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-Mr. Tom Riddle-

"We thought you knew what you were doing!"

"You said it too, you said you were disappointed, you said you'd thought he had a bit more to go on than —"

The memory was two days fresh, still stirring Harry's mind. Ron left... well that was no surprise, it wasn't the first time he turned against him, but the incredible thing was that Hermione... she wasn't there either.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you staying, or what?"

Harry stopped his thoughts with the only sensation he could still feel and swung his fist towards the window. Luckily, the glass, as everything else around the room was silenced and the only noise came from Harry's throat.

It was becoming a ritual in the past hours; he would stay watching from the window of an almost deserted inn pretending he didn't miss her. When the pain of her memory became unbearable, he would break the glass and cut his hand deeply. Two charms later, he would be back from where he started.

It began with a long period of nothing but futile searching after the horcruxes. Long weeks of almost nothing to eat and cold temperatures made them all a bit snappy, but Ron went worse. And Hermione... she seemed to be on Harry's side until the last moment, but somehow, what she felt for Ron was much powerful and the last person Harry ever feared to leave him disappeared.

Another swing towards the window and this time Harry Potter didn't even flinched as the shards of glass pierced his wrist biting his flesh with crystal teeth. A thick stream of blood slowly formed running down on his elbow and then on the floor in big drops.

Harry Potter was far from his regular emotional state and pain was the only dull sensation, which could make him react, and... the innkeeper from time to time.

As soon as the gravity of the situation hit him, Harry couldn't stay in the tent for a second more. All his meager possessions went in a dusty backpack and with Slytherin's Locket on his neck, he left the place. He set the tent on fire with enough charms to make sure it will burn completely and turned on spot towards the only thing he could think of- away. He arrived somewhere in Germany by the looks of the road signs, probably because that was the extent of his powers and rented a room in the most secluded and poorly inn he could find.

Knock, knock, knock...

Harry opened the door, and the innkeeper pushed a tray filled with food towards him.

The innkeeper was a round man in his late fifties, with a big moustache, which compensated for the lack of hair on his head. He was a man of few words and Harry was surprised to see he didn't cared for any type of documents so the cash he had in his pockets assured him a few weeks of uninterrupted staying.

„Mr. Riddle..."

Harry took the tray and closed the door fast mumbling some thanks, which the man did not understand anyway. He placed the tray on the table and looked at it for a few moments before turning once again towards the window.

He wasn't hungry... his stomach was silent and as the rest of his body didn't sent any sort of feedback. The sky was a deep shade of grey with massive amounts of snow falling over the whole Europe and matched his mood perfectly.

Harry was quite proud with the name he was using... this was his biggest arrogance until now... travelling through Europe as the fair gentleman Mr. Tom Riddle.

It was the longest time he didn't break the window and the silence became heavier, but there was something strange about this silence, of course... the locket... that thing was never silent, but Harry could swear he never felt it ticking since...

Harry took the locket off and for the first time in the last days took a good look at it. The Horcrux was in the worst shape Harry ever remembered it, with rust all over. He raised the piece of jewellery towards the light for a better view, but the silver chain broke like a rusty piece of iron and the locket fell on the floor breaking its small hinges.

There were many things Harry imagined it would happen when the cursed thing will open, everything but this... the locket remained as still as possible, disintegrating before his eyes.

I guess the snake has left the building... but when?

One thing Harry knew about You-Know-Who was that nothing was as simple as it looked. The vessel was clearly empty and by now almost gone, but its content... most certainly not.

For a moment, he tried to push his pain aside and concentrate. He was tempted to leave and forget... just like they did, but Harry Potter was a man of his word and Sirius, Dumbledore and his parents were going to be revenged...

„The diary... the ring... and five more the find." He was mumbling now and even to him it was nice to hear his voice.

„One is Hufflepuff's cup... and the other... Nagini."

A deep breath and an unconsciously sip from the almost cold cup of mint tea nearby.

„Three more left, something from Ravenclaw, something from Gryffindor and... something else instead of the locket."

It was past noon and the room was completely dark when the young wizard finally finished the horcrux inventory. Harry switched on the old Tiffany lamp on the table producing a weak golden light, which was enough for his eyes.

His wand was tucked in his sleeve and except for a few charms, he did whatever was needed by hand. Harry took the backpack, which rested on the opposite chair and pulled its content out. He was shocked when he prepared it, but apparently, he took everything... the photos, the snitch, some clothes, the cloak, the map, his broom and Hermione's book..

She left it on the table and for some reason he felt it will be better to take it, after all it was something from Dumbledore and whatever the old wizard wanted her to know it was now for him.

There were a few of Molly's knitters, but Harry banished those at soon as he found them. The thought of Ron was enough to make him try to forget the Weasley name for a while.

But what about Ginny?... thinking of her felt like he was just reminding of a very old story from almost a different time line. Away from her, he could now see why closing that relationship was a good decision. In the cold nights in the tent, he never thought about her and wormed up, her image never gave him hope, just an uncomfortable feeling... there was nothing left in his heart for her.

Yet he was thinking about another girl. Harry Potter was the thickest wizard and muggle ever to walk on the face of the Earth when it came about girls, but even he had to admit Hermione's leaving hurt unnaturally bad for a friend.

I never asked them to come along...

That made things a bit easier to forgive, but not enough and the emptiness in his chest felt like it was turning into a Black Hole.

