Leap of Faith

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Ch. 9 A Hand through the Darkness

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu

Nami and Chopper ran quickly through the steadily increasing rain. The only sounds were the clopping of hooves, the clattering of the swords on Choppers back, and the pattering of the rain, as the smoldering ruins of Galley-la's Headquarters faded into the background.

"Chopper." Nami panted. "Do you remember which direction Zoro and Luffy were sent by that guy?"

Chopper looked up at her. "I think so. It should be straight ahead." Nami nodded and picked up her pace. Luffy, Zoro. Hold on. Now that I know what happened to Robin, we have to rescue her no matter what!

The two ran into a large group of civilians carrying their personal belongings. "Hey watch out!" A few of them yelled out. "Aqua Laguna is almost here! Where are you going?!" After several apologies and bows, they got through the, now disgruntled, group of civilians.

"Chopper. We need to hurry! The weather is getting even worse. We have to find them soon. With the weather getting this bad the Sea-Train can leave at any time!" Chopper nodded as they moved towards to a large cluster of buildings.


Poking his head out of cab of the Sea-Train, Sanji looked around for any Government personnel. Seeing only two standing out of the rain looking the opposite way, he slunk out through the doorway, closing it slowly as he dropped a dented wrench into the sea. Sprinting behind a nearby column, he sighed in relief. That should keep the Sea-Train from leaving for a while.

Smoothing his clothes, Sanji lit a cigarette and walked calmly back into the city. From what Luffy said Robin-chan will likely be leaving with Water 7 by Sea-Train. Hopefully the damage to engines will slow her down while we figure this all out.

As Sanji walked further into the city, he took notice of a crowd of people yelling loudly above the roaring wind. "-lley-La Headquarters has been destroyed! Those Straw Hats must've attacked him again! We gotta hurry and help before the weather gets much worse!" The group of people voiced their agreement and started upwards into the city.

Sanji scowled. Sounds like trouble. I better get to them quick and tell them I've given us some more time. Sanji crouched, jumping to a nearby roof and staring running at full speed towards the fire-red speck in the distance.


"Luffy!" Where are you?!" Nami and Chopper yell into the pounding rain. "Lu-!" The duo are stopped as Sanji jumps directly in front of them. "Sanji! Where have you been!"

Sanji looks at her and grins. "Sorry Nami-chan, I've been busy." Nami waves it off.

"Whatever. We're looking for Luffy and Zoro. We got attacked by the people who tried to kill Iceberg. Luffy and Zoro were thrown into the city. We need to find them!"

"Wait. Wait." Sanji interrupts. "They were beaten? Who were they?" "It doesn't matter right now." snapped Nami. "I'll explain later. We need to find those two. Robin is innocent. She's being kidnapped by those people and she's working with them to protect us!"

Sanji's eyes widened! "I knew it. Robin-chan would never betray us!" Nami nodded. "I know, so now we have to find those two and get her back before they leave the island."

Sanji chuckled lightly. "Don't worry about that. I just came back from the Sea-Train. They'll be having a delay since I took apart some of their engines." Nami looked back at him, shocked. "Great job Sanji!" she gasped, hugging him.

Sanji's cigarette falls from his mouth "Of course Nami-chan! Anything for you!" She releases him as his face turns beet red. "Ok. We need to split up. You and Chopper go toward those building on the right. I'll go this way and look. Our goal is to find them and meet up at the Sea-Train!"

They all nod in agreement. "Sanji!" Chopper pipes up. "Follow me. I think one of them went this way." The two run off towards a grouping of towering chimneys. Nami continued onwards looking at the rooftops.

After passing several houses, she caught a glimpse of something red in-between two tall buildings. Squinting, she could see there was some slight movement. Cupping her hand to her mouth, she shouted, "Luffy!" No response came. She shouted again, "Luffy!" Nothing. Damn I'm too far away and the rain is too loud.

Looking around she noticed a ladder leading to a building's roof. Running quickly towards it she began to climb. Once reaching the top, she steadied herself and ran towards the edge, leaping to an adjacent roof.

A few moments later she'd finally made it to the closest building to the shape and she could clearly see it was Luffy, stuck. "Luffyyy!" She yelled again. The figure shifted, yelling back, muffled, "Nami! Is vat you?!"

