A Goblin Thanksgiving



Jareth stormed the halls of the castle beyond the goblin city (to be more exact at the center of the Labyrinth.) and called out the name of the scribe as he approached the chamber she was known to inhabit. In his hand were parchments that he'd crumpled after reading. Finding it empty, dark and extraordinarily quiet, he began to look of any of the goblins assigned to the non goblin scribe. The halls leading to and from the scribes chamber of tomes was deserted. Not even the usual stray goblins that enjoyed being tossed out on their ears seemed to be lurking about.

Jareth became concerned and went in search of Hoggle who had a way of knowing information. He found the gardener at his post, spraying the little swarm fairies with the potion that would knock them out, render them stupefied without actually killing them. It was their one means of keeping the swarm from over populating. "Hogsnose!" he said as he opened the gate, "Where's my scribe?"

Not bothering to look over his shoulder, the little man continued to spritz the pests fluttering about. "Lost her again eh?"

"I haven't lost anything, or anyone!" Jareth bellowed. "She's… not at her post!"

"She wouldn't be," muttered the gardener to himself.

The Goblin King crossed his arms and demanded answers, "Where is she?"

"Above," the curt reply came.

The Goblin King blinked, "Why on earth would she go above, there's work to be done… rewrites to do, edits and tales unspun!"

Hoggle paused a moment, holding the sprayer aiming at a very active fairy. He turned and glared at the King, "You don't remember?"

"I remember all things," Jareth protested, then more quietly asked, "What is it you think I've forgotten?"

"What today is."

"It's Thursday," the King shrugged.

Hoggle shook his head, "She knew you'd forget."

"I haven't forgotten a thing!"

Hoggle pulled a note from his pocket and with grimy hands passed it to the irate King. "She said you'd forget, and she was right…She left this in case you came a looking for her…"

Jareth grabbed the note away, read it and groaned.


Today is a holiday where I'm from. A time for family and friends to gather and give thanks for all the blessings in their lives. I've told you only a hundred times about this event and I'm sure more pressing matters have cause you to fail to remember that I am taking today off.

Dinner is at two, casual dress and leave the chickens at home. Will see you then.

Your devoted Scribe.

Jareth turned to his henchman, "She took her goblin helpers?"

Hoggle nodded, "Said something about turning a kids table into a goblin table…" he chuckled, "Here I didn't even know she could do magic…"

The Goblin King paced, "Well I suppose there's no getting round it."

"Nope," the gardener agreed. "You don't show up, she'll have your orbs."

Glaring for a moment the King sighed, "Well we'd better get a move on, we don't wish to upset our hostess."

Hoggle shrugged, "She's got goblin's helping prepare a feast… and you're worried about upsetting her by being tardy?" He chuckled darkly…..

Author's note:

To subjects of our beloved Goblin King… near and far… Happy Thanksgiving.