Title: Tooi Kono Yume de (In This Distant Dream)
Author: Kikiam-sama
Rating: PG-7
Description: A fic that came out of the mystery of Yurete Kandagawa, a love polygon on Jin, Hisoka, Mito and Mito's sister. The story is told in Mito's point of view.
Notes: This came partly out of Illumi's idea on Jin and Hisoka being friends. Thanks a lot! I just added the love polygon because of Yurete Kandagawa (Hisoka and Mito's duet in the character vocal song book). Imagine how Gon would react when he hears about this...
Gon: Hontou ka, Mito-san? *faints*
Killua: Oiya, Gon! *shakes Gon-chan awake*
Mito: He knows Hisoka-kun?
Killua: Yeah. That freak keeps on molesting him. *continues to shake Gon awake* Yo, Gon!
Hisoka: *pops out of nowhere* Too sad! Which one will I choose, Mito-chan or Gon-chan?
Killua: Shaddap, pedophile! Gon is mine! *claws come out*
Kurapica: *pops out with Leo-kun* At least nobody interferes with our relationship, Koi*... (*love)
Leorio: Sou da ne... *bends down to give Kura a kiss*
Killua: eeeyuck... *pukes*
HIsoka: Oh? Gon-chan is taken? I don't think I can accept that... *takes out his cards*
Mito: Hey, no fighting!
Hisoka: Sou ka? Ahh! I know! Let's have a contest on who will wake Gon-chan first!
Killua: What the f***? *watches Hisoka in wonder*
Hisoka: Ahhh... Sleeping Handsome Gon-chan... *bends down threateningly to the unconscious Gon's face*
Machi: *pops out of nowhere just like everyone else and ties a string around Hisoka's neck* Baka oyaji...
Hisoka: Machi-san? Ogenki desu ka?
Machi: *tightens the strings around Hisoka's neck*
Hisoka: *starts to become strangled* Tasukete, Mito...
Mito: Hisoka-kun! Wait! I'll call for help! Hold on!
Machi: *grits her teeth then glares at Mito*
Mito: *glares back*
--- chotto matte kudasai! ahh! a showdown between mito and machi! kakkoii!!! funny, gon would side with a member of the kumo to make sure hisoka never touches his beloved Mito-san... hehehehehe... but hisoka might disregard the idea and continue molesting gon. nyaknyaknyaknyak....
oh, well, kore...
Tooi Kono Yume de
Chapter One
The night was without the moon and only a few stars gave their light. Darkness surrounded the forest that I have been looking at since sunset. The wind blew, giving a slight chill. I trembled a bit. Worry was clearly written on my face, like it could be read a thousand miles away.
But *he* wouldn't be able to read it, just as his father had been.
I tightened the wrap of the coat around my shoulders. It was probably around seven o'clock. Usually, it wouldn't be cold at this time of the night, but the fact that Gon was missing seemed to decrease the temperature by several degrees.
"Mito, it's time to eat dinner," my mother called.
I looked at where my mother was and saw that she didn't have the same worried look on my face. It quite annoyed me that she wasn't worried or nervous about her grandson.
"I'll eat later, when Gon arrives," I answered then returned my gaze to the window.
"You worry too much about that child," she said.
"But Mother, he's only nine years old! Only God knows what's happening to that child!"
"He's Jin's son."
"That's what worries me!" My voice was raised. I suddenly covered my mouth, and realized that I was almost shouting. My mother smiled.
"Gomen nasai," I apologized.
"It's all right," my mother waved ger hand to prove her forgiveness. "I was that worried, too, when you were missing in the forest."
"I was much younger then, Mother," I said, almost smiling to myself in recollection.
"We were all so worried searching for you, but then only Jin would surely do..."
I turned my back upon hearing Jin's name. 'Jin...' the name repeated in my mind. I hate him. He left all of us in Whale Island without even a word on where he was going. He left my sister, his wife, barely fulfilling his duties as a husband. And most of all he left his son with us, my beloved Gon.
Perhaps I really had the right to call him mine. My sister died upon Gon's birth, and Jin handed the baby to me. Since then, I was the one who fed, dressed, and taught the child. He recognizes me as his mother, although he calls me Mito-san. But I never told him of Jin, fearing that he'll follow the footsteps of his worthless father.
But do I really hate him this much?
My heart ached to see Jin again, his bright eyes, his cheerful smile. There was a time when I thought I was in love with him, and I felt a little biterness when he married my sister Maya instead of me. I felt happy, though, because Jin stayed with us for almost a whole year. He told me about his problems that he couldn't tell the soft-hearted Maya. I could tell, though, that he was very happy with their marriage.
It wasn't all that happy, there was Hisoka...
"Mito?" my mother called me softly. I realized that I had become lost in my thoughts.
"Just a while ago you were terribly worried about Gon, and now you're thinking about something else," she added with a smile. "I'll wait for Gon. Go and take a bath."