The window crashed once again and this time he didn't bothered to heal the hand or repair the glass. The rush of cold air came dulled his senses completely, his vision blurred and everything went dark.

A sharp pain in his left cheek waked him enough to feel it even harder when the other cheek received the same treatment.

„Wake up!"

The voice was firm and manly, he could feel his limbs free, which meant he was either restrained by an idiot or he wasn't restrained at all. Harry opened his eyes and then he felt the tiredness in his body. Even moving his eyeballs sent pangs of pain and exhaustion through his whole body. He was still at the inn and the room was the same, but the window was now repaired and the temperature was mild enough to let him feel the tip of his fingers.

„Are you ok?"

Harry remembered someone was with him and turned a bit towards the voice. He was greeted by the image of a middle-aged man. He was about his height, but with obviously much more kilograms of muscles. The stranger had short black hair, shaved beard and a pair of piercing blue eyes, which disturbed Harry greatly. He was dressed in dusty leather clothes which obviously hadn't been washed in days and on its head he wore a black brimmed hat, which was enough to shadow his face. The smell of tobacco hit Harry's nose and he watched the stranger puff from a ceramic pipe.

„Yes, I'm ok... who are you?"

Harry felt almost too tired even to breath.

„Abraham... Van Helsing is my name and by the looks of it you must be Harry Potter."

The stranger finished his deduction bluntly and Harry felt a cold shiver of fear running on his back. He was caught, no doubt by one of Voldemort's minions and this time he was in no state of fighting his way out.

„I tend to check out the list when I ask for a room somewhere and I was quite surprised to see I'm going to sleep in the same inn with the all mighty Dark Lord."

The stranger took another smoke from his pipe and gave Harry a familiar grin, which made the boy's eyes fill with tears. He was looking just like Sirius.

„Then again... I wasn't to believe that the Snake Lord would like the fine resorts of this German town so I came and knocked at your door, who knew... it could have been a name coincidence or maybe I could've got miself an autograph on my lovely hat..."

Abraham took his hat off and Harry could finally see how much the stranger looked like Sirius. They shared the same nose, the same firm chin and they even had the same gestures.

„I wasn't surprised to see that I couldn't even hear my knocking and when I felt the cold chill coming from under the door, I decided to pay you a visit. I found you lying on the floor with your wrist veins cut and the window shuttered."

Abraham's casual tone had a calming effect over Harry, which now lay on the back with his head on a hard pillow.

„I'm not too much of a wizard, but I still know a few tricks to fix a window or a sliced vein. I'm sorry to say I couldn't manage to clean the mess, but I guess there's no surprised in that."

He made a gesture towards his dirty hat and both Abraham and Harry snorted. Harry pushed himself up with his elbows, but he felt dizzier than after performing a barrel roll on his broom.

„You still haven't told me who you are... you seem to know me, but I never heard of you."

Harry's voice was weak, but he struggled to keep a neutral face. Abraham grinned again and then settled on the bed.

„I am known as a hunter... I hunt dangerous creatures, from vampires to nasty giants, whatever bothers the common muggle or wizard I try to put down."

„You're a wizard..."

Abraham made a relaxed gesture,

„Mmm... not really, no wand, no broom, but I have some elementary skills... you could say I am somewhere in between the full wizard and a squib. Enough to experience the goodies of your world, anyway..."

It was full evening by now and Harry continued his talk with Abraham. The hunter seemed to be a fountain of jokes, but also precious information and hours passed quickly. It was almost three in the morning when Harry was finally asked the big question.

„So, are you going to tell me what was that about, or do you still think I'm a Death Eater?"

Harry sighed and took the decision to tell this stranger the only thing the magical world never knew about him- the real story of his life.

Another two hours later, he finally reached the end.

„And they left me... I Apparated here by mistake and... that's it."

Abraham who kept silent for the entire time finally took a deep breath and pated the boy on his leg.

„First of all Harry, killing yourself through bleeding to death is not the brightest solution. If I didn't found you in time... or worse, if a Death Eater found about the name you used..."

Harry looked away with his jaw stubbornly clenched and Abraham handed him a small glass with fire whisky. They both drank fast and Harry let the warmth of the alcohol wake his whole body. He felt the liquid spreading through his body like air inflating a balloon. His stomach was hurting like hell, and his wrist felt exactly like it was- cut.

The grimace on the young wizard's face caused Abraham to grin and slap him playfully over his head.

„So... you finally remembered you have a body? Lad, you should never let yourself get in this state... I hope you won't look into a mirror to soon, because either you or the mirror will run screaming." Harry chuckled again, but something in Abraham's tone told him he was quite serious.

... there is some bad news Harry. This time Abraham was in no mood for jokes.

„I'm listening..."

„I'm afraid Voldemort and his followers have taken hold of England. Yesterday the muggles talked about a mass infection with some kind of virus, which must be confined within the borders of the UK. I believe this is the cover for God knows what Voldemort's doing in the country. If you're friends are still there..."

Abraham watched Harry's eyes darken for a moment.

„I don't care about them, I just care about the Horcruxes?"

Abraham gave a wicked smile and again pated Harry on his leg.

„Right... ok then, it will take some time and preparations but we should be able to destroy these things. In the meantime... I believe you should replace that name with something more appropriate Mr... Harry Van Helsing.

Both Harry and Abraham had a good laugh and another shot of whisky.