This will be my first official story!

Misaki: I hope you don't have me portrayed as a 'feminime' guy!

Me: Gomenasi~ Buuuuuuut, no story is ever really interesting with out you as the chick.

Misaki: Who you callin' a chick you-

Usagi: Misaki! Don't pay attention to her, or I will have to-

Misaki: Baka Usagi! You pervert! Hurry up with the-

Me: I have no rights what so ever, except for Toru. Hehehe!It took a while to try and decide what type of person Toru will be, hehehehe hope you enjoy! *bows*

Misaki's POV

OK, I have the grocery done now so I should call Usagi-san so he won't worry about me again. I swear, he just likes to find ways to annoy me. Oh, but he is so cute when he is asleep and when he hugs me- wait no, NOOOO! We both are GUYS for crying out loud!


"Is he OK?" I herd someone whisper.

"...crazy..." Am I really crazy?

'Crap! Misaki, you really have done it this time, haven't you!' I am so embarassed now. I can't help it that I get worked up about Usagi-san.

*ring ring* *vibrate vibrate*


"Misaki are you on your way home? Do you want me to come and get you?"

"Usagi-san I am Ok, I just finished grocery shopping so yeah I am on my way home. I am not far from home, I'll see you soon, Bye."

"Misaki I love you." he said in a very low, deep husky voice.


'I love you.', words that seem so precious when Usagi-san says them. 'I love you too, Usagi-san.' I wish to say that to Usagi-san like a real man. To him i am still a kid, I need to man up and-

"Oi, mister look out!"


Darkness took over me. What hit me? I know my body should hurt by now, but why isn't?


That noise is really loud, what is that.

"MISAKI! Wake up, wake UP!"

'Huh? A man's voice? It sounds familiar. Why am I moving? It feels like the waves of the ocean swaying me back and forth.' Misaki thought while trying to stay consious.

'Misaki, you can't die yet. It isn't your time yet, I am sor-'

'I am moving onto something. What is on my face? Where did the voice come from? It sounded like a woman's voice.' Misaki still fighting the sleep tried to move, but his body wouldn't respond well to his brain's commands.

~~~~~~~~~A heavy viel of sleep over swept Miskai and he gave into it.~~~~~~ -

Ok this will be a story that I will TRY to finish.
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I decided to start off with Misaki's point of view. Sorry if I didn't specify on which character was holding Misaki or the other characters, because usually Misaki is clueless.


Me: I am sorry but that is your character. *Begs for forgivness*

Misaki: Humph! FIne, but just because you look like a dumb dog with cat eyes.

Me: But that doesn't really fit.

Misaki: I klnow, that is why I said it. And you call me clueless?

Me: V.V'