I smiled back. "Thank you, Mother." I went off and headed to the bathroom.
The soft scent of soap wafted across my nose as I entered. I opened the faucet to fill the tub with hot water. When it reached around four-fifths of the tub, I filled it with cold water. I dipped my hand into it, and tried to decide if it was just right.
Maybe the fraction of cold and hot water was similar with my feelings for Jin. I hate him, yet I love him. The hot water was probably my love, and the cold water was my hate. I sighed, then started to take off my clothes. As I opened the top buttons of my blouse, I felt the green choker I always wore around my neck.
Memories flashed across my mind. Jin... Maya... myself, and of course, Hisoka.
I went into he tub. I left the choker on top of the pile of clothes.
The water felt good against my skin, yet I shivered.
I was born when both Maya and Jin were four years old. Of course I could recall almost nothing of my first three years, but it's easy to say that Jin and Maya had been together since they were in diapers. They always played together, and sometimes would come home late from the forest, playing games all day long. It was still early, but our parents thought that Jin and Maya were a good match. Jin was outgoing and adventurous, while Maya was introvert and careful. It was a nice contrast.
Hisoka was a year younger than them. He played with them, too, but he was always left out. He was still Jin's male best friend, though, and would be his greatest rival. He was also something like Jin, but he was reckless. He did everything on impulse. He always lied to his elders. He was a bad boy, but Jin always made up for whatever Hisoka lacked.
Hisoka had to wait for around four years to find a playmate who wouldn't leave him out, and that was me.
I was four years old when Mother told Maya to bring me along with them. She obliged. Jin frowned a bit when he saw me.
"Mito-chan's coming?" he asked. He carried his fishing rod over his left shoulder.
Maya nodded. "Ikou yo, Jin-chan," Maya said, holding my hand.
"Hey, wait!" It was Hisoka, running towards us.
"You're late again, Hisoka," Jin said.
"Hmp..." he grumbled, and rasied his nose in the air. "I woke up late, that's all." He then noticed my presence. "Ara, Mito-chan!" he said gleefully.
I looked at him puzzled.
"Why's she coming, Maya?" Hisoka aksed.
"Our mother told me to. I think it would be nice if Mito-chan would play with us. At least she won't be in the way of our parents' work."
"Sou da ne," Jin said, but still seemed to have a reluctant tone in his voice.
Hisoka was the opposite. He grabbed my hand from Maya's and placed his face near mine. His light blue hair touched my orange strands, and his eyes looked brightly into my orbs.
"I'm Hisoka, and we'll play all day long."
"Hisoka-kun," Maya almost scolded.
"Don't worry, Maya," Hisoka said. "Mito-chan will be all right with me."
"C'mon, you two," Jin called.
Maya left me with Hisoka and went to walk with Jin. She was probably the only one who trusted Hisoka this much, and maybe Jin.
The walk to the forest was long for me, considering that I was around half their ages. Maya and Jin seemed to walk too fast, while Hisoka walked with me. We finally arrived at the forest.
It was my first time there, and it was beautiful. The cerulean sky peeped through the canopy of the forest. Rays of sunlight passed through small holes between the branches of the trees. There were different smells that wafted across my nose. Small animals ram across our feet and made sounds so different from those at home.
"So what game will we play?" Jin asked, looking around.
"Hide and seek," Hisoka answered, still tightly gripping on my hand.
Jin shook his head. "Mito-chan can't play that game yet," Jin pointed out.
During that time, I haven't understood much what Jin was saying. I just kept quiet.
Hisoka objected. "Mito-chan can play with us, ne, Maya?"
Maya didn't know who she would agree with, so she answered, "I g-guess s-so..."
Jin shook his head hard. "No, no, no. Let's think of another game."
"Hide and seek is perfectly fine," Hisoka said.
"No, it wouldn't be," Jin stood on his ground. They glared at each other. A fight was beginning to ensue.
"Hey, don't fight, you two!" Maya broke the tension between the two. "I think it's okay for Mito-chan to play hide and seel with us."
A long silence followed. Jin looked straight into Maya's eyes. After a few moments, Jin raised his nose in the air and folded his arms across his chest.
"Fine then," he said with an arrogant tone. "Go ahead, play. I'm going to fish."
But Jin-chan," Maya said. He was about to go after him.
"Leave him alone," Hisoka stopped her. "Let him be. We'll just play hide and seek and have fun. Ne, Mito-chan?"
"But..." Maya protested, but decided to go with Hisoka.
We did play hide and seek, even without Jin. It was a fun game. At first it was Maya who was It. Then it was me. Then it was Hisoka's turn.
"...seven, eight, nine, ten!"
I heard Hisoka's voice, but I still haven't found a good hiding place. I panicked and ran down the hill, I wasn't sure how far. I found a big, old tree with a hole near the root. I quickly went inside, and waited and waited...
