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Mrs. Hawthorne had just finished shelving the books in the Concord public library and went back to her desk to add the new books to the system. As she went quickly through the pile in her eagerness to head home, she came across a pink book that intrigued her. She grabbed a Post-It note and wrote a reminder about where the book was being taken. She put the book in her bag, grabbed her things and started for the home.

Arriving at home, she went into her bedroom and changed into a more comfortable pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Mrs. Hawthorne made her way up to Emma's bedroom and went inside. She found Emma reading a book on her bed. She looked up.

"Hey Mom," she said closing her book, "when did you get home?"

"A couple minutes ago. Emma, I know you and the other girls think that you should take a break from being in the book club now that you are all in high school, but I don't believe that is the right decision."

"You may not think so Mom, but we all decided this and agreed to it," Emma said, shrugging as she said this in an attempt to look like she didn't careā€¦and failing.

"Em, I know you and all the other girls miss book club. So, when I was on my way home from the library today. I made a couple of phone calls and all the girls and their families are on their way here," said Mrs. Hawthorne as she made her way downstairs to get everything ready.

Emma quickly gathered her hair into a ponytail and straightened her clothes. She went downstairs and saw that there were a lot more seats than the 10 chairs that were normally set out for book club.

"Mom, why do we need that many chairs? Isn't it only the girls and their mothers?"

"Well, Emma, since this year's book is a little different. I think the way the club is normally organized should be different," said Mrs. Hawthorne as the doorbell rang.

"Wait so everyone from all of the families are going to be here? What book would make you want to do that?" said Emma.

"Nope, no telling. That would spoil the surprise," she said as she opened the door.

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