Okay. This is a one off for me! I still don't own star wars and I really hope that you enjoy reading this. :D

Anakin's Christmas List

A new lightsabre. (I broke mine again…)

A new Jedi outfit.

Some oil for my mecha arm.

To become the youngest Jedi Master (Yeah, like that'll happen but it's my list!)

A non lecturing Obi-Wan (Like 4 but doubt that will happen either!)

Spare parts for my craft.

To save Padmé from almost certain death.

To be the Chancellors best friend!

To be better than Master Plo-Koon. (God! I hate that guy!)

A better theme tune. (That mimsy one is really boring… I'm more action!)

Hairspray. (Don't Ask!)

Personal weights. (Padmé says I look like a twig!)

Stop getting my arm stuck where it shouldn't be… (Obi-Wan!)

A new toilet… (Because SOMEONE broke it. Not mentioning any names *coughs* Jar-Jar...)

To have a three-some. (*sighs* Me, Padmé and Obi-Wan :D)