Summary: Nami is kidnapped and the Strawhats have to go through a parallel world to get her back. What happens when the crew meets their opposite selves? What happens when an old friend comes back from the dead? Can the Strawhats rescue Nami and return back to their world safely?

This takes place when Fishman Arc. ends, so I'm not really sure if they get Jinbe to be the new crew mate or not. I'm not even sure what happens after the arc., but I guess more information will be added once it does.

WARNING: Let me warn you now that this story contains spoilers from the manga. At the moment, the anime hasn't reached Fishman Island yet, so if you don't wanna ruin anything, you shouldn't read this.

The strawhats watched as Fishman Island disappeared into the darkness. After two years of planning to get there, they were finally leaving. Their two year training actually paid off this time and hopefully, it will pay off again when they reach Raftel, but that's still far into the future.

Nami took a seat on the swing and took a deep breath. She didn't have to navigate through the ocean this time. He was severely injured during the battle, but Surume soon recovered well enough to pull them back to the surface. Nami looked up when she noticed the ocean getting brighter.

"Franky! It's time!" she called out.

"Yosh. Mina! Hold on tight!" Everyone grabbed hold of the railing. Nami ran and took a seat at the stairs. If they were to do a coup de burst while she was on the swing, the swing would break and send her crashing into the wall. Nami looked around. Everything was in place... only something was missing.

"Wait! Where's Luffy?"

A vein appeared on both Zoro's and Sanji's heads. They gritted their teeth in anger. A flame replaced Sanji's eye.

"That idiot."

Everyone began searching around the ship. If they were to leave with their captain missing, they'd never see the light of day. Besides, where would a devil fruit user go when they were surrounded by nothing but water.

"Guys! I found him!"

Everyone ran to where Chopper stood on the side of the deck. They turned their attention towards the direction he pointed to. On top of Surume's head laid a small bubble. They leaned in closer and their eyes widened when they realized what was in it. Inside the tiny bubble was a sleeping Luffy.

"The idiot!"

"Luffy! Wake up!"

Sanji darted out of the coating and swam as fast as he could to the kraken's head.

"Blue Walk!"

"Matte, Sanji! You won't be able to breathe!" Chopper called out in panic. They watched as Sanji safely made it to Luffy's bubble. He squeezed into the bubble and kicked Luffy in the head, waking him. The bubble moved and it got closer to the ship until it touched the coating, making the bubble pop. Sanji and Luffy fell onto the deck.

"Now Franky!" Nami called out after landing a hard blow on Luffy's head.


The ship released from Surume's grip and flew past the surface and into the air. The coating popped when they reached the surface. After reaching 20 feet into the air, the ship fell and hit the ocean. Everyone stood up unharmed. Brook laid spread out on the grassy deck.

"I... I never get tired of that."

Luffy quickly got up and ran to the back of the ship. Everyone followed to see what it was this time. Not that far away, was a couple of large, orange tentacles waving them goodbye. Luffy waved back with tears escaping his eyes.

"We'll see you again. Surume! Tell weak-hoshi to become strong-hoshi by the time I get back!"

"Oi," said Usopp with a serious face as he slapped the air. The farther the wind took them, the farther Surume's tentacles went. When they couldn't see him anymore, they turned to take their place back on the deck. Nami stopped abruptly when something caught her attention. Sitting by the railing was Luffy taking the shape of a ball as he had his arms wrapped around his legs and he wept silently. Everyone stared at him with confusion.


"D-Did we really have to leave him? He was supposed to be our new pet!" Luffy cried. Everyone facepalmed at his concern. Surume was about the size of an island. Taking him could cause a chaos between them and others. Nami sighed.

"Look Luffy, we-"

Luffy stood and stretched his arms in the air. He took a deep breath then released with a huge grin. A vein appeared on Nami's head at his sudden change of mood. Everyone pretended like what just happened never happened.

"So this is the New World," said Robin as she took a look around, "doesn't look that different from the first half of the Grand Line."

"I wouldn't be too sure," said Sanji as he blew out a puff of smoke. "With what that old geezer told me, I'd watch my back. This sea is filled with the strongest pirates."

Chopper ran and hid behind one of Zoro's legs. Although, others wouldn't really consider it hiding.

"Then... that means," Usopp turned to Brooke. A smile grew on both their faces as they started to dance and cheer. Luffy joined in with them without knowing what they're actually cheering for.

"This makes us one of the strongest pirate crews in the Grand Line!" Usopp cheered.

"Fear our mark!"

"I will be the pirate king!"

Chopper found it amusing and joined in with their fun. Zoro yawned and rubbed his eye.

"I'm taking a nap."

"Tch, shitty marimo never changed. Still the weak little asshole we all know."

"What was that!" yelled Zoro as he got eye level with the cook.

"You wanna fight?" Both were about to charge at each other when they were interrupted with a blow to the head by a furious Nami.


Robin chuckled. She took a seat on her lawn chair and opened a new book. Nami sat down on the lawn chair next to her and watched as now all the guys except Sanji and Zoro started dancing like idiots. They really haven't changed the past two years.


Nami looked up to see everyone holding a small barrel of sake. She looked at the little table between her and Robin and saw a glass sitting on her side. She smiled. She raised hers in the air as well.

"I've really missed you all and I wanna thank you again for going through with my selfishness."

"Like I said before, you've always been selfish," said Usopp.

"But we're back together again and stronger than ever!" exclaimed Chopper.

"The Strawhat Pirates are back!"



Nami walked out of the library. Her towel was in one arm and her hair was still damped. She looked at her new log pose to see if it was okay. Turns out, you need a new kind of log pose to navigate through the New World. King Neptune gave her a brand new one himself. Her eyes widened when she saw the direction it pointed to was no where near where they were heading right now.