"Yes!" Nami called back. "Sowy! I musht've gotten shtuck when I wash thwone!" "Shut up!" Nami yelled back at him. "Stop messing around and get out of there. While you were messing around, they took Robin away!"

Luffy didn't respond. "She lied, Luffy! It was all a lie!" Nami screamed at him, tears streaming. "She lied to protect us! She's planning to sacrifice her life to let us survive!"

Nami starred up at him as tears and rain poured down her face. "Sho..." Yelled Luffy. "Sho Wobin was wying va whowe time?!" "Yes!" yelled back Nami. Luffy yelled aloud, "I'm...Sho happy!"

The two building he was stuck between began to shake violently, separating slightly. "Don't worry Nami! I won't let her die! Now that we're together, I won't let her off so easy!"

The building shook even harder. "RRRRRRAAAAAGGGGHHH!" Luffy yelled, forcing apart the buildings, causing them to collapse in on themselves.

Nami heard another yell in the distance and saw a chimney split down the middle as a figure jumped out of it. Looks like they found Zoro too.

FWOOO FWOOOOOOO Oh no! That must be the train about to leave! Luffy landed next to her looking towards the sound. "Luffy! The Sea-Train is leaving, Robin and those CP9 people are going to be on it!"

Luffy frowned. Grabbing hold of a chimney and a nearby pipe he spoke to her tersely "Ok Nami. Go get with the others. I'm going to do what I can on that train. Make sure you guys follow as fast as you can." Nami nodded as Luffy launched himself into the rain, towards Robin, and the unaware Government.

Flying through the air, rain droplets pelted Luffy's face. Skidding to a halt near the station, the Sea-Train let out another loud sound, FWOOO FWOOOOOO Over the rooftops, Luffy noticed the Sea-Train had begun moving on the underwater tracks.

Dammit! It's already leaving! He sprinted over the remaining roofs and jumped, stretching to grab hold of the last carts back railing. Pulling himself towards it, Luffy steadied himself outside of the last compartment.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he reached for the knob of the door, just as a wave crashed over him. Luffy staggered back and leaned against the railing, his body weakened by the sea water. Crap. I have to be careful while I'm on this thing. If I get knocked off of this train, I'm a goner. His strength returned, Luffy kicked open the door, two dozen Government Agents looked at him in surprise, a few gasping aloud.

Luffy stomped through the doorway, "Alright dammit. Where's Robin at!" One of the Agents grimaced at him, his shock wearing off. "It's Straw Hat Luffy! Shoot him!"

Several of the agents withdrew their pistols and shot at him. Luffy sighed as the bullets reached him, were pulled in by his body, and then ricocheted back at them, some getting shot in their arms and legs.

Luffy frowned at the Government Agent. "That was stupid. If you know who I am, you should've known that wouldn't work."

"Ha Ha Ha Ha" Luffy looked upwards towards the source of the laugh. An extremely tall goateed man in a sleek black suit stood above him, bending over so as not to touch the roof. "Regular Agents are not good enough opponents for you." The man said with a smirk.

"I, Jerry, will be the one to defeat you." Luffy bent over, standing on his hands. The man continued speaking, his eyes closed as he droned on, "I am a top Agent of CP6."

Luffy pressed his legs and feet together, "GOMU GOMU NOOO-" "I hail from an Island in the South Blu-" -SPEAR!" Luffy's leg shot upwards, hitting the unaware Agent directly in his chest. The whites of his eyes showing, he flew upwards, slamming into the roof of the cab, cracking it. The CP6 agent fell back downwards, crashing into a row of seats and remained unconscious.

Luffy stood back up as the remaining Agents looked at him, aghast. "Sorry. But I don't have time for you guys." The Agents withdraw their swords in fear as a roaring Luffy, charged them.

Moments Earlier in Water 7...

Sanji landed hard on the roof next to Zoro, letting Nami down from his back. Once Zoro had freed himself from the chimney, Sanji made his way to Nami and had them all regroup near back on the ground.

"Dammit!" shouted Nami angrily. "The Sea-Train left already. There's no way for us to catch up with Luffy!" "Oy Oy. Don't worry Nami-chan." Soothed Sanji. "I'm sure Luffy will be able to reach the Front Car and be able to put the Sea-Train back into reverse."

