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Finally, the hordes of foreigners were gone and the closing hour was up. Pierre swallowed a healthy yawn and hit the switch closing the gate. The squeal of the hinges was as sweet as a mother's lullaby for the tired guard whose job was the make sure everyone who got in actually got out of the catacombs. A final check on his list and every dot for the entering tourist had another dot for the one who exited. Perfect. Pierre shut the lights and settled in his chair for a good night rest. His shift was due in the morning and the catacombs weren't going anywhere.

The iron gate shimmered for a second like the metal turned liquid, but Pierre was already snoring ignoring the strange image on his monitor. A tall and buffed stranger sneaked in and jabbed slowly at his neck placing Pierre in an unconscious state.

"Go straight ahead until you reach the second junction. The guard is out, you can kill the lights."

Back in the catacombs, just beyond the gates, a hand appeared in thin air holding an object similar with a lighter. One by one, the safety lights disappeared into the lighter making place for a deep darkness.

"The lights are out. That should make our friends come out."

"Careful lad, watch out for magic sensors."

Harry put his glasses on enjoying the infrared image. His new glasses were able to see in the dark just as easy as they could zoom in one thousand times. He took off his invisibility cloak banishing it with a wave of his hand.

"I reached the second junction."

"Go left. Watch for the gate, it should have some alarm on it."

Harry grabbed the bars feeling the small electrical impulse coming from its lock. He was just about to mutter a little spell when he felt a familiar vibration. Just a few inches beyond the first gate was another one, invisible and very much magical.

"This way is blocked. There's a magic gate here, I'm not sure, but I think it has goblin properties; it must work like the Thief's Downfall."

Abe punched Pierre's seat in frustration making the unconscious guard spin.

"Fuck, that's the only way down to the restricted level."

Harry paced back and forth, at some point scaring a rat. The rodent run along the wall and disappeared like nothing happened through the closed gate. The catacombs remained silent,

"I found a way, I'll go radio silent."

Abe drank the last drops of coffee from the guard's mug and exited the small couchette.

"I'm coming in."

"No, wait… I need someone outside, I'm not in the mood for some Death Eaters coming up my back."

"Then talk to me Harry, I need to know what happens with you. Are you gonna summon your friend?"

Abe could almost hear the gritting of Harry's teeth. "He's not my friend… it's just a,"

"Voldemort thing, I know, but still useful."

Harry cursed under his breath and extended his hand.


The hissing traveled through the earpiece making Abe shudder under the icy chill. "He's so creepy when he does that."

Harry was looking at a 4 foot boomslang tightly coiled around his right arm. The deadly snake bobbed his head in acknowledgement at Harry's new command and slid to the ground passing swiftly through the gate's bars. The snake went through and the barrier remained silent. Harry closed his eyes seeing now through his snake's eyes. It was a strange experience to see everything in heat. The walls were cold blue, the rat from a few moments ago was red hot and Harry hissed shortly to cut the snake's desire to hunt the rodent.

Abe strained his ear to understand, but all he could hear was a strange voice hiss. It wasn't often Harry used this gift. Harry hated Voldemort and everything related to it, but being able to summon snakes and control them proved to be useful from time to time.

The boomslang kept slithering until a white hot silhouette appeared after a corner leaning on the wall and looking very much asleep. The guard was dressed in dirty black robes, something Harry strangely reminded of Hogwarts. The dirty man was obviously a low rank Death Eater.

The dark hunter reached the snakes mind and gave a command he knew so well.


The snake crawled on the Death Eater's shoulder coiling around his neck and pierced right through the jugular. It went so fast the victim opened his eyes in shock and tried to scream but yellow foam rose from his neck chocking him.

*Wait here, kill whoever approaches to check on him.*


Harry retreated back to his body and grabbed the gate with both hands.

