought with the death Marianne and Nunnaly it will just a matter of time before Lelouch will come here to demand a meeting with him.

However Lelouch never came, in fact when he summon him personally Lelouch ignore it. Thinking about it he cannot help to remember that it just like Marianne, it seem Lelouch take a trait from his mother. Therefore, in the end he summon Lelouch in this meeting with the noble and royal family, no doubt Lelouch will come for there are a consequence if he not come.

If everything proceeds smoothly, it will going like what he have been planning. Thinking about plan, he cannot help to frowned remembering the death of Nunnaly. Her death was not a part of plan; Nunnaly should be alive right now for this plan work but nonetheless in the end the result will be the same.

Thinking again this plan was started because the death of Marianne in the hand of V.V, his brother. He knows that because Marianne told him by herself, it still shocking him when a girl came to him and told him that she was his Consort. Therefore, when Marianne told him that with the power of her geass, she transferred her conscious to the girl in the brink of death. With that, they advised a plan so Lelouch and Nunnaly will be safe from V.V, but then Nunnaly were murdered.

This put a dent at his and Marianne plan, and for worse, they do not know who murder Nunnaly. It could be his brother V.V again or some noble that took a chance after the death of Marianne. Even so the investigation cannot continue, because V.V will become suspicious.

However, thinking at the meeting with Cornelia four day ago, he was truly surprise that Lelouch does not attend the funeral. Not that will change anything.

"Presenting the 11th Prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia" announced the guard at the door,

'So he finally here' Charles thought, and with that he see the door being open.

Then from the distant, he sees Lelouch came, but as he walks, Charles cannot help to be shock at Lelouch attire, a black robe with silver trimming. However, that was not what shocks him, the eyes, the way Lelouch walk, and the aura that surround him. To Charles, it was as if looking at his younger self and it leave him speechless.

"I have come fulfilling your summoning, Your Majesty" a deep and smooth voice coming from Lelouch.

When Charles realizes it, Lelouch is already a few feet in front of him kneeled. However, before he can speak Lelouch already beat him, "And I'm sorry that I cannot come to your personal summoning three times before."

Now Charles narrowed his eye at Lelouch that is something the other should not know. Looking around he can see the noble and royal family murmuring around, no doubt about how Lelouch ignored the emperor personal summoning.

Regardless, it does not matter for at the end of this meeting Lelouch will exiled, a smirk grace his face.

Lelouch POV

Looking at the massive door to the great hall, Lelouch took a deep breath. Today is the day when his plan will succeed or failed, he know if it is him from before the death his mother and sister Lelouch will demand a meeting to the emperor and demand things. However, since the day Cornelia visited him, and gave him that information instead of demanding a meeting he awaits for it. Lelouch was betting for the emperor to grows tired for waiting and demanding Lelouch to meet him. Then three day ago, he received the emperor personal summoning, but this not what he want, what Lelouch want is a meeting in front of the noble and royal family, that is the first condition.

Therefore, he ignored emperor personal summoning for three times, still he was afraid that the emperor would become irritated and then punish him. However, that concerns was baseless, since the emperor has summon him to this meeting and the first conditions have been clear.

The guard at the door seems have noticed him, when he announced Lelouch arrival.

"Presenting the 11th Prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia" announced the guard at the door,

Slowly the door is opened, and he walks inside the great hall.

Lelouch walk straight to the front of the emperor, he can hear a gasps coming from the nobles and royal families at his right and left when he past them. Looking at the emperor that sat on the throne he can see the emperor and the knight of one Bismarck Waldstein beside the emperor seem to be shocked. However, he paid no mind and start to kneeling when he was a few feet from the throne.

"I have come fulfilling your summoning, Your Majesty" a deep and smooth voice coming from Lelouch.

Receiving no responds Lelouch start to talk again, "And I'm sorry that I cannot come to your personal summoning three times before."

When he saw the emperor narrowed his eye, Lelouch must resist the urge to smirk at that. It seem what he thought before about the emperor doesn't want this piece information known by the other noble and royal family have been right. Now the second condition cleared, to make the noble and royal family know that he have been ignoring the emperor order.

"You have come, Lelouch," stated the emperor not denying or admitting it. "But right now there is another issue that we must discus"

"And what this issue that must be discussed? Your Majesty" Lelouch asked and now it seems the emperor taken back at his question.

'Maybe he thought that I will immediately tell him about the death of mother and Nunnaly' Lelouch thought and it seems he was right.

"About the matter that happened week ago" the emperor answered after a moment of silence.

'Fine, if he doesn't want to direct about it the two of us can play that game' Lelouch thought, of course, he know what the emperor mean about, but for his plan to work, the emperor, himself must admit that he want talk about the death of his mother and sister.

"I'm sorry Your Majesty but there are many things that happen week ago, so perhaps His Majesty can be more specific about it," Lelouch said seeing the emperor was frowning at him.

'Check' thought Lelouch, now if the emperor does not admit that he want talk about it, then this meeting will be meaningless and the emperor will look like a fool because he held this meeting with noble and royal family around only for not discussing anything, only to exchange word with his son. However, this is a gamble at Lelouch side too, because if the emperor does not admit it Lelouch plan will fail.

"…. "

"About the death of Marianne and Nunnaly vi Britannia" the emperor speaks after moment of silence. A small smile grace Lelouch as another condition clear.