Nami looked at him pointedly... They all sighed in sadness. "You're right." Sanji said frowning. "No chance of Luffy being able to do that."

"Do we just give up then?!" bleated Chopper sadly. "We can't give up." intoned Zoro. "But it doesn't seem there is any way for us to reach Luffy now that the weather is so bad."

"Nagagagagaga!" A voice laughed from behind them. They turned to see the Sea-Train conductor, Kokoro, walking towards them. "Nagagaga! I overheard you kids talking about catching the Puffing Tom."

She took a swig of the drink in her left hand. "There's no ship in the sea that I know of that can catch Tom chugging at full speed." The group looked at her with sour expressions. "Oh come now. I wasn't saying that to upset you. I came here to help you." "Help us?" voiced Nami. "How?"

Kokoro suppressed a hiccup. "Well, suppose I knew of a way to catch Puffing Tom. Suppose I could get you to him before he gets to Enies Lobbies. Suppose it was extremely dangerous and there's a chance you might die... Would you take that chance?" "Yes!" They all said automatically.

"Nagagagaga! That's what I like to hear!" Kokoro took a final swig of her drink and smashed it on the ground. "Alright everyone! Who's ready to meet their End?!"

On the Sea-Train...

Various bloodied Government Agents littered the floor. Luffy cricked his neck as the he closed the door behind him. Luffy took a deep breathe, readying himself for whatever conflict was next. He opened the door quickly, not noticing a yelp of pain when it slammed against the wall.

Looking around, he saw there were no World Government lackeys around. It seemed to be just a regular storage cart. "Ah! Straw Hat! It's you!" Luffy looked up and noticed the local thug of Water 7, Franky the Dismantler, nestled in a sack between two crates.

"Ah!" shouted Luffy. "It's you! What the hell are you doing here?! I should throw you into the sea for what you did!"

"Hey hey!" said Franky, trying to calm him down. "No need for that. I don't wanna be your enemy anymore!"

Luffy continued to glare at him, walking towards him slowly. "Me and your Long-nose friend talked earlier! It's all better now! I wanna help you guys! I saw Robin taken up ahead. That's who you're trying to get, right?"

"And why should I trust you?" Luffy growled angrily. "Because! I believe him!" a magnificent voice boomed behind him.

Luffy spun around to see a figure of average height looking towards him. Luffy blinked and took in the sight. The figure was holding a large 6ft Slingshot, wore a long red cape, and wore a large Golden mask emblazoned him like the Sun itself.

"Wait a second...You...You must be...A Superhero!" Luffy's yelled loudly, eyes sparkling in excitement.

"Th-thats right young citizen! My name is...SOGEKING! KING OF SNIPERS! I have come to help you in your quest! I believe this idiotic hooligan-" "Hey! What'd you call me!" yelled Franky. "-is truly sorry for his past crimes, and wishes to help you now."

Luffy frowned at the imposing figure. "Well...If a superhero thinks I can trust Franky... Well. Ok. I'll trust him for now." Luffy walked over to the slumped over Franky and ripped open the sack.

"Thanks Bro." he says to Luffy as he stood up. He looked over to Sogeking. "You too long-n- iii mean Sogeking." Sogeking bowed back at him. "Ok Bro's, just wait a sec. One of those marines left some communications stuff in here. I need to make a call to my crew."

Franky picked up the Den-Den Mushi's transponder. "Hey! Franky Family! You guys there?" they waited. "Bro?! Big bro, is that you!?" a voice franticly replied.

"Yeah it's me. I don't have much time to talk. I need you to find the Straw Hat crew and help them get to Enies Lobbies!" Oh, hey Bro, you don't need to-" "Quiet! Just do as I say! You have to get there as fast as you c-"

"Big bro! That's what i'm trying to say! We're already on our way!" "Eh?" "That's right! That old lady Kokoro had some kind of secret train hidden away!"

"Kokoro..Ok, that's great. Tell the Straw Hats that Luffy and I are going to-" he stopped talking as he heard a scuffle on the other side of the line." "-ouch! Come on lady! No need to hit so hard! 'Oh, you'll get over it'" said the other voice.

