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The strange feelings in the pit of Zuko's stomach roused him awake the morning after he had arrived home, back to his old bedroom in the Firenation. He supposed they were feelings of regret, feelings of guilt. Lying to his father was probably one of the most riskiest things he'd ever done in his entire life.

Telling his father he'd killed the Avatar had indeed been a very big decision. He'd had to convince Azula that she'd helped kill him during a fight in an Earth Kingdom village. Once she'd believed him dead, Zuko was able to tell his father the Avatar had been done in. He was gone.

Zuko sighed. He rubbed his still tired eyes and laid back in his bed, in need of more sleep. His mind hurt. He'd never done something so daring, but also so caring and loving. It made him tired.

A sharp knock at the door pulled a growl from deep in his throat. He threw off his red silk sheets and stomped to the door, glowering fiercely at the servant who opened the door. The servant hastily bowed, fear evident in her eyes and posture. "Prince Zuko. Your father, Fire Lord Ozai, requests your presence in his war room in an hour."

Zuko was surprised. "Did he tell you why he requests I be there?"

"No, Prince Zuko, just that it was imperative you be there. He mentioned rewards, but nothing more."

Zuko nodded and allowed several servants to enter and begin preparing him to sit in his fathers presence. They pampered and dressed him, they told him how proud they and their nation were of him, how loyal they felt towards him. Zuko had been put on such a high horse in that hour, that the fall wasn't just painful over the next few hours. It was excruciatingly deadly.

"Prince Zuko." His father was smiling at him. At him! What was going on? He'd never been smiled at by this man, not once.

Zuko bowed and took his seat on the right side of his father. Azula looked furious at being put on the left. Zuko felt a strange sense of righteousness at being at his father's right hand, over Azula.

"Everyone," Ozai said, standing. "My son, Prince Zuko, has returned triumphant. He has slain the last Airbender, Avatar Aang, and has returned to us. For this, I will give him a reward, along with the privilege of living in the Royal Palace. Bring in the gift!"

There was an explosion, and amidst the rising smoke at the centre of the circular, hollow table, was the figure of a girl. A mysteriously familiar girl.

When all of the smoke had cleared, Zuko saw Katara of the Southern Watertribe, the only waterbender of her tribe, daughter of Chief Hakoda, tied at the wrists and being held tightly by a Firenation guard. And she was also the girl who was meant to be miles away with Aang, preparing for Zuko's return.

What was going on? This wasn't part of the plan!

"We have kidnapped Katara of the Watertribe, the Avatar's companion, to be whatever you want her to be," the Firelord announced. "Slave, servant, maid," he smirked. "Concubine."

Katara was glaring fiercely at the Firelord. Zuko thought he heard a snarl.

As soon as Zuko was able to wipe the shock from his face, he faked a look of gratitude. "Thank you, father. Guard. Take Katara to my room. I shall see to her later."

The guard nodded and yanked hard on Katara's rope. Katara attempted to pull back, but the guard smirked and yanked her forward onto her knees. Zuko saw then that she had been brutally whipped. All up her back and legs were slash marks. Zuko winced.

The war meeting continued as usual. Zuko was itching to get out of there and find out what had happened, and begin to plot how the two of them would get out of this mess. He was sure Katara would be glad that it was him she was given to and not some other Firenation creep. At least this way they could possibly salvage their plan.

So when he was released and nearly ran straight to his room, he definitely wasn't expecting what happened.

"Katara?" he said as he opened the door.

And then, he was hit in the face by a shoe.


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