"And what about it? Your Majesty," Lelouch asked casually like discussing weather, a several gasp could be hear at the great hall and the emperor face seem to be shocked. Even the usual stoic knight of one seems to surprise.

"What do you mean about it? Your mother and sister have died!" the emperor yelled losing his composure.

Inside Lelouch laughing madly, it seem not just his answer is something the emperor does not expect but make him lose control for a brief moment. Looking at the emperor Lelouch can see a dawning horror at the emperor face, it seem the emperor just realize the mistake he have made.

'Another condition has cleared, and Check. Now for the finishing' Lelouch thought happily.

"They died because they are weak Your Majesty!" Lelouch yelled as he stood.

"And the imperial family doesn't need the weak!" Lelouch continued, as he makes a sweep move with his right hand making his robe blowing away

"That is true nature of the imperial family!" Lelouch yelled as his voice echoed at the great hall, now his right hand rose to his chest.

Absolute silence reigned in the great hall, everyone were looking too shocked at this declaration.

No one speak, everyone just looking at the ten years old boy, who have said something so heartless and cold, something that the emperor would said.

"So I ask you Your Majesty, have I been wrong?" no one notice the underlying taunt that Lelouch made to the emperor as if Lelouch dare the emperor to say he was wrong. However, if the emperor tells him that is wrong then everything that the emperor has been say was a lie. Nevertheless, if he tells Lelouch that is right there is nothing that the emperor could do about Lelouch so in the end the emperor plan is fail. Therefore, whatever the option that the emperor chose Lelouch will win.

'Check mate' Lelouch thought

Charles POV

'What just happened?' Charles thought as he trying to process what Lelouch has been say.

When Charles realizes it, he curses himself for losing his composure when Lelouch talk about the death Marianne like discussing weather at the tea party. It makes something inside of him snap, and before Charles realizes it. He has saying something that he should not say, and Lelouch took that chance to attack him.

'Who have thought that my own word will be used against me Charles thought ironically.

Still he does not expecting Lelouch to saying this; his entire plan has failed. Lelouch has turned the table, and there nothing he can do to repair it.

Charles has a mixed feeling about this, he is proud for his son seems to take his trait more, but at the same time anger since his plan failed. In the end, he cannot exile Lelouch, and Marianne will be furious but nothing can do now. Therefore, for now he must save his face in the front of the noble and royal family.

Cornelia POV

She cannot believe it, Cornelia refuse it.

'Perhaps this is a dream' Cornelia thought 'Yes a bad dream'

However, when Cornelia pitches her hand and feels the pain, she knows this not a dream. The horrifying feeling came to him, when he realizes that Lelouch said those words. It so heartless and not sound likes him at all.

'Is it because Lady Marianne and Nunnaly death' Cornelia thought feeling that not off from the mark.

'It's like I don't know him anymore' Cornelia thought sadly, a lone tear fall when she realize the Lelouch she and her sister Euphemia have known has died and been replaced by this stranger.

Lelouch POV

After the moment of silent the emperor start to talk,

"Yes, that is right" the emperor spoke, Lelouch noticed that the emperor voice seem to be strained a bit.

"You are truly my son Lelouch, for you to know that. You have shown me that my blood run stronger than her." Then a moment of silence, "You have passed my test Lelouch" the emperor said.

Now to say Lelouch angry is an understatement, he was downright furious that the emperor had a gall to say that. Even so he does not show it, his face still have the same smile.

"For that I will give you a reward," the emperor continued.

'Maybe that not too bad' Lelouch thought as his anger started to disappear.

"I, Charles zi Britannia the 98th Emperor of Britannia, Hereby appointed you the 11th Prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia to become the apprentice of Bismarck Waldstein the knight of one" Declared the emperor, many people seem to surprise about his for the emperor directly appoint an apprentice to the Knight of Round furthermore the Knight of One.

'So that his plan' Lelouch thought, he know that Bismarck loyalty is with the emperor, so if he became Bismarck apprentice the emperor can keep eye on him.

"Do you accept it Lelouch vi Britannia?" the emperor asked and Lelouch know he cannot reject it.

"It's an honor Your Majesty" Lelouch answered, it seem the emperor is pleased with his answer.

"Do you accept Lelouch vi Britannia as your apprentice Bismarck Waldstein?" the emperor asked to Bismarck beside of him.

"Yes Your Majesty" Bismarck said for the first time since the meeting began.

"So be it" the emperor said as he sealed the deal.

"And after Lelouch have finished his training with Bismarck. I, Charles zi Britannia the 98th Emperor of Britannia will give Lelouch vi Britannia a freedom to make one independent squad that will answer to only to me and no one else. " the emperor announced.

This news greatly shock many of them, for the emperor give a permission to make an independent squad were never heard before. Usually the royal family can only have a royal guard and forbidden to make their own independent squad, or if they have a squad, the squad is part of Britannia army. For Lelouch granted to make his independent squad and only answer the emperor, it just likes to tell them that Lelouch will become emperor right hand.

"Thank you Your Majesty" Lelouch said barely hiding his excitement for having an independent squad of his own.

'This will be your downfall father' Lelouch thought, because this will make it easier for him to gain power.

"Then this meeting is finished" the emperor said as he rise from his throne and leaving the great hall, followed by Bismarck and Lelouch.

'So it is finally begun' Lelouch thought as he leaving the great hall with an insane smile but no one seems to notice it.

Unknown for them, this day will recorded at the history as the day of the rise of the Phantom Prince.