Final Chapter of the Story. Enjoy (:

"Luffy!" The crew watched in shock as Luffy laughed in triumphant.

"BEHOLD PEOPLE OF RED DIAMOND! I HAVE DEFEATED YOUR ALL POWERFUL KING!" Luffy pointed to Dia-Roger tied up on the roof next to him. He was unconscious and stained with blood, same as when Luffy came back from his fight. The people of the city gasped and feared the powerful victor.

"Your highness!"

"Our king!"

"How terrible!"


"How could you defeat our king and destroy our city!"

"King Roger-sama!"

"Get up, King Roger-sama!"

The people of the city watched as buildings were either sliced or trashed. One after another, more and more were destroyed and all of this was done by only two people. Dia-Ace watched in fear as the city he watched growing up was destroyed bit by bit.

"What the hell are those idiots doing! Now we'll be the city's most wanted criminals!" yelled Usopp in fear.

"We don't even live here," said Chopper with confusion. Usopp froze in panic and pretended to disappear with the wind.

"How can we stop them? They're destroying the city!" said Dia-Luffy.


The crew turned to Dia-Ace in surprise. The scream had also caught Luffy's attention. Luffy smirked devilishly.

"I completely forgot about the prince of Red Diamond, and my name's not Luffy. It's Luffione the Dragon!"

The citizens murmured to themselves upon hearing this. They never heard of the prince before. They looked around for where the voice came from.


"The king had a son?"

"Where has he been all this time?"

"Stop all this chaos! You've already defeated the king! There's no need to take down the city as well!" yelled Dia-Ace. Luffy chuckled.

"Can you defeat me, prince of Red Diamond? Fight me. If you don't, I will have this country destroyed as well as the people in it."

Dia-Ace gritted his teeth. Dia-Luffy turned to his brother. Different emotions were running through his body at the moment and he didn't know what to feel. He was just told to kill his brother, next his counterpart is attacking the city and destroying everything. Everything was moving too fast. He turned to look at Luffy and thought about what he told him back before their counterattack began.

"Anyway, I have to ask you something."

"What about?"

"It's about Ace.. Dia-Ace, I mean."

"What do you wanna know?"

"If Ace's father is Roger, then why isn't he in the castle running as prince of Red Diamond?"

"His father never wanted the people to know that he had a son. It would've made him look weak and powerless. So, Ace had to grow up in secret. Only those that worked in the castle knew about him. After a while, the citizens began to wonder about the little boy who would wander around the palace garden everyday. They looked down at Roger as a nice person and a giving man for having a little boy stay in the castle. He didn't want that. He wanted power and control. At some point, before his tenth birthday, Roger sought out to kill him. Ace found out about his plan and made his own plan to run away a day before Roger was about to finish him off.

I happened to bump into him while I was walking around the desert where I used to live. He was about to run away when I told him I had never been near the city. After I told him that, he befriended me, and eventually we became brothers. We started living together at my friend's bar and looked out for one another. Often times, he would walk to the beach alone and just stare off into the sea. He was always quiet whenever someone from the bar would mention the city. He would get angry whenever he heard his father's name.

Recently, he's been traveling across the country. I heard from a friend of mine that he has been traveling around the desert area, where he must've met your two friends. I haven't seen him in three years. I was surprised just as you were when he arrived at the castle. I didn't expect him to help you nor did I expect him to come anywhere near the city.

That's all I know and that's how everything happened. I can't imagine what's going through his mind right now, but I'm glad he's been a part of my life this whole time," Dia-Luffy finished off.

Dia-Ace gripped the railing harder. To Dia-Luffy's surprise, Dia-Ace responded to Luffy's request and climbed over the railing.


Dia-Ace jumped down from the Sunny and ran for the gate. Zoro and Sanji, still hidden in their cloaks, met up with their captain on top of the roof.

"You sure you know what you're doing?" asked Sanji.

"Should we stop?" asked Zoro.