"Hey. Franky. Is Luffy there?" Luffy yanked the transponder from Franky, "Nami! Is that you?" "Yes. It's me. Slow them down as much as you can, we're on our way right behind you." "Great!" We'll do what we can. See you soon." He hung up the Den-Den Mushi.

"Ok then. We know they're right behind us." growled Franky. "Follow me. It's time to kick some asses." The trio opened the door and entered the in-between of the two carts.

Luffy looked at them both. "Ok. We need to go as crazy as we can and do as much damage as possible. We have to save Robin at all costs."

Franky grinned at him. "Destruction is what I do Straw Hat. Leave it to me." Franky jumped to the roof of the next compartment. "Follow me. I have an idea."

The two follow him quietly on the roof and carefully drop themselves off on the opposite side. "Gimme a sec and look out for any marines." Franky knelt down to the large metal hooks keeping the carts connected.

Usopp glanced into the window of the compartment, seeing it was filled with a dozen marines. Looking around he let out a slight squeak of fear, seeing a tall skeletal marine with a large sword at his waist. "Franky. Whatever you're doing, hurry up. It looks like there's a strong guy in there."

"Yeah yeah." he says unconcernedly. "Almost, and...done!" he yells happily, standing back up. Slowly, but increasingly, the cart distanced itself from them and edged out of distance on the tracks. As it got further away from sight, a light from its doorway appeared and they heard a faint yell of anger get lower and lower, as it faded away into the rainy night.

"See?" Franky chuckled heartily. "A whole train cart done with, simple as that." Luffy nodded at him. "Yeah, Good Job Franky." "Wait." said Franky. "There's only so many carts on this Sea-Train, and I got an idea on how we can get Nico Robin back." The two others looked at him as he explained his plan.

Several miles back on the tracks...

"EH?! You think you're the one that got us through that? You wish, crap cook!" "What was that shitty knife?!" growled Sanji back at him.

"Young woman." Tilestone said, speaking to Nami. "Are those two going to be okay?" Nami sighed waving away his concern. "It's fine. Those two idiots are always like this." Tilestone and Lulu looked back at the two, who were kicking and waving a sword at each other.

Lulu looked back to Nami. "So Miss pirate. Are you going to stay on the train while we go rescue your friend?" he motioned over to Paulie and some of the Franky crew discussing battle plans. "I'll protect you ma'am!" yelled out Tilestone, flexing his muscles.

Nami rolled her eyes. "No. I can handle myself just fine." She withdrew her newly improved Clima-Tact baton. Tilestone and Lulu looks down at it, clearly unimpressed.

"So." said Tilestone. "Are you good at hitting people with that thing?" Nami chuckled. "Yes. But that's not what it's for. Look over at the two idiots...Above them." The two foreman looked and saw a swirling gray cloud hovering above them.

Nami pointed her baton at the cloud. "THUNDERBOLT TEMPO!" a large ball of electricity left her baton and entered the cloud, sending a bolt of lightning surging down on the two bickering men.

Tilestone and Lulu gasped in amazement, mouths hanging open. "Hey! What the hell was that for?!" yelled a crisped Zoro. Nami sniffed. "You two were being too loud." Zoro scowled at her as Sanji smiled, muttering loudly, "Nami's love electrifies my whole body!"

Nami looked back at the two foreman, winking. "See? I can handle myself. They merely nodded at her, both thinking, WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE!?

On the Puffing Tom...

The three, now agreed on the plan, walked into the next cart. The compartment was fiilled with various foods and kitchen utensils. "A kitchen!" yelled Luffy, his mouth watering. He ran to a table filled with hunks of lightly charred meat.

As he reached for the flesh, a large cleaver landed in front of it. Luffy gasped and jumped back. A short bug-eyed man laughed aloud in front of them. "No food for you! I am Wanze, a member of CP6, and head chef of this kitchen!"

He continued to stare at them, a smile constantly on his face. "Oy, Luffy, Sogeking." They looked to Franky. "Stick to the plan. I'll take care of this guy. You run on ahead." "Okay. Take him out."

The two ran for the door. "How dare you ignore me!" screamed Wanze. He flung several knives at them, which they jumped over and dunked under. "STRONG RIGHT!" Franky's fist was launched at Wanze who barely jumped out of the way. "Don't get distracted." Franky said grinning.

