I opened my eyes. It was 6:50 in the morning. It was Christmas day.

"I wonder if Santa gave me the presents," I said. I sat up.

I yawned, then got out of bed. I opened the door and walked out.

Penniford and Saveanna were also up. "Let's see if we got our presents," I said.

We walked downstairs.

There, lying under the Christmas tree was a dozen presents.

Immediately, we pounced on them, opening the present boxes to see the gifts.

Inside my present was the guitar I had wanted.

"I got my guitar," I said. "And I got the tennis racket I wanted," Penniford said. "I got the Barbie doll I wanted," Saveanna said.

"We all got the presents we wanted," I said.

We heard a knock on the door. We opened it.

Bugsy and Punk Rat stood at our doorsteps.

"What are you doing here?" I sneered at Punk Rat.

"I got my Christmas present," Punk Rat answered. "My parents got back together. Now I believe in Christmas."

"That's great," I said. "What about you, Bugsy?"

"I got the nutcracker toy I wanted," Bugsy said.

I turned to Punk Rat again.

"Anything else you want to say?" I asked him.

"Yeah," Punk Rat said. I expected him to say "Sorry for what I did yesterday".

Instead, he said, "I'm going to have the entire Santa-Biters club join the St. Nick's elves club."

"That's...great," I said.

"Son!" A voice called.

"That's my dad," Punk Rat said. "I have to go."

He ran away.

Later that day, all of the St. Nick's elves, joined by the Santa-Biters, met up at St. Nick's Lobby to talk about what they got for Christmas.

I got my guitar, Penniford got the tennis racket, Saveanna got a Barbie doll, Liza got a trumpet, Steven got a pair of maracas, Tasha got the Call of Duty: Black Ops game, Carmen got a ballerina toy, and Punk Rat's parents got back together.

Soon, only Bratfur was left.

"What did you get?" I asked.

"I got Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Bratfur said proudly. Our eyes widened. We started chuckling. Bratfur looked offended.

"I got it for Blu-ray," He added.

"Merry Christmas," Bugsy said.

Then everybody turned to me. I had stopped laughing and was staring up at the sun.

"What's wrong?" Bugsy asked.

"It's just that Isaac's gone and I'll probably never see him again," I sighed.

"Even if you don't see him again, you'll still be friends," Bugsy said. "I know," I smiled.

Next Monday, when we went back to school, Miss. Angel Paws said, "Welcome back class."

"Where's Isaac?" Malcolm asked.

"He's gone," I sighed. All of a sudden, a mouselet entered the room.

He had yellow fur, jet black hair, blue eyes, a light blue sweater, and dark blue jeans.

My eyes widened in shock. It was Isaac.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"My father let me come here," He said happily. "Speaking of which, I have a confession to make to the class."

He turned to face the class.

"Hey guys," He said. "I know this sounds crazy, but I am Santa's son."

For a moment, everyone remained silent. Then the class burst into laughter.

"Yeah right," Malcolm guffawed.

"Oh yeah," Isaac smiled. "Then could I do this."

He floated through the air. Everyone stopped laughing and stared at him.

He flew around the class. Everyone's jaw hit the ground. Except the jaws of the Santa-Biters and St. Nick's elves.

He floated to the ground.

"Now do you believe me?" He asked. Everyone nodded.

"Good," He said. He sat in his chair.

Miss. Angel Paws stared at Isaac for a moment, then said, "Well class, looks like we have made a big discovery."

Everyone nodded.

"Well then, let's get to work," She continued.

I looked out the window. There, in the clouds, I saw Santa riding in his sleigh.

"Ho, ho, ho," He laughed. "Merry Christmas!"

I smiled. "Merry Christmas to you too."