"Guard the king and make sure he doesn't get up while I'm busy. Take me back to the ship once its over," replied Luffy. He jumped down and landed in the middle of the crowd.

"Wait! When what's over?" yelled Sanji.

"Calm down, prince-y," said Zoro.

"What did you say?"

Dia-Ace passed through the crowd and stopped at the center where Luffy stood. Luffy took his stance and stretched his arm back. The people gasped as Luffy's arm passed through the people behind him.

"He stretched!"

"He's a monster!"

"Gomu Gomu no Pistol!"

Dia-Ace took the attack in the gut. He gritted his teeth and grabbed his arm. He pulled Luffy to him and slammed him to the grown. Luffy spun around on the floor, tripping Dia-Ace. The citizens around them watched as Luffy took most of the punches. This shocked the Strawhats on board the Sunny as well.

"Luffy's... losing, and this Ace doesn't even have a devil fruit," said Usopp, stunned.

"I could never beat him when we were younger. I doubt the other me could," said Dia-Luffy.

"If he knows that," Usopp started, "then, why is he fighting him if he knows he'll lose in the end?"

"You just said it," said Robin who leaned on Dia-Nami for support. "He's doing this so the people will look at him as the bad guy and hate him for defeating their king. If Dia-Ace defeats Luffy, then they'll make him king."

Dia-Luffy's pupils shrunk in surprise. He looked down at the gun Dia-Ace gave him. He gave it to him because the people would think of him as a traitor and the son of a horrible person, but what Luffy's doing is the exact opposite. He's making him look like the hero. Dia-Luffy smiled. He turned to look at the others.

"I'll be back," Dia-Luffy jumped down from the Sunny and ran for the castle.

"Now where is he going?" yelled Usopp.

"Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun!"

Dia-Ace jumped high and kicked one of his arms and ruined the speed and rhythm Luffy had. Luffy smirked. He was strong, just as he expected. He thought back to when Luffy had a small talk with the king just after their fight.

"What do you want?"

"I want answers, and I'm not leaving this spot until you tell me the truth... What did you do to Ace?"

Dia-Roger pouted and looked away.

"You've already beaten me and you want something more? Can't you just walk away in silence like any other man would do?"

"Why did you try to kill Ace?"

"That has nothing to do with you."

"It has every right to do with me."

"He was holding me back. Everyone was starting to think that I was a weakling with a son as his priority. Ace would often disturb me from my work and run around the castle with full energy. It frustrated me that he was so free spirited and I wasn't. I wanted what he had. What I didn't know was that he had been watching my every movements. He found about my plan and ran away the day he was supposed to be executed."

"Executed? How?"

"I was going to have him be a serious criminal of the castle and have him beheaded in front of the whole city to show my power and superiority. The fact that he was only nine years old made the situation the more better."

Luffy smirked when Dia-Ace showed no sign of having the same techniques his father used on him. If he did have it, it would cause a problem for him. Stealing other people's energy would cause Dia-Ace to steal sacrifices from Earth again. Luffy wanted that chain to stop when he defeated the king.

"Back down already!" yelled Ace. He landed a punch on Luffy's chest, resulting to Luffy feeling the pain he received from Dia-Roger's energy absorption. Dia-Ace ignored it and swung another punch. The people in the crowd began to cheer for their prince's victory.

"Take him down, prince!"


"Defeat the Dragon!"

Luffy smiled as he was hit once again by Dia-Ace. It brought back memories of when he and his brother trained in the forest before they actually became pirates. He missed him dearly and was glad he got the chance to live those memories again for one last time. Dia-Ace aimed for a punch in his jaw, but Luffy grabbed him by the wrist an inch before his knuckle touched his chin. Luffy used his other hand to grab his collar and bring him down to an inch away from his face.

"It was fun fighting you again, Ace."

Dia-Ace was taken back by his sudden and random comment.

"I'm glad I got to meet you again one last time."

"Luffy... you-"

"But you're just like the real Ace. You're weak."

