Honor the Risen
by pari106

pari106@hotmail.com ; http://www.geocities.com/pari106/damain.html ; Disclaimer: DA is not mine;
Rating: PG; Set during "Freak Nation". Max's POV.

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Joshua's flag… I stare at it, and it hits me again – how much Joshua sees. Sometimes he sees things I
don't see myself. Until he points them out to me. Like the colors of this flag… They're perfect. At first
glance, I didn't realize how perfect. But then Joshua explained them to me.

First, there's the barcode, which Joshua says represents us all.

Then there's black… "Where we came from," Joshua said. Darkness, like the darkness of the basements
he grew up in. Or the darkness of a dirty little secret – that's what we all were to Manticore. For me,
though, I think the black of the flag represents a little more than just my past. It represents all that past has
done to me. And to Alec. And to all the other X5s. It represents the greatest obstacle to our futures: the
darkness within ourselves.

When Joshua pointed to the red on the flag he said it was "because our blood is being spilt." And the white
is "where we want to be" in the future. Free. To go out "into the light". No more basements. No more
dirty, little secrets. No more darkness; just freedom. Logan said freedom is never free, and he's right. It's
gonna take a lot of "red" to win that "white" future Joshua mentioned… But I have to believe it'll be worth

Some of the others laughed when they first saw Joshua's flag. But no one's laughing now, as that flag flies
above us.

I guess they've realized what I did, the second I saw it. It's not stupid, to have a flag; a banner. Even if
there is no parade to fly it in, or anyone who'd want to watch if there were. We don't need a parade. Just
that flag, and what it represents beyond ourselves, our presents, our pasts and our futures. It represents

Manticore taught us to honor the dead. Well, Joshua's flag is a way to honor the living. To remind us that
our fight is an honorable one. That we are honorable. We are people; we are soldiers. Yeah…we are
freaks. But we deserve just as much respect as any other living thing. We can think; we can feel; we can
love. We have enough respect of others to honor the fallen. And enough respect for ourselves to honor the

Because today we are risen. Above the darkness that made us fugitives from the people who made us;
strangers to ourselves and the people around us. Above the blood and the fear. Today, we know, is our day
to make a stand.

And we've risen our flag above us so that the world will know it, too.