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And no more shall we part.

I saved the word a lot. Through the good and horrible. I fought alongside my friends. We made it through everything this world had for us. I've died several times and so did they. In the end, they didn't go out in a glorious fashion, they went as they should. Old age and disease caught up with them. They were only human.

No amount of hoping and praying could save them. The dragonballs I had collected were useless. Something I had relied on so heavily to keep them close to me, was as useless as I feel right now.

Nothing could prepare me for watching my wife wilt away, each day another petal fell from her. She remained beautiful to her last day. Her eyes bright and full of life just the day before. How could I have known that morning, she would be taken from me. I kissed her check gently and laid beside her. She turned to me, her eyes sad, as if she knew. How could she know?

Her mouth opened and her voice sounded, weak and tired. "I fought so hard to keep you Goku. I never could. You're here with me right now, but you're not really here… I loved you…" She blinked away a few tears as I listened and held her, warm in my arms. "You saved the world…. You never saved me." Did she think I never saved her? I've saved her life so many times and when I couldn't I brought her back with the dragonballs. How can she say such a thing? Her trembling hands touched mine, weaving them between her fingers. Her long gray hair falling in front of her face as she rested it on my chest. "I loved you." She said again, falling quiet and heavy against me.

"ChiChi?" She was silent. I shifted against her, rolling her onto her back. Her eyes remained slightly open. She's alive. She must be alive. She can't leave me. Not after Krillian…. I shook her, yelling her name. Her body flopped obscenely as I moved her. "Damn it! Wake up! You're not dead. You're not dead. You're not dead!" My face was wet and sweat dripped. This couldn't happen to my beautiful wife. This couldn't. I kissed her lips, hard. Trying to rouse her. "ChiChi, baby, please, please wake up." My voice sounded like a miserable sob. "I can't do this without you. The boys! The boys need you! I…. I need you…. Please." This can't be how she dies. Those couldn't be her last words to me. She loved me? What does that mean? She doesn't love me anymore? How could she not! I love her with every fiber of my being. She's sleeping, that's all. She's going to wake up. She's going to wake up.

She never woke up. I laid by her side for hours, crying and trying to wake her up. I held her face, sobbing, her skin cold under my fingertips. I must have fallen asleep. My eldest son Gohan woke me, his eyes wide and terrified. He has her eyes. Every time I look at them, they remind me. I will never see her again.

I remember the first thing I did. I went on a mad dash to find all of the dragon balls. I found them within a day. I brought them back to Capsule Corps, the look on Vegeta's face looked… almost sad. He told me over and over they couldn't bring my wife back. I had to try. Shenron would make an exception for me.

He didn't and I sat on the moist grass at Capsule Corps, tears streaming down my face. Vegeta's hand was on my shoulder but I couldn't hear his words. How could he know what I was going through? What could he say to fix everything? He eventually sat down beside me, not saying a word for a long while.

"Kakkarot. I've known you for a long time. This is another battle you'll have to face." He left words unsaid. He wanted to say, this is another battle you'll have to face alone. I can't do this alone. I won't do this alone.

To be continued . . .

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