Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Disclaimer: the characters don't belong to me, otherwise I would be freaking rich.
Summary: Brittany and Santana happen to have a little disagreement when it comes to their sexy times.
Warning: smut, girl!peen, do don't read if you don't like it
Author's note: Filling a prompt at the GKM because well, someone has to, right? This is un-beta'd.
A/N 2: I have a soft spot for g!p Brittany, so this was fun to write.

"Pants down, now!"

Santana was in one of her moods again and Brittany simply loved those. It meant that the girl was going to make her come...but like, really, really hard. Because if there was one thing Santana was good at, it was dragging her into some restroom stall at school and sucking her off while everyone else was sitting in class.

Yeah, Brittany definitely loved those moods.

"I said. Pants. Down." Santana gritted out impatiently, hands clawing at her girlfriend's breasts, massaging them roughly. She claimed Brittany's lips with her own and mashed them together. Tongue darting out, she soon explored Brittany's mouth with trained expertise.

Brittany could hardly do anything other than returning the sloppy kiss while fumbling nervously with the zipper of her jeans. She could already feel her member stiffening, pants growing tight and uncomfortable as Santana continued her ministrations.

Eventually Santana broke the kiss in favor of dropping unceremoniously to her knees in front of the other girl. She swatted Brittany's hands away from the already halfway pulled down zipper, replacing them with her teeth. Hands coming to rest on Brittany's ass, she dragged her teeth along the rough denim, tracing the outline of Brittany's cock.

"I want you," she husked, voice oozing with lust. In one swift motion, she brought her hands to the button of Brittany's jeans and popped it open, revealing black sports panties. One firm pull later and jeans plus panties were pooling at Brittany's feet, her semi-hard cock freed from its soft prison.

Santana didn't waste any time as she wrapped her left hand around the base of Brittany's member and leaned in to give the tip a quick peck. The touch itself was fleeting and barely noticeable, yet it sent a jolt of electricity up Brittany's spine.

"Fuck, San," she moaned appreciatively, hands already placed on the back of Santana's head, "Please, suck me off."

Her girlfriend only smirked up at her with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "But Britt-Britt, it's all about the teasing.." she trailed off, then parted her lips with her tongue to sweep it across the head of Brittany's cock. Slowly, she circled the tip, tasting salty skin and driving the other girl crazy.

But Brittany wasn't going to have any of it, not this time. So when Santana brought her lips to her cock to suck at the tip, she used her hands to pull Santana's head closer to her body. Being completely caught off-guard, Santana took the first few inches of Brittany's thick member into her mouth until her lips reached her left hand which was still grabbing the base.

"So good," Brittany hissed, head falling back against the wall with a dull thud. Her cock was throbbing with arousal and when Santana eventually removed her hand, she carefully drove her whole length into her girlfriend's eager mouth.

Three months ago, Santana would've not been able to swallow all of Brittany's nine inch long erection, but now she could do it easily without even gagging. They had practiced a lot together to get to this point and with each messy blow job after school in one of their rooms, it got better. Not that Brittany would've ever complained, because a messy blow job was still a blow job and Santana liked to practice a lot. But now that the girl had learned to control her gag reflex, things were even better. Because deep-throating? It made for a whole new experience.

"Fuck, honey," she breathed out, feeling her cock bumping against the back of Santana's throat, "I love it when you give me head." Santana hummed in agreement, the vibration it created only adding to her pleasure.

Santana moved her hands up and down Brittany's thighs, stroking them as she pulled back a little. Brittany's hands were guiding her, pushing and tugging insistently until they had established a steady rhythm. Brittany gave a gentle thrust each time Santana would move forward to slide more of her cock back into her mouth and Santana moaned each time Brittany would pant out her name.

Getting incredible turned on by her girlfriends breathy voice, Santana slipped her left hand between her spread thighs to palm her own core through her already drenched panties. The whimper she released in return made Brittany's legs feel like jell-o.

Head bopping furiously, Santana moved her read Cheerios panties aside and buried two of her fingers inside herself.

