Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' Fist Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.

*Slaps Myrtle* Stay away from Tom, girl!


I fled the Great Hall, leaving the other girls, confused but still giggling, behind me. The glasses that they had snatched from my face and tossed between them were clenched in my hand, and I felt an unreasonable urge to break them, but it was overpowered by my urge to get as far away from the Great Hall – and from Olive Hornby and her friends – as I possibly could.


I jumped and whirled around at the sound of a smooth, satiny voice, and my knees immediately weakened. Oh goodness… Tom Riddle…

"I saw what happened in there," he told me. "Those girls were being horrible to you. I'd have given them detention if there were any rule that they were technically breaking."

I stared at him, uncomprehending. My first reaction was to feel ashamed and humiliated because he had seem those girls teasing me, but then I felt a little bubble of pride well inside me. If he had seen them, it meant he had been looking at me, didn't it?

"I'm sure they only meant it as a joke," he told me, "but they should have stopped when they saw how much it upset you."

I swallowed hard, clenching my fist around the frames of the ugly, round glasses that had made me the subject of the derision of my fellow students. Tom Riddle looked down at my hand.

"Here," he said. "Let me."

To my complete shock, he plucked the glasses from my hand and set them carefully on my nose. His hands lingered around them, stroking a strand of hair that had come loose from my pigtail back into place. I didn't know what to say – I was, in fact, quite sure that I would not have been able to say anything, even if I had tried.

There was a long silence, then he said, "You're very attractive, you know, Myrtle."

My breath seemed to disappear from my lungs. I couldn't even think, much less form words. Tom Riddle thought I – I! Little Mudblood Myrtle, with spots and ugly glasses – was attractive.

"I thought… Slytherins… didn't like Mudbloods," I managed at long last.

"You're different." His hand moved slowly to rest on my back. "You're not like other Mudbloods…"


"Would I lie?" he purred, and before I had a chance to answer, his lips touched mine.

I all but fainted into his arms.