Please note that this is a character introduction story to get you familiar with my OC.

The Jesus Name Assemblies is a fictional Oneness organization that I own. I own the Raccoon Family & Bert Bearing. Every one else is owned by Krome Studios.

Name: Robert Edward Raccoon

DOB: 07 July 1970

Schooling: Burramudgee ISD

Hometown: Burramudgee, Southern Rivers, Austraila

Collage: Bush Rescue Academy & Southern Rivers Collage

Parents: Edward Lee Raccoon & Rachel Burton Raccoon

Siblings: Leroy & LeAnn (twins) – born 11 September 1976

Occupation: 7th Grade History Teacher at Burramudgee Middle School

Pastor of Noah's Ark Fellowship in Burramudgee

Friends: Everyone in Southern Rivers

Enemies: Boss Cass & Co.

Affiliations: Bush Rescue, Burramudgee ISD, & Jesus Name Assemblies.

Species: Raccoon

Family: Angela Tennyson, wife. (no relation to Ben & Gwen Tennyson.)

Tanner Edward Raccoon, son.

Homechurch: North Burramudgee Pentecostal Church

Pastor: Bert Bearing

Music: Gospel & Religious

Hobbies: Model Railroading & Carpentry

Dislikes: Alcohol, Drugs, Beer, Wine, Champagne. Etc.

Likes: Healthy Stuff.

Colors: Red, Blue, & Green.

Books: Bible – KJV, Mystery books, & Adventure books.

Games: Adventure games.

Songs; Go Light Your World by Chris Rice