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Chapter 12: The Book of Love

"Be sure that he takes his medicine every four hours, and please do not leave him unattended." Doctor Nowaki wrote down specific instructions on taking care of Misaki to Akihiko. He was glad that Misaki wanted to live with him, but something in the back of his mind began to gnaw at him. Something he didn't want to worry about at the moment; his only concern was to get Misaki home and try to get him to recall his memories.

"Usagi-San," Misaki pulled at his sleeve, "Can we go home now?" His big innocent green eyes were pleading and his bottom lip was sticking out in a pout.

Akihiko thanked the doctor and took a hold of Misaki's hand, leading them both to the car. He had everything prepared with the help of Tahakiro and Aikawa, who had talked the people at Marukawa into letting him take leave for the time being. They had set his room to appear more natural since he slept with Akihiko, and stocked the pantry and fridge with edible, healthy food for the both of them; since Misaki couldn't cook and the author who couldn't be of much help in that department. There was fruit, a lot of strawberries and cherries, and many of the knives in the kitchen were put away. Basically everything was child proof for the time being; all of them too scared to take any risks.

"Takahiro went and got movies for us to watch later with his..." he wasn't sure if he was ready to tell him about his sister-in-law and nephew, "You'll see. Are you hungry?" He glanced backwards, since Misaki insisted that he was not of age to sit in the front yet.

"Not really..." Misaki was glancing out the window in the unknown area he was trying to familiarize himself with.

"What's wrong?" Akihiko began to drive after the light turned green. He knew something was wrong with Misaki because he was making the same face he always did when he was bothered by something.

"I-I don't know." Misaki faced the front of the car, as they pulled into a parking lot in a luxurious building complex. He sat still as he saw Akihiko stop the car, grabbed stuff out of the trunk, and opened the door for Misaki who just stared at him unsure of what to do next.

"H-Hey!" He yelped as Usagi-San lifted him over his shoulder. He was having fun, until his hands brushed against something...firm. He instantly blushed and stayed still, hearing Usagi-San chuckle.

After Akihiko put Misaki down to put his things away, Misaki walked around the condo.

Just like a cat familiarizing itself with the new environment. Akihiko's mind began to subconsciously create a new BL story, one particularly revolving around cats. Maybe a cosplay? Or a neko-person...

While Akihiko jotted down his idea on a paper and stuffed it into his pocket, he failed to hear his phone start to ring.

"Um, Usagi-San," Misaki held the phone to his chest," it's Nii-chan and he said he needed to talk to you." Misaki handed Akihiko the phone as he motioned for Misaki to sit down on the couch. He refused to leave his side, and instead clung on to his arm, and stood next to him, attentively listening.

"Akihiko, Mahiro has a fever and Nanami and I won't be able to make it, but I left some movies for the two of you to watch as well as some of Misaki's favorite books and family albums for him to look through with you." Misaki wondered who Mahiro and Nanami were. He was pretty sure his brother didn't have a girlfr-... Oh yeah, he forgot:

I'm 19, not 8 anymore. Nii-chan must have gotten married and have had a kid too. Then he wondered where that left him and the man he clung to at.

Are we married? He felt his cheeks burn and he hid his face behind Usagi-Sans sleeve to prevent him from seeing him embarrassed.

"It's fine. I hope he feels better, and I'll let you know how he is tomorrow."

"Ok, have fun then." Takahiro's worried voice reluctantly hung up the phone.

