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Lost Saga: The Faction War

Chapter 1: The News

"Your majesty!, we have a big news!" Said one of the guards of Orde.

"What is it?" The king asked.

"The Leguin has a brand new king, but the bad thing is... he wants to take control of the Orde" The guard replied.

"What! How do you know about this" The King of Orde was shocked.

"From a injured messenger, I heard that he said the leguin shoot him with a arrow." Said the Guard.

"This is unforgivable! Call Iron Knight and Musketeer at once!" Shouted the king of Orde.

"Yes sir" The guard walks away.

The guard soon walks away from the throne room, Meanwhile Iron knight was in the park with Musketeer, Her best friend in her squad. Iron Knight is the greatest heroine in Orde, she saved Leguin and Orde from the darkness but she used to be called the heroine of Lost Saga but since the Leguin lost respect for her, so she's the heroine of Orde.

Musketeer is the part of the federal army in Orde. He is Iron Knight's best friend when they are still 7 years old, He's the leader of the federal army in Orde and he takes orders from the King.

"Iron Knight are you okay? You look sad this days" Said Musketeer.

"Yes i'm ok... but i just having a little bit of trouble" Said Iron Knight.

"Iron Knight, Musketeer!" Said the Guard panting.

"What is it?" Asked Iron Knight and Musketeer

"The king requested both of you to go to the throne!" Replied the guard.

"I think the king have something for us" Said Musketeer

"Maybe..." Said Iron Knight

Musketeer and Iron Knight followed the guard to the Castle. Iron knight looks worried and Musketeer walked straightly. The guards of Orde salute to Musketeer and he saluted back.

"General Musketeer ! I have a letter for you!" The post rider gave the letter.

"Thank you very much" Musketeer replied.

"What's the letter about Musketeer? And who gave it to you?" Iron Knight was curious.

"It's from...Infantryman..."Musketeer looks down and throw the letter away.

"Why Musketeer?" Iron Knight asked.

"She's from the Alliance and i don't accept other faction letters" Musketeer walks away with a sad smile.

Iron Knight soon take the letter and opened the Letter, She was curious.

"Dear Musketeer,

Hey there Musketeer! Is everything is OK there? Are you OK? Well i think you're ok because you're one heck of a guy! Oh yeah, you never answer my question since i was a kid! YOU MEANIE! And by the way, visit the Alliance sometimes! It's really peaceful there! The place is surrounded with nature! Not like in Leguin and Orde, No offense OK!

Hope you can visit me sometimes! And I'll be there for you! Sorry if I'm lame at making letters!


Infantryman. "

"Wow, Infantryman really misses him. But how come he doesn't miss her?" Iron Knight talk to herself.

"Oh god, i really need to go to the throne right now!" Iron Knight started to run to the throne.

To be Continue...

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