This angered Dia-Ace. He aimed for his head, but Luffy ducked and dodged it. Luffy pulled him down again.

"You're weak because you show sympathy for me. You're weak because you know I've already been through a harsh fight."

"That has nothing to do with this!" Dia-Ace lied and hit Luffy in a sensitive spot. Luffy cringed and crouched down. Dia-Ace regretted hitting him then and pulled his arm back. Luffy almost fell, but Dia-Ace held him up.

"You pass," murmured Luffy. "You cared about my injuries more than you cared about your victory. You fought for the city when you knew it would harm me, and that there is a king to me."

Dia-Ace realized Luffy's whole ordeal and let go of him. Luffy fell to the ground with a wide grin on his face.

"I wish you luck, king."

The crowd cheered for the prince's victory. Dia-Ace looked around in shock. Zoro and Sanji watched from above. Zoro sighed for his captain's reckless decisions. He smirked and ran a hand through his hair.

"That's our cue. Let's go prince-y," said Zoro as he jumped down from the roof. Sanji rolled his eyes and followed him down.

"Damn you, prince!" yelled Zoro in pretend. He threw he captain over his shoulder and began running away from the crowd.

"What monstrous strength! You defeated our leader! We're leaving and never coming back!" Sanji added.


Zoro and Sanji looked up and saw the Sunny airborne. Sanji smirked. It was time to leave.

"Hold on tight, marimo."

A vein appeared on Zoro's head as he grabbed hold onto Sanji's arm.

"Sky Walk!"

Sanji pumped his legs. He kicked and kicked, bringing the three of them up to the Sunny. Once they reached a close range, Sanji pumped his legs one last time and reached for the railing. Zoro climbed up first and threw Luffy on the deck. Sanji followed behind.

"We're leaving already?" asked Zoro.

"Dia-Luffy opened the portal for us to go through. We don't have much time until it closes again," Franky pointed to the sky, revealing a large hole similar to the one they went through to get here.

"Now that Luffy's plan is done, we don't have any more reason to stay here," said Robin who was seated on her chair. Luffy sat up feeling good as new.

"Ah! That felt good!"

"YOU WERE FINE THIS WHOLE TIME!" yelled Zoro and Sanji. Luffy ignored them and ran for the side of the ship. He waved goodbye to their counterparts. Everyone followed behind.

"Goodbye everyone! And good luck, me!"

"Ah! Good luck to me too!" yelled Dia-Luffy.

"SUUPPPEERR Goodbye, Franky!" yelled Franky.

"I hope you have a SUUPPPEERR time back on Earth!" replied Dia-Franky.

"Make sure to fix the other me! I would hate to live knowing the other me is still a diamond!" yelled Dia-Nami.

"Count on it!" yelled Luffy with a thumbs up.

Dia-Ace clenched his fist as he watched the Earth-Strawhats fly up into the sky. Luffy knew all along about his situation and saved him from dying. All of them have helped him so much and he didn't know how to repay them. The least he could do is follow Luffy's request. He looked away from the ship as a tear escaped his eye.

Dia-Ace climbed over some ruble until all of the citizens could see him. He raised his fist in the air as a sign of his victory with Luffione the Dragon.



Dia-Luffy watched as his brother put on his robes. Today was the ceremony for the new king. It was a special day for him and he promised he wouldn't miss it.

"It suits you," said Dia-Luffy. His arms were crossed and he was leaning on the wall next to the doorway.

"It doesn't make me look fat, right?" Ace laughed. Dia-Luffy chuckled. Dia-Ace turned around and face his brother face-to-face. "I want you to serve as my right hand man."

"S.. Seriously?"

"You and I can run this country and make it better. Whaddya say?"

"Pass. I was never supposed to be near the castle anyway. I'm the leader of a thieving organization. The only organization still alive today. I would take the offer, but I can't abandon the guys. You're going to have to find a replacement." Ace nodded, impressed.