During the time I waited, Hisoka had already found Maya who hid behind a nearby tree. After that, Hisoka searched for me.
I couldn't remember anymore how long I waited, and eventually fell asleep. When I awoke, it was already dark.
I was scared to death. There I was inside the hole, a four-year old girl trapped in the darkness. The beautiful sounds of the morning were replaced by horrible howls of the night. There was no moon, and most of the stars were covered with clouds. I looked at the sky helplessly.
"Help..." I whispered to myself. Until now, I still don't know why I didn't shout. Did I know that nobody would find me? Did I have a feeling that it was hopeless? Did I give up?
I started to cry hard. I cried and cried. My clothes were wet with tears. My eyes were already swollen and my cheeks were stained. At the same time, I felt cold... and alone.
Hisoka and Maya tried their best to find me. They spent the whole day searching for me.
"Mito-chaaan! Mito-chaaan!" both of them called. They didn't search very far, though. Their knowledge of the forest wasn't very deep, and they might get lost just as I did. The morning search was fruitless.
When noon came, they went back to the village and told the adults. Now, the whole village searched for me.
It was almost sunset, yet they haven't found me.
The adults told Hisoka and Maya to wait by the river outside the woods. Maya was worried while Hisoka was angry.
"Shoot!" he punched the trunk of a tree.
"Calm down, Hisoka," told Maya. "I just hope they'll find Mito-chan soon."
Hisoka gave another punch. His fist started to bleed.
"Hisoka!" Maya examined the damaged fist. "You shouldn't have done that." She then ripped the right sleeve of her blouse and tied it around the bleeding area.
Hisoka blushed. He never expeceted her to do such a thing except for Jin, perhaps. He was about to say thank you when they heard a voice humming on the other side of the river.
"Who in the world is that?" Hisoka asked. He looked at where the sound was coming from, and saw Jin fishing. Jin was leaning on a tree while holding the fishing rod in his hands. A straw hat covered his eyes.
"Jin-chan!" Maya called. She and Hisoka ran towards him.
Jin raised his head. "Ara, Maya-chan, Hisoka!"
"There you are," Maya wanted to go across the river to Jin, but the current was too strong.
Jin smiled. "Stay there," he said. There were several rocks above the water. JIn jumped on one of them the next one was too far.
"Don't do that," Maya called worriedly.
"Hey, Jin," Hisoka shouted alarmed.
Jin grinned and then jumped for the next rock. Both Maya and Hisoka breathed a sigh of relief. But the next wand last rock was even farther.
Jin jumped, and reached the riverbank.
Upon his arrival on the other side, he rubbed his nose and grinned. "Piece of cake."
"You had me worried sick," Maya complained.
Hisoka looked away. "Hah, show-off..."
"Was not," Jin gave Hisoka a pat on the back. "'Sorry 'bout this mornin' pal."
Hisoka smiled, then remembered Mito. "Oiya, Jin. Mito-chan is misisng."
"I know."
Maya started to cry. The smile on Jin's face disappeared. "It was my fault. I should have watched her more carefully."
Hisoka looked at the ground. He told me a few years later that he felt it was his fault, since he was the one who wanted me to play with them. But he kept quiet during that time.
Jin put his arms around Maya's shoulders. "Oi, stop crying, Maya-chan. Nobody's blaming you."
"It's my fault, Jin! It's my fault that Mito-chan is missing," she continued to sob.
"Fine then," Jin said. "If seeing Mito will make you stop crying, then I'll find her."
"Hey, Jin," Hisoka interrupted. "Don't you think that's a bit ambitious? Even the adults can't find her."
"Hah!" Jin said. "All they do is shout for Mito's name. They're too superstitious to look deep into the forest."
"Jin-chan, don't say that," Maya said.
"I'll say and do whatever I want," Jin said. He picked up his fishing rod and started to walk towards the forest.
"Hey, Jin!" Hisoka called after him.
"Daijobu da yo!" he shouted. Hisoka and Maya helplessly watched him disappear into the trees.
I was still crying. I could barely see anything. I was hungrey, since I had skipped both lunch and dinner. Some parts of my dress were torn and I had insect bites and scratches on different parts of my skin. My hair was all messed up.
I didn't know how long I remained in this situation, but after a while, I saw something.
An outstretched hand was in front of me. It was not very big, but it seemed strong. It had some scratches on it. I stared at the hand, then looked at the face who owned it.
The face smiled. It was Jin.
"I finally found you, Mito."
p.s. whooppee!!!! ccc's please! it's been a long time since i last wrote a fic! i can imagine the hot jin freecs in this fic, but what the heck. i invented maya.
btw, thanks to illumi for the idea. should i continue with this one? please answer that question.
i think the fic can be considered a one-shot, but i have more complicated plans for this fic...
i have a leorio fic in mind, too... aaww, man, too much things in mind. what should i do?

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