"Immobulus! Alohomora!" The gate unlocked with a click and the muggle alarm remained silent. Harry stopped in front of the second magical gate, he could feel it now, the chill around it, the way it moved, it was an exact replica of The Thief's Downfall, but invisible. Harry buttoned up his trench and checked his short blade was at reach. He stepped through the magical barrier and a second later the alarmed hissing of the boomslang traveled through the tunnels back to him. He closed his eyes to see a small crystal dangling from the dead guard's neck glowing red. Luckily there was no one around. The snake coiled around the crystal hiding the powerful rays.

"Hey Abe, you still there?"

It took a few seconds to receive an answer.

"Yeah, had to lay low, a police car went by. Any luck?"

"I'm in, one guard is down. Need instructions."

"OK, our best shot is the next junction. It's big room where some twelve or so tunnels meet. I think they might be there."

Harry kept his paces as silent as possible and soon reached his victim. The Death Eater didn't remind him of anyone he knew. The snake coiled back around his arm under the trench's sleeve. He put his glasses back on and followed the wall stopping at every turn. It took another fifteen minutes of sneaking and stopping every other step to listen until he finally caught some distant laugh.

"I'm almost there. Back me up at the second gate."

Just as Harry passed through the gates, Abe went through and ended the Platform 9 and ¾ charm.

The room was circular with twelve tunnel exiting at equal distance. Eight Death Eaters were scattered around either resting on sofas or eating. On a far end a cage guarded by two wizards was set and two huge silhouettes laid back to back unconscious. Unlike the tunnels here a silver chandelier hanged from the ceiling bathing the whole chamber in the Slitherin green light.

They all seemed to be low rank apart from the loudest of them who sported a constant vicious snarl. Three of them were eating at a table laughing and arguing while the leader studied a blackboard mounted on support pillar in the center of the room.

"Don't you think we should save some for Liberius?"

"Neah, the idiot pulled the short straw, he's on diet today. What do you say Ernesto?"

The Death Eater turned from the blackboard and smacked him burying his face in the pot of porridge. This time no one laughed. Ernesto's belly could have put to shame a hippopotamus, but his tall frame and hands the size of shovels made him a terrifying character.

"Shut your fucking mouth and eat. Next time I'll,"

"Hey, did someone say my name?"

Liberius came from the tunnel marked as tenth in time to watch Lucian pull his face from the pot.

"Get there and eat!"

Ernesto kicked a free chair up to Liberius.

"Hey Libe, we were just,"

"I said shut up and eat, moron!" Lucian was again half buried in his porridge.

"Everything ok in the tunnels, squirt?"

"Yes sir, a blackout has,"


Liberius pulled a bowl filled with yellowy porridge and managed to take two spoons until Ernesto banished the whole table and chairs. The four Death Eaters fell, but no one spent too much time getting up under the leader's scrutiny.

"To the blackboard, all of you!"

Those who tried to sleep on the sofas got up just as fast, lining in front of the blackboard. The board was separated in half, on the right side a picture of Harry Potter was glued with arrows starting from it towards several photos. Five were glued next to Harry's picture and the last dated was a blurred image of a young men in front of a door with his forehead exposed. The unmistakable lighting scar was visible in spite of the bad photo and the name of the place was written just under it- Roue de Montmorency.

Ernesto pulled his wand, an ugly brown branch which he used to point at every photo leading to Potter's image. "This is the last place he was seen." The wand touched the blurry photo and burned a small hole through it.

"A team of ugly blistering idiots just like you will search the address and make sure no one breathes when they get out. We are not sure if he knows about the elephant behind us, but I don't believe in coincidences. Any questions?"


The rattled Death Eater approached the blackboard and took a moment looking at the image of Harry Potter.


"I think your right sir…"

Ernesto snickered showing a set of black crooked teeth.

"Of course I,"

Liberius lifted his eyes towards the ceiling for a second and the chandelier exploded enveloping the whole chamber in darkness.

Time slowed down, like it did every time he went hunting. He was just in front of them, nine disoriented wizards crushing and tumbling over the pieces of furniture. He had just a moment before the one next to him would use a spell, but a moment was already too much. The blade came out with a swoosh slitting the throat of his first victim. The Dance of Swords was the deathliest move he knew, a calculated step by step scheme able to take down up to thirty foes in thirty seconds if applied correctly.