Luffy and Sogeking continued past him, Luffy grabbed hunks of meat as they ran by. Wanze got to his feet, still smiling at Franky. Opening the back door, then ran through it. "That was really scary!" said Wanze. "Eh!?" yelled Franky, "You were scared?" The door closed behind them.

Sogeking turned to Luffy. "Ok young Captain. We share part ways here. We shall meet again when the plan comes together!" Luffy nodded at him solemnly. He walked to the door and opened it as Sogeking searched through his satchel.

Luffy entered the cart and looked around. Seeing no one around, he ran across the floor, towards the door. Several steps in, a foot collided into his face, sending him flying into a seat, flinging debris everywhere.

Shaking it off, Luffy stood up, seeing a pale, whiskered man with a long feathered cap standing near the door. "That's what you get for trying to sneak past me!" the man hissed. "I wasn't sneaking!" retorted Luffy. "You were the one out on the roof!" "Don't lie!" snapped the man.

He smirked at Luffy. "I'm the newest member of CP9, Nero!" Luffy grinned back at him, readying himself. "CP9 huh? Good. I was hoping to see one of you sooner. Time for a little payback for taking my friend."

Nero laughed. "'Taking your friend?' Taking that bitch Nico Robin from you was a kindness. She kills anything she touches. She's just a stupid little bi-" Nero was flung back by a ferocious punch, crashing into a row of seats.

The CP9 member lifted his head up, angry. "How dare you?! I am a member of CP9!" Luffy growled, slowly walked towards him. "Don't you dare say anything about her, weasel-face."

Nero scowled angrily as he got up. "That was a lucky shot." he says, spitting out a glob of blood. "I might not be able to use Tekai, but I can block a weak pirate if I'm ready. Try it again!"

Luffy rushed at him extending an arm behind him, "GOMU GOMU NOOOO-" Nero raised his arms across his chest, face composed and ready. "-Bullet!" His fist slammed into Nero, hard.

Nero, taking the full force of the attack, skidded back on his feet across the floor. Luffy's arm wiped back to him, snapping into place. "Huh." Luffy muttered. "Looks like you're not all that weak after all."

Nero glared back at him, uncrossing his arms. He grinned, trying to hide the pain etched in his face, though the bulging veins gave him away. "That all you got?" He chocked. "I don't even need to use Tekai against you. It was weak."

Taking a step to his right, he jumped near a window, opening it. "This cart is too small, lets finish this on the roof." The weasel-y man disappeared through the opening. Luffy frowned and followed. Hurry up Sogeking. Maybe a Hero like you can convince her to come back. I'll finish off this idiot as quick as i can.

In the Kitchen Cart...

"Sasasasasasa!" laughed Wanze "You can't beat a chef in his own kitchen!" Wanze cackled maniacally, flailing his now Ramen covered body. "Your Iron fists are nothing compared to my Ramen-Kenpo!"

Franky reeled his metallic fist back onto his forearm, growling. What kind of weird fighting style is this? Covering yourself in noodles? Those damn noodles are to soft and slippery. My punches just don't get any impact.

"Stop moving around you stupid food guy!" Wanze scrunched his face up, saying mockingly, "Nyuhh 'stupid food guy'! What kind of insult it that?!"

"Shut up idiot!" Frankly yelled back angrily. "You're too weird for me to think of any good ones!" Wanze only cackled back at him, noodley arms shaking.

Franky inhaled deeply. "FRESH FIRE!" He yelled, blowing a huge blast of searing flames at Wanze. "Aaaaahhhh!" screamed Wanze, shielding himself with his Ramen.

The fireball hit the Ramen, forcing the chef backwards. "What the hell was that?!" squeaked Wanze. "STRONG RIGHT!" bellowed Franky.

The metal arm punched at the now blackened Ramen again, breaking through it and hitting Wanze hard in the stomach. The blow sent the cook flying back into a nearby pantry, flinging splinters and dishes everywhere.

Franky grinned as his hand returned back to him. "What-" coughed Wanze, pulling himself to his feet, a line of blood dribbling from his mouth. "-the hell was that?!" Franky chuckled. "Looks like your noodles aren't to useful when they're black and crispy."

