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Lost Saga: The Beginning

Once a upon a time, Orde and Leguin are used to be in peace but then everything changed... Since the Old Leguin King died they need a new king , 2 years later they found a good person. He help all the orphans, he gave food to the poor and he always understands his people...after the people choose him as the king, he changed ... but it wasn't a nice person.

"He was fake"

He pretend to be nice so he will get everyone's attention. The Leguin King started to invade the land of Orde and the peace was broken... the war started, the Orde King have no choice to fight against the Leguin King, With his faithful warriors of Orde who have serve the Orde for a Long time.

"But how will they face their friends and love ones?"

"Grand Templar...will you miss me?" Iron Knight
"I guess..the world isn't always peaceful" Musketeer
"Im sorry Grandpa...I guess I disappoint you" Taekwon Master
"I will fight for my land... even if it kills me" Cowboy
"I thought...daddy said...violence will not solve anything" Ice Mage
"I see blood everywhere..." Savage Berserker
"We are fighting for peace...but it hurts at the same time" Crazy Sapper

Two Factions , One Destiny...
To Be Continue...