"Who the hell charmed that thing?! I'll behead all of you before midnight!"


Ernesto flicked his wand and a ray of light the size of a lantern emitted from the tip. A warm liquid oozed down his neck.

"What the Hell?! He pointed the light at his feet and froze."

A pool of blood was forming, but no one was around.





A foreign voice answered him. "Liberius, where the fuck is the blood…"

"Look up!"

Ernesto filled the ceiling with the light of his wand and screamed in shock. The chandelier had ten arms and nine of them were now hooks for the dead bodies of his men. The Death Eater screamed again but a powerful blow to his pot belly drove the air out of his lungs.

"There there, keep your voice down Ernesto, we don't want to be heard."

The huge figure of the Death Eater crawled at the base of the pillar trying in the meantime to light the whole chamber. The halfgiants were still unconscious and the sofas and chairs were all toppled over.

"What, do you want from me? Who are you?" The squeal of the Death Eater was followed by laughter from the strange voice.

"I want information, if you are sincere you might not end with the rest of the pigs…"

Ernesto swallowed hard and flicked his wand around searching for his attacker, but this time a red jolt coming from above ripped the wand from his hand cutting the light out. The Death Eater made a move to get up but another blow to his belly put him down.

"Unlike you, I can see in the dark Ernesto. Don't push it…"

Gusts of wind blew around the Death Eater making his head spin. The cold voice boomed from the whole twelve tunnels making it impossible to trace.

"Who's in the photo on the blackboard?"

"I don't kn,"

"I can use Legilimancy, Ernesto…"

The power of the voice crushed any will making Ernesto squirm and stick to the wall like a poster.

"It's Potter, Harry Potter…"

"The other one, dead men!"

The Death Eater yelped and started to clatter his teeth.

"A mudblood… Hermione Granger…"

The words pierced through his hearth. He never dared to say it out loud, never… though he wanted…

"Why is she on the blackboard? Speak!"

A hissing breath pulsed now through the catacombs. Goosebumps rose on Ernesto's scalp.

"The Lord want's her, he dreams about her…"

The silence grew heavier. Ernesto could feel his hearth thumping and the booms seemed so loud he put his arms around his chest trying to muffle it.


"He knows… he says it is like he dreamed Potter once… but he can't find her, he doesn't know if she is still within the borders."

A sudden presence filled the space next to Ernesto. He heard the soft thump of two feet landing. The hiss of his breath was just a few inches from him.

"Tell me more!" It was just a whisper but it worked like an Imperious.

"She is very important, he wants her alive, if someone harms her will be killed on spot."

A thick cord started to coil around his neck but his hands were too heavy to lift.

"Thank you Ernesto, you may rest in peace." The bone cracking snap marked the death of the last Death Eater in the room.

"Harry, is everything ok?"

Abe's voice in his ear pulled him from the trance. Time regained his speed and the smell of blood was so powerful he wrinkled his nose. With a wave of his hand, the dead bodies fell from the ceiling hooks in a pile.

"The area is clear. Come to Apparate the half giants away."

The darkness in the young hunter's eyes was enough to make Abraham refrain from any remark. The blackboard was half ripped with Harry's photo glued on it and some burned photos under. Harry took a quick glance at his mentor and gave a short nod. The cage was already opened, but the two halfgiants were still unconscious.

"Who's the lady?"

"That's Madam Maxine… Hagrid's girlfriend. They have been hit with numerous curses to make sure they… behave."

Harry was expressionless, just like he used to when his anger was too great.

"I will take them to the nearest forest. You can take care of the mess here, I'll return to help you finish."

Abe looked deeply confused, but the realization struck him and a sudden urge to punch his student almost overwhelmed him.

"You son of a…"

"Watch it…" Harry's growl stopped him mid air on a nice curse.

"That was the whole idea… you never wanted to meet them… you, you are unbelievable…"

The young wizard stepped next to the unconscious halfgiants taking hold on them. The vortex of apparition started to form slowly around the great volume.

"Don't worry Abe, I'm not antisocial… I just hate people."

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