"I knew you'd say that and since I'm king and you're a thief, don't think that I won't hunt you down every single day."

"Just what I was hoping for," Dia-Luffy smirked. Dia-Ace held his hand out. Dia-Luffy shook it and squeezed it tight.

"Bring it on, king."

"I won't go easy."


Luffy gently placed Nami in the center of the sacrificial circle. He ran back to the where the rest of the crew stood outside of the circle, waiting. Nami's diamond body began to glow and turn bright. The crew had to shield their eyes from the brightness. They didn't notice that ancient writings were floating around Nami and rearranging the words. The letters planted themselves around the circle and stopped glowing. The brightness died down. They removed their arms and opened their eyes. They gasped for Nami was turned back to normal.

Nami had a hand on her head and she was feeling dizzy. Luffy sensed it and ran to her. He caught her just before she fell.


"I'm right here, Nami. I'm not leaving your side."


Dia-Luffy placed a map on the center of the table for his crew to see. It was time for a new mission and he needed all of them to cooperate.

"An important painting was stolen over night here," Dia-Luffy pointed to a city in the spring area. "The owner is paying a big reward for who ever-"

Dia-Luffy stopped talking when he heard footsteps coming from the main entrance of the cave. The crew was all here so it must've been someone else. The crew heard it as well and turn around. They gasped when they saw a bandaged green-haired swordsman appear in front of them uninvited. Dia-Luffy and Dia-Nami approached him.

Tension had filled the room at that moment. No one moved as they kept an eye on the three. Dia-Zoro placed his hand out. Dia-Luffy smirked and shook his hand and squeezed it tight.

"Welcome back to the crew, Zoro."


On the walk back down to the ship, Nami's eyes opened slightly. She looked around and realized she was moving. Someone was carrying her. Part of her vision was blocked by something on her head. She slightly looked up and saw that a Strawhat was on her head. She turned her head and saw that Luffy was carrying her.


"Sshh, go back to sleep."

Tears began to fill up and block her vision when she thought back to their fight. Luffy slowed down his pace a bit so his pace wouldn't shake her as much. He fell behind the rest of the crew.

"I thought you didn't need me anymore," she whispered. Luffy sighed when she didn't mention anything about being turned into a diamond.

"Of course I need you. Where would I be without you?"

"But you said-"

"Don't believe what I said. They were lies and I regret ever saying them to you. You're important to me, Nami. Remember that. I will never do something that would harm or hurt you." Luffy's hold on Nami tightened. Nami smiled and buried her face into his shoulder.

"Thank you," she whispered. Luffy smiled and decided not to tell her his feelings now. They're in a dangerous sea and their dreams are more important now. If they were to get together, they would only make situations difficult for them. He decided to stay friends for now until they complete their dreams. So instead, he placed a small and gentle kiss on her head so she wouldn't notice. It was the only way he can show his affection for her now.

Not all stories have a happy ending. This was a semi-happy ending xD

Its over! I can't believe it. My first completed story. I'm kinda sad that its over, but glad so I can work on more stories. Thank you to those that have been with the story from the start to finish.

Let me clear up some facts:

- Dia-Zoro used to be a part of the Dia-Strawhats until Dia-Luffy invited more and more crazy people into the crew and it got all hectic. Dia-Zoro didn't want anything to do with them and left the crew to join the Royal army.

- Dia-Robin was never found and was believed to be dead. She had a past similar to the real Robin's. Her town was burnt down by Dia-Roger in order to build a large lab and a testing area. Dia-Robin never knew it was Dia-Roger's idea to burn down her hometown. She would often sneak into the labs and steal the knives they experimented on. She would practice her skills in a room alone. When she turned twenty, she joined the military in order to find the person who destroyed her town. Her vision was filled with nothing but revenge.

- Dia-Roger's energy absorption/release is not something he got from a devil fruit. There are no devil fruits in Red Diamond. The techniques was something similar to haki in which anybody could have and control. It's just that he figured out a way to use it.