These reviews are making me really happy so here's some more to quench your appetites.

Luke Skywalker's Christmas List

New Jedi underwear. (Since I met the emperor my underwear will never see daylight again.)

A speeder. (Those are really cool and I've always wanted one. :P)

My father to stop jumping from behind the walls of my bed. (It really sucks when I'm trying to sleep. DX)

Extra droids to do the housework.

The Millennium Falcon. (The model version of course.)

Hairspray. (Dad says he needs it… -_-")

A holiday.

Be the first one to plank on the Falcon.

Get a girlfriend. (I still have no idea why they won't talk to me!)

To get on the TV show Cooking Jabba.

Have a staring contest with Master Yoda and win without laughing. (Man, that guy when he stares, you just want to not keep a straight face. XD)

Slide on my belly down Tatooine's largest sand dune! (Just because it looks totally awesome!)

Go to the Grand Re-opening of Skywalker Land. (My father said he had been with his padawan Asohka)