Author's Note: I quite like Maura/Ian. Firstly, I love Jonathan Cake (JCake) who played Ian in the episode, and secondly, I thought he was nice. He made Maura happy, and that was lovely.

Disclaimer: as always, I own nothing. Rights (and props) to TNT, Janet Tamaro, Tess Gerritsen.

For a few days, Ian's health was touch and go, and Maura worried constantly about him deteriorating too much. She helped him everyday. Helped him to clean is tick wounds, wash himself, dress him and she cared for him. Not just in a nursing context, but Maura cared for Ian. She loved him. Maura was in love with him. She smiled to him everyday, each time he tried to subtly push his hand up inside her dress, skirting across her thighs.

Maura had been there with Ian now for almost a week; six days and she had yet to turn on her cellphone, not that she'd get much reception out there anyway, but she knew she would have several messages and voicemails from Jane, demanding that she tell her where the hell she was and why she'd taken off like she had done without any prior warning or explanation. She just wanted to spend time with Ian, he was the love of her life, afterall.

As she entered his room, she was surprised to see him sitting up and reading a book, reclining gently against the pillows on the bed and fully clothed. She looked to him and smiled a little, "I see you're feeling better today..." she smirked and moved into the room.

"Yes, there's this wonderful doctor who's been helping me..." Ian smirked back, setting his book down, spine up, still open on the page he had been reading, so he could return to it later. Much later. Looking to Maura, Ian gestured her to move to him, looking over her. He took in the sway of her hips as she made the nine steps towards the bed, her heels clacking on the wood that had been placed down over the sandy, dirt ground. Ian groaned a little, as he watched Maura move, she was so graceful and elegant, dressed up in her designer apparel and shoes.

Stopping at the side of the bed, the place she always took to examine Ian, Maura smiled to him. A soft, yet knowing smile. She watched him as his grip on the edges on the book tightened, knowing how aroused he was getting, with just her being there next to him.

Ian watched Maura, as she bent forwards. And, by God, she had on a V neck dress, he could see all the way down. Right into her cleavage, between those perfect breasts as she smiled in his face, "I'm going to give you a routine." she took the stethoscope from around her neck, placing the buds into her ears as she unbuttoned the first couple of buttons of his shirt, to place the chilly disc over his lungs. He swallowed a little, knowing his heart rate had increased since Maura had bent before him.

Maura didn't place the stethoscope onto Ian's chest though, it was her lips that graced the skin there. Kissing, tracing over his chest, feeling his heartbeat against her lips as she glanced up at him, smirking softly before she pressed a kiss to the center of his chest, leaving her amazing shade of crimson behind, sealed with a kiss. He watched as her hair spilled over her shoulders, snaking in tendrils, down her cleavage.

Suddenly, Maura was on the bed, straddling him. Ian groaned a little more as she took his face in her hands, pulling him closer to her, kissing him hotly. For her to kiss him as she was, Ian knew she was just as turned on as he was, they hadn't seen in each other for weeks before she'd flown over to help him be well again, and now, after seeing him, she wanted him again. He knew that she hadn't been with someone else once he'd left her either, which is why she was so forceful with him now.

"Ian? Ian!" Maura looked to him, her hand on her hip as she frowned a little, "What are you doing?"

Opening his eyes, Ian looked up to see Maura beside the bed, her hand on her hip and in her free hand, the stethoscope. He swallowed a little and blinked softly, "I uh...I don't know..." he cleared his throat, "I must have dozed off..."

Keeping her gaze locked on his, Maura spoke up, "You have an erection." Ian blushed furiously and looked down, trying to hide the fact that that was indeed the case. As he made to speak, Maura interrupted and continued, "You know..." she leaned in closer, showing him just enough cleavage to get him interested again, "If you're going to fantasize, at least act upon it while in company..." she smirked, before quickly jumping onto the bed, straddling Ian, as he'd pictured her doing so, taking his face in her hands and pressing her lips tightly to his.

The rest was up to him...