"Turn the ship! We're going the wrong direction!" she yelled as she ran to the railing. Although, it surprised her to find everyone so calm and mellow, compared to their usual reaction to when they realized they did something wrong. She looked at the helm and saw Luffy and Usopp stirring the wheel. The two of them stirring was never a good thing. She ran down the stairs, across the deck, and up to the helm. As soon as she reached the two, she landed a a harsh blow onto both of their heads. Luffy and Usopp screamed in pain and fell to the floor. Nami blew on her fist as smoke appeared form it.

"WHAT THE HELL, NAMI?" Luffy yelled as he got up while covering the newly large bump on his head.


Usopp got up while trying to hold back tears. He couldn't cry, he was a man now after all. Even though the punch hurt like hell, he stayed calm. He removed his hand and winced when a breeze blew through it causing it to sting a bit.

"C-Calm down, Nami. We need to restock on more food."

"Restock? We restocked as Fishman Island! Why would we need more foo-" she stopped herself when she saw Luffy eating a chicken leg. A vein appeared on her head. She punched Luffy in the same spot creating a new bump to form above his recent one. She crossed her arms and turned to Usopp who cringed when she turned to him.

"Do you even know where we're heading?" Usopp nodded.

"We found an island not far. We thought we'd make a quick stop before the log changes. Then we'll go back on course."

"Fine, but you're only getting five percent of what we have!" she pointed to Luffy who laid on the floor twitching. "I'm not letting you waste all the money we earned back at Thriller Bark."

Nami walked back to the deck and sat on her lawn chair. She sighed in frustration.

"Jeez, where's Sanji-kun?" she turned to Robin.

"Apparently, the boys have gotten smarter," Robin smirked.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Each one of them went up to Sanji or Zoro and told them an "insult" that came from the other. Sanji left the kitchen and went up to the crow's nest where Zoro was. I think you can tell what happened from there."

Nami's eyes went wide and her chin fell to the floor.

"But still, they don't have the code to get in!"

"Usopp picked the lock."

"Those idiots!"

"I don't mind," said Robin as she stretched her arms in the air. "I think we could all use a small break before any other pirates come upon us."

"There could be enemies on the island," Nami pointed out.

"Don't worry, I already checked the whole island. Its safe." Nami stared at her in awe.

"You cloned yourself to scope the island all the way from here? You can do that now?" Robin nodded happily.

"Sugoi, Robin!" Robin chuckled.

"It would be a shame if I didn't. My two years would've been a waste."

"That's true," Nami got up and grabbed her towel. "Well, I'm gonna change. Call me once we've reached the island."

Robin nodded and watched her walk away. She turned back to her book and a frown appeared on her face. She never actually told Nami the whole truth. Something was off about the island, but she needed to know more about it before she could judge. Her attention turned to the crow's nest when she saw the door open and Chopper climbing down.

The little reindeer jumped down before reaching the last few steps. He walked over to Robin then sighed.

"Are they alright?"

"Ah, they're fights have gotten more violent lately. If this keeps up, I'll be out of supplies for the month."

"We'll resupply when we get to the island."

"Do you need anything too?"

"Ee, a new book."


Luffy jumped down from the ship followed by Usopp, Chopper, and Brook. Sanji got down before the girls did and helped them down gently. Zoro jumped down next and already started walking away.

"I'll be at the bar."

"Matte," said Nami as she grabbed hold of his collar. "Each of you are getting a small amount, thats it."

"I see you're still the same little witch as you were back then."

Nami glared at Zoro. "You get nothing."


Sanji burst out laughing. Zoro began to get irritated at being laughed at.

"You wanna go?"

"Bring it!"

Chopper changed into his heavy point and blocked their paths. The two struggled to get to one another but couldn't due to how huge Chopper had gotten.

"Cut it out! You two are wasting all my supplies with your stupid fights!"


Luffy, Nami, and Usopp strolled down the town in search for a store that sold food. She needed to keep an eye on Luffy the most. With Sanji watching the ship, she had to do all the work.

"Ooh! Meat!" Luffy ran to a nearby food store. Nami and Usopp followed behind. To their surprise, they found the store completely empty. Their reason for it was sitting in the middle of the store while he rubbed his overgrown belly. Nami's and Usopp's chins fell to the floor. The owner had the same reaction. He pointed at Luffy and looked at the two.

"Is he with you?" Usopp held his hands up in defense.

""H-Hold on a minute-"

"Ahh! That was good," said Luffy then burped.

"You owe me for everything he's eaten!" yelled the owner with much fury.


Luffy laid on the ground covered in bumps and bruises. Usopp and Nami stood before him staring at him with anger. Everyone stared and eyed them as they passed by. Nami sighed and sat on a bench.


Luffy got up and dusted himself off. Usopp was surprised to see how calm he was. Usually, he would run and hide once he saw Nami in this state.

"Fifty thousand is enough."

"NO IT ISN'T!" Luffy gritted his teeth in irritation.






Hearing those last few words caught her off guard. It offended her. They didn't need her? She spent the last two years studying about the weather in the New World and how to navigate through it, yet her captain says he didn't need her. Nami looked down to hide her crying face. Usopp stood helplessly in the sidelines. He wanted to stop them, but he didn't want to get in the middle of it. His eyes widened when he saw a couple of tear drops fall from Nami's face and hit the floor. The situation had gone too far.


Nami gritted her teeth and her hands formed into fists. She couldn't stop the tears that escaped her eyes.

"Have it your way then."

Luffy watched as Nami sprinted away. His face was serious as he watched her disappear into the forest. Usopp was about to run after her, but stopped when Luffy marched off towards the opposite direction. Usopp looked back and forth to decide who to go after. He sighed. If he knew this was coming, he would've stayed on the ship.

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