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It felt warm here. Not the cozy kind, or the burning kind, but the stale heat kind of warm. Dick would take it though; he had felt cold for so long that he welcomed the feeling with a blessing. It was just that, everything was suffocating. Everyone was trying to be too kind, too understanding. He didn't understand, he didn't deserve all of this. Dick cuddled a little closer to Roy's chest keeping Faline close to his own. Roy felt cozy warm, safe warm. So did Bruce and Wally. It felt so nice that he just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep forever in the warmth. Whenever he tried though, it heated up the stale air in his mind, made it unbearable; like he was a rotting inside his own head.

"I smell snacks," Roy hummed down to the boy in his arms.

Dick was struggling to remember. Everyone has been wanting him to eat, but wasn't food bad?

"I though snacks were bad because they made you fat?" The boy questioned back.

"No Bambs, you're thinking of when you were training in all of your gymnastics. Fats were bad then because they were unhealthy. Now you can have whatever you want."

"I don't want any food though," he whispered back.

"Why? Food is good, just ask Kid Eats A Lot."

"But isn't it bad to have snacks?"

"Oh Bambs, you're thinking of when you were doing all of your gymnastic training and hero work. Snacks were bad then because you were trying to build muscle."

The boy scrunched up his nose and closed his eyes in concentration. Everything was so fuzzy in his mind. He used to like training right? He used to be on a team too. That all seemed so long ago though, more like a dream than reality. One of those dreams you have on a hot summer afternoon during a nap, the kind that makes you instantly exhausted when you try and recall what occurred in it. His memories were all blending together, fighting against one another.

"What do they all think of me?" Dick asked in a small voice, keeping his eyes closed.


"The team, the league, everyone…" He trailed off, unsure if he wanted an answer.

Roy sighed heavily and looked up at the ceiling, "Well… most of them think that you are on some secret mission or something, I'm not sure, rumors really just flying around. It changes on a weekly basis. Bats didn't want to tell them what was really going on because of the whole secret identity thingy and protecting your privacy. None of that matters though; once you're all better you can go back and tell them whatever story you want to."

He couldn't even think about that right then. It was beyond his comprehension. The fact that Wally was downstairs had his heart and brain working double time to try and process everything. Everything was too much; he felt the warm air strangling his throat, stinging his eyes.

"Woah, Bambs, where are you going?"

His eyes stung. The air, it was too stale and stagnant. He just needed something cool. He turned on the bathroom faucet and stuck his head under.

"You alright kid?"

Dick could barely hear Roy over the sound of the water rushing of his ears. He clogged the sink and let the cool water pool around his face. He could feel Roy's hand on his shoulder and hear nervous yipping in the background.

"Bambi? Dick? Are you okay? Should I call Bruce or Alfred or..."

Everything became muddled, Roy's voice sounded gurgled and the barks barely pierced the water's walls. Dick opened his eyes under the water. The bathroom lights overhead played in the water against the sink's white curves. It was calming and cool. He could feel his heart slowing down again as his limbs became weaker. Roy was now pulling on his shoulders, somehow though his hands were able to keep him in place.

His body slumped against the counter, hands still strong. He didn't want to leave the cool water. He wanted to stay in it. His lungs ached from the stale air still within them. The boy tried to breathe in the cool water's, to rid himself of the stingy air within him. He began chocking, but couldn't force himself out of the water. There was screaming, and a hand on his face trying to pull him out of the water.

He saw the sink drain open and fought to keep contact with the liquid, but to no avail. The noise and air came back to him, but it was still all fuzzy. There were more people in the room now. They were laying him down, talking to him, trying to make him breathe in the wretched air. He closed his eyes, wanting it all to go away, wanting it to be nice again. Darkness came over him like a crisp blanket; he let it wrap around him and bar out the air. It was nice; it was simple.

"What the hell happened!?" Wally asked, spinning towards Roy once Dick had been placed into his bed.

"I-I don't know. He was fine, he was just laying here. Then he kind of just got up and-"

"Attempted to drown himself? Why the hell would you let him do that? Are you thick Harper? I thought you were all protective of him and shit."

"I am," Roy glared back, "I thought he was just trying to cool off or something. When I tried to pull him out, I don't know, he was stronger than I expected him to be in his current state. I couldn't get him out."

"Well it's a good fucking thing Alfred had the brains to drain the sink. You are really beyond stupid; I mean he could have hurt himself a lot worse. How could you not think of that? Maybe, we should have the doctor check your brain too, I mean-"

"Look- I'm sorry," Roy screamed. Tears began falling down his face with a new vengeance since the incident, "I was scared, I couldn't think, I don't know, I just-"

Roy buried his face in his hands, he was still shaking since the ordeal. Wally looked over at the boy in the bed with a sigh. Faline was curled up by his head, and now his breathing was normal. No one had even bothered to dry off his face or hair. How was anything going to go back to normal if things like this kept happening? Wally had thought he wanted to be involved in everything, but now he wasn't so sure. Not even two hours here and he was already at his breaking point.

"Both the doctor and Master Bruce are on their way here," the butler announced as he reentered the room.

"I thought Bruce was going to be gone for the night?"

"Well Mater Wallace, due to the circumstances a change in plan was in order," The old man sighed looking down at his Master's charge, "Would either of you boys like anything or shall I just tend to Master Richard?"

Wally looked over at Roy who was still trying to get a hold of himself before allowing the butler to go about his duties with their ailing friend.

The speedster walked over to his fellow redhead and clapped a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry man, we'll get him back, we've just got to stay strong."

With no reply Roy got up and left the room. Not even a minute later Wally could hear the sound of a door slamming and an engine starting. Wally exhaled heavily though his nose before sitting on the bed next to his friend and picking up the little fur ball.

"Well pup, I guess I finally understand the meaning of 'heavy on the dis'"

The dog squirmed out of his hands and back to the pillow she previously occupied.

"Feeling the love," Wally stated leaning back before Alfred walked in abruptly.

"Master Wallace, Master Bruce has just arrived and has requested your leave."

"Well you can tell Miss Bruce that she can get her panties in a bunch if she wants but I'm not leaving."

"Very well Master, you will excuse me paraphrasing your response," The butler replied dryly before turning out of the room.

"Oh no Rob, I think I just became a mini Harper…" Wally whispered down to the slumbering boy, "Don't you worry though, we'll all have you happy and go-lucky again soon enough."

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