Wanze struggled to his feet as he threw off the crisped noodles. "Shut up! That was a lucky shot!" He screamed back. "I won't lose to some metal..fire...thing!" The cyborg scrunched his face up, saying mockingly, "Nyuuuh, metal fire thing!"

Wanze rushed at him, his noodled arms shaking everywhere. "Don't make fun of me!" Franky grinned at the enraged cook as he took a deep breath. "FRESH FIRE!"

Usopp - Moments Earlier

SQUIP...SQUIP...SQUIP... Usopp carefully crept along the outside of the speeding train as the rain pelted his Sogeking mask. What the hell am I doing! If I get caught by those Government guys again they'll kill me for sure! SQUIP...SQUIP...

Usopp stopped moving as he heard a window being pulled open. He hugged the carts wall as closely as he could. A figure appeared through the window, pulling himself outside, and onto the roof.

Usopp clung closely to the wall for several seconds, waiting for any more movement from the interior. Then, deciding the coast was clear, he continued onwards. SQUIP SQUIP SQUIP.

He could hear Luffy above him on the rooftop yelling at someone, likely the guy that had jumped out the window. Usopp kept his pace as he reached the gap leading to the following cart.

The masked figure jumped down from the wall and re-attached the Octopads to the next cart. Steadying himself, he pulled himself onwards along the outside wall. Reaching one of the compartments' windows, he peeked into it.

Looking around, he noticed some of the familiar faces of the Shipyard foreman, which had turned out to be disguised Government agents. A door to the side opened, and an older agent with a grayed goatee walked in, speaking to an indifferent Rob Lucci.

Usopp continued on, slithering under the window. Once again reaching the edge, he jumped down and crept to the carts door window, looking in. There, to the left side, sat a hooded figure. That must be Robin. There's not many other places she could be hiding now.

The determined sniper reattached to the next carts walls and skittered quickly across, to the window Robin had been sitting near.

Looking in, he could see under the cloak was clearly Nico Robin. Usopp rapped against the window. KNOCK KNOCK.

Robin spun in his direction, looking at him confused. Usopp knew what was wrong and he lifted his mask to show it was him. Robin grimaced at him in anger and confusion, but relented and opened the window, allowing him in.

Two carts back, on the Roof..

"-BULLET!" "SHAVE!" Nero dodged the blow once again and leapt to the sea. Luffys brows furrowed as Nero once again used the technique that allowed him to jump in the air. Nero kicked the air again before hitting the turbulent ocean sending him back up to the seatrain compartments roof.

"You can't make me fall into the ocean, no matter what you do!" The weasel-y man laughed aloud as they were buffeted by the heavy, Aqua Laguna-intensified, winds. He grinned back at Luffy as he tensed his muscles.

"TEMPEST KICK!" Luffy jumped into the air, avoiding the kicks path as Nero sent a blade of compressed air at him. Nero snickered loudly "Hehehe! Can't hit me as well now that we're In the open, can you Straw hat?!"

Luffy glared at him, nostrils flared, "Alright. That's it! Get out of my way!" Luffy threw back his arms. "GOMU GOMU NOOO-" The CP9 associate sighed. "This again? You're so disappointing." "-BAZOOKA!" "SHA-"

Luffy's palms slam into Nero's chest before he had any time to move. The CP9 agent was launched backwards from the impact, tumbled across the roof, and fell off the edge.

Nero grabbed the side, holding himself off the side as he heaved in pain. After several moments seconds, he hauled himself back up and staggered to his feet. "What the hell was that!?" Nero gasped out angrily, a line of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"You weren't that fast or strong before!" Luffy frowned down at him. "Yes I was." Straw hat said back calmly. "I was only holding back because I wanted to see more of the techniques you guys use."

Nero's brows furrowed in anger. "SHAVE!" Suddenly appear behind Luffy, he grinned, yelling "TEMPEST KICK!" Luffy crouched low, ducking it and launching himself at Nero, wrapping his arms and legs around him.

"What-what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Nero gasped. Luffy smirks and launches his head backwards. "GOMU GOMU NOOOO-" "You can't beat me!" Nero bleats hysterically. "I'm an elite agent of-" "-BELL!"

