I've been bitten by the drabblebug lately. This li'l ficlet is the result
of me musing about why Sasuke hates sugar, while (in fandom, at least)
Itachi loves sweet things ;) I may turn this into a drabble collection if I
get enough reviews c:


Sasuke used to love sweet things. It used to be his favorite thing, to go
into town with Itachi and eat sticky, sweet dango. On his days off, Itachi
would take him to the ice cream store, where they would share a gigantic,
gooey hot fudge sundae. Many times, they would bring Shisui along, buy ice
cream cones, go down by the Nakano river and watch the sun set as they
splashed their bare feet around in the cold water.

But not anymore. Itachi had betrayed him. He had killed their clan and left
Sasuke all alone.

Now, whenever he smelled anything sweet, saw any candy at all, he
remembered that night. He remembered the scent of death and Itachi's
bloodstained face and all the dead bodies, and oh God, make it stop…

He also remembered Itachi's smiles, the little noises of satisfaction he
made as he bit into something good. How Shisui could coax laughter out of
him, make his entire being lighten up.

Sasuke still wakes up in the middle of the night crying, but it isn't
always because of nightmares. Sometimes, it was from the sheer happiness of
the memories, of the beautiful dreams that reminded him of everything he's

They had so many good times, Itachi, Sasuke and Shisui. The memories of the
first eight years of his life were filled with laughter and candy; so many
happy memories.

Itachi was perfect in his young, innocent mind. He was strong and tough,
yet so gently and so kind that he seemed like more like a god than a man.
He never said anything mean to Sasuke, never did anything worse than
politely refusing to train with him. He had always been a part of Sasuke's
life, and he assumed that he always would be.

Itachi had been sweet as sugar, the kindest person Sasuke knew. Sweet as
sugar, and yet bitter as wormwood at the same time. How did he manage to
play everyone for so long? How did he keep that facade up without cracking
it at some point?

Maybe he did, and Sasuke just didn't notice.

Perhaps that was his mistake. Besides, the days of eating candy with his
Nii-san and playing in the Nakano River were over.

Sasuke doesn't like sweet things anymore.


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