When Brittany felt her girlfriend shudder, she looked down at her to see that Santana's hand had disappeared under her skirt, without a doubt to pleasure herself. The thought alone sent another thousand exciting tingles through her body, the throbbing in her cock intensifying.

"Oh shit, San, I think I– I think I'm going to–" Brittany tried her best to form a sentence, but failed miserably. Only a few more seconds and she would most definitely explode–

This was usually the moment when things would become awkward and both girls knew it.

While Brittany almost always tried to push Santana away from her body in order to give her a facial, Santana would wrap her hand around Brittany's cock, lips staying closed around the head, and pump hard to get her girlfriend's – in her opinion – delicious juice. Most of the times, Santana would win those situations, but that didn't stop Brittany from trying.

Today though, her efforts to push Santana away were all in vain.

Withdrawing her left hand from between her legs, Santana recaptured the base of Brittany's cock and began to jack her off, tongue dancing in her mouth to speed things up a bit. It was needless to say that her actions had the desired effect on Brittany, who came undone only seconds later.

Letting out a string of curses as the first spurt of cum shot out of her member, Brittany scrunched up her face and closed her eyes.

Santana continued to pump her fist, milking her girlfriend dry. It took a while, though for her to get all of Brittany's cum because when her girlfriend climaxed, it shot out in torrents. Not that Santana minded. It was actually her favorite part of their sexy times. And so she greedily suck and swallowed until every last drop of Brittany's cum had run down her throat.

"Mhh," Santana eventually released Brittany's slowly softening member, eyes still dark with desire and breathing heavy, "Baby, that was so hot."

Once Brittany had recovered a little an adorable pout formed on her face. She watched as Santana moved to stand on wobbly legs and reached out to steady her girlfriend.

Of course Santana noticed the sudden change in her features. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," came the huffed response.

"Doesn't sound like nothing."


"Come on, Britt, what is it?"

Brittany sighed. "Please don't be mad, okay?" When Santana nodded encouragingly, she went on, "I love it when you suck me off, I really do...but what I love even more is giving you facials and you hardly ever let me do that."

"Britt, I didn't know..." Santana trailed off, her voice sounding genuine.

"I thought it was sort of clear. I mean, I always try to push you away when I'm close."

"And I thought you did that because you were insecure or something."

Brittany shook her head. "Nope, I'm all kinds of awesome," she smiled "Why would I feel insecure?"

Her question managed to make Santana laugh, but she caught herself pretty quickly. "Well, you definitely are awesome," she purred seductively, trailing her right index finger down Brittany's chest, "And as a very, very good girlfriend, I'm open to compromises." Inching closer, Santana pressed her body against Brittany's. With her lips close to her girlfriend's ear, she whispered, "From now on, I'm just going to suck you off twice. How's that sound?"

"Yeah, that's..." Brittany breathed out, then took a moment to recollect herself, "I think that's a great compromise."

"Isn't it?" Santana retreated a little and gave the other girl a playful smirk. "But you have to wait until school is over," she said while bending down to pull Brittany's pants up for her, "I don't want to get your jizz on my uniform. Not that I wouldn't find it extremely hot," she added with a wink, "But I'm pretty sure coach Sue would kill me."

Brittany nodded happily, doing her zip up and buttoning up her jeans. Santana was about to open the stall door and walk out when Brittany suddenly remembered something. Grabbing her girlfriend's arm, she pulled her back into the stall and guided her to sit down on the closed toilet lid.

"Um," Santana furrowed her brows in confusion, "Britt?"

Brittany only smiled at her, using her hands to spread Santana's thighs before she kneeled down between them. "I totally forgot to return the favor." Before Santana could protest, she lifted the girl's skirt and hooked her fingers into the waistband of Santana's panties, sliding them down toned legs.

For the next few minutes, loud moans filled the empty girl's restroom and when both girls eventually emerged from the stall, a certain blonde had very disheveled hair.

A/N 3: There will be a second chapter ;-) and I guess it'll probably be up before the weekend is over.