Luffy's head snaps back, slamming into Nero. Nero's head snaps back from the impact. The pain so great, Nero barely uttered a sound. Luffy lets him go and Nero collapses onto his knee, barely holding himself up.

Luffy looks down at him. "How..." Nero gasps out. "How the h-hell are you doing this?!" You're just some damn.. damn Pirate!"

Luffy continued looking at him, saying nothing. "You're fighting against the World Government! All for some stupid girl that should've died years ago!" Nero's eyes glanced to Luffy's fist, which had clenched and begun to shake slightly.

"Take. That. Back." Luffy says quietly, anger barely held in check. Nero looked back up at him grinning, 3 teeth missing from his mouth.

"Stupid." Luffy jumped high into the air, "GOMU GOMU NOOO-" "Little." spat Nero. Luffy's foot launched impossibly high into the sky. "Bitc-" "-STAMP!"

Luffy's foot slammed into Nero's chest, causing him to spit out drool and blood. The force of the kick cracked the roof of the cart, sending the now unconscious CP9 agent crashing into the floor.

Luffy's leg snapped back to him as he landed in the cart next to the broken form of Nero. Seeing it was still empty, he stood up and stepped over the CP9 agent's unconscious form.

CRICK. Luffy spun around as Franky stepped through the door, closing it behind him. Franky looked to the ground at the body. "Heh. Looks like you had your own mess to wipe up." Luffy nodded.

"What happened to that chef guy?" Franky grinned. "Nothing to worry about. He got a bit over cooked." Luffy turned away. "Okay. Let's go. There's only a couple of carts left. We'll see if your plan works out."

Usopp - Moments earlier

Crawling through the opening, Usopp tumbled in, falling into the seat in front of her. "Robin!" he whispered loudly, righting himself.

"I'm glad I found you so quick. We have to go now before those guys discover I'm here!" He reached out to grab her hand, but she withdrew it. "Nose-kun!" She whispered back angrily. "What are you doing here?!"

Usopp's leaned away, taken aback. "What do you mean? We're here to rescue you!" "No! You can't do-. Wait. We? Who else is with you?"

Usopp frowned at her. "Well right now it's just me, Luffy, and that Franky guy. But the rest of the crew are on their way!" "No..no no no no!" Robin muttered bitterly. "This is all wrong! You were all supposed to stay in Water 7!"

Robin stared at the ground, her face in her hands. "Usopp." She said steadily. "Please go. I don't want anything to do with you all anymore. I'm leaving the crew." "No no no." Usopp said louder. "None of that's true. The whole crew knows what's really going on."

She looked up at him. "You... know?" Usopp nodded. "Then you must know what I'm doing is trying to save all your lives!" Usopp waved her words away. "Don't worry Robin. The craw can handle anything that comes at them."

"No you can't!" She yells back at him, wild-eyed. Usopp glanced at the door, looking for movement. "Remember Ao Kiji? If he wanted to, he could have killed us all easily!"

Robin sighed. "I'm trying to help the crew one last time. What I've done in my life is unforgivable. I'm a curse to anyone I am around." She bit her lip. "No matter what Luf- the captain says, I can't bring anyone happiness." Usopp continued to stare at her with sadness, admiration, and bitterness all mixed in his emotions.

"You can't just give up." Usopp says to her stonily. "Because people still won't give up on you." Robin looked away, saying nothing. Usopp sighed. "Look. I know this isn't my place to say, but you need to know." Robin turned back to him. "Luffy, our Captain, loves you... As in Love loves you..."

Robin's eyes grew distant as she looked back away. "I-I figured that would be something you should know." stammered Usopp. A tear had begun to form in her eye. "I know he does.." Usopp stared at her, mouth agape. "Y-you do?"

She stiffened slightly. "He told me the day we arrived at the island... And that-" she said, looking at him fiercely, a single tear running down her cheek. "- is why I'm doing this! I won't let any of you, especially Luffy, die for someone as worthless as me!"

CRASH! The door leading to the Government agents was smashed from its hinges as a rubber fist burst through it. Usopp in one swift motion; pulled back down his mask, shot a smoke pellet in the doorway, grabbed Robin, and yelled out.

