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Dick remembered a time when Thanksgiving meant something to him. When it was special and made him happy. Just the silly things like following his mom as she bustled around the trailer cooking, baking, and swatting his father's hand out of the pie; while he himself would do cartwheels and hum incessantly helping here and there. Then everyone would go outside Pop Haley's trailer for the feast. Sure his family hadn't been large, but combined with everyone in the circus it was the biggest family around. There was singing, dancing, and stories. Old Ma Rouker told the best stories about growing up in Romania, and traveling all of Europe. His father would tell jokes that he had already told over a thousand times, but everyone laughed anyways. By the end of the night he would have fallen asleep on his mother's lap, or on a picnic table, and his dad would carry him back to tuck him in. It was nice, it was warm.

Now it wasn't though. Now it was cold, and lonely. The past four Thanksgivings that Dick has spent at the manor were never the best, but someone was always there; either Alfred, or Bruce, even both when he was lucky, but not this year. He had known for a week that Alfred would be spending the holiday with his own family. Bruce in turn had promised to be home that night, but come afternoon one of the maids was "regretful to inform him that Bruce was staying late for a meeting and would not be able to attend Thanksgiving dinner."

Dick hadn't even batted an eye. He gave his best smile, the one he saved for the press and Bruce's business partners, and told the maid that that was "quite alright." On the inside though he was breaking. Over the next few hours Dick kept telling himself that it was just a silly holiday, it didn't matter, and he was Robin for crying out loud this should not bother him. He kept that chant going in his head while he walked down the grand stair case, through the halls and into the dining room.

Then he lost it. It was a full feast, enough to feed the entire Justice League, speedsters and all. The turkey, and pies, and potatoes, and just one, one, single plate set. He stood in the door way, his breathing was heavy and strained. Dick clenched his fists and closed his eyes tight. The serving staff that stood on the other side of the table it their perfect line and napkins over their arms looked completely dumbstruck. The boy took another deep breath and through clenched teeth spoke.

"Don't you all have family to be getting to?" his voice shook.

One of the maids, a fat kind woman, Mrs. Townsly perhaps, piped up, "We're here to serve you Master Richard, please take a s-"

"Leave." His statement was blunt and full of anger.

"I beg your pardon sir?" The maid asked, sounding concerned.

"I want you all out of this godforsaken house this instant!" the boy screamed while grabbing onto his hair, practically ripping it out.

The staff looked at each other, uncertain for a second, before bowing and making a beeline for the exit. Only then did Dick open his eyes. Red rimmed his sapphire irises and angry tears began to spill from them. The boy shook as he walked up to the table, and with an angry sob ripping from his throat, flipped it. Dishes clanged and shattered, drowning out his sobs. He watched, frozen until the last bowl had finished spinning and its ringing stopped. The house became silent and still once more, except for the heavy heaving of the child's chest. After a few moments he shakily spun on a heel and walked back to his room.

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