"Ok young Captain! We're ready!" Another rubber hand shot through the clouded opening, grabbed hold of Sogeking, pulled both him and Robin through the smoke, past the bewildered Cipher Pol agents and dropped them behind a battle ready Luffy and Franky.

Franky raised his right hand, "STRONG HAMMER!" he brought his metallic fist crashing down on the hooks connecting the carts. The two compartments began to separate as the front was pulled forward by the engines. Luffy grinned, hopeful that they'd succeeded.

The leader of the agents, Lucci, motioned to Kalifa, the ex-Secretary of Iceberg. Reached towards her waist, she then threw a whip, barbed with extremely sharp thorns at the Straw Hats cart. The whip spun around the compartment as she passed it to Lucci, who held the cart firmly behind them..

"Damn it!" Shouted Luffy. "We have to break that whip!" Franky nodded and grabbed a length of the whip. Taking a deep breath, he began breathing fire onto it to weaken it.

"Luffy!" CRASH! Luffy turned around. Sogeking was sprawled on the ground, splintered wood spread around him. A portal had appeared in the air next to him. The large ox-looking agent, Blueno, grinned at him as he pulled Robin into the door in the air.

"Robin!" gasped Luffy. He started towards her but fell to the ground. He turned back and saw his legs being held in place by hands which had sprouted from the ground. He turned back the Robin. "Robin! Let me go! I'm trying to help you! We can defend ourselves from whatever that Buster Call throws at us!"

She turned away from him. "Don't follow me again. What I have done can't be undone. I have no reason to continue with any of you. The Buster Call can't be fought against. There's no reason to even try."

"Shut up!" yelled Luffy, pulling himself along the ground towards her, his legs stretching.

"No matter what you think you know, I don't care what happens now." She turned back to him, staring into his eyes, her face expressionless. "I am what they call me, The Demon of Ohara." she looked away from the emotional young captain and walked out of sight through the doorway.

"Damn it Robin! I can help you!" Luffy shouted into the now empty air. "You just have to trust me!"

"Straw Hat."

He looked back towards the air-door. Blueno was still standing there looking at him. "What the hell do you want you bastard!" Blueno continued to stare.

"No matter what you say, or how you say it, Nico Robin will not go with you." "Shut up damn it!" snarled Luffy. You don't know anything about her!"

Blueno smirked down at him. "Oh?... Many years ago the Buster Call was initiated on an island. It was rendered to ash with not a trace remaining. That island, was called Ohara. The same island on which the demon child, Nico Robin was born." Luffy stared back at him, transfixed. "Nico Robin is the only remaining survivor of that incident. Everyone she ever knew or loved died that day." Blueno smiled down at the young captain. "Ever since that day the Buster Call has left an indelible mark on her soul. Her fear of it is so great, she has no will to oppose it."

"You fucking bastard!" screamed Luffy, throwing back him fist. "GOMU GOMU NOOO-"

"This is goodbye Straw Hat. We won't meet again." "-Pistol!" His fist flew through the air towards Blueno, but the door had already vanished.

Luffy's legs and arm snapped back to him as the hands holding him disappeared. If I could just make her understand, she could- "Straw Hat!" Luffy twisted around and saw the whips which had held the train in place, were now wrapped around Franky. "Help me out here, Bro!"

Lucci yanked hard on the thorned whip, pulling Franky through the air, towards them. "I'm coming Franky!" Luffy sent his hand flying towards Franky, but before it reached him, the square-nosed Kaku appeared before it, slapping the hand into the sea.

Luffy reeled it back in as Franky was pulled back into the compartment. All he could do was watch at the train pulled further away from him while they hog-tied Franky. Slowly, the train was only blip on the water.

Luffy yelled into the air. "God damn it!" he punched a hole through the side of the cart. "Y-young captain!" shouted Sogeking, rising from the debris. "Don't worry. The other Sea-Train is still coming! Once they arrive, we can continue speeding towards a swift recovery of miss Robin."

Luffy looked at him, and then looked back out to the ocean. Taking a deep breath, he bottled all of his emotions and put them deep down, readied to be used when he needed them. "You're right Sogeking. Once my crew gets here." He glared towards the steadily clearing horizon. "We're going to destroy EVERYTHING in our way."

The two sat down and stared into the turbulent ocean, ready for the coming Showdown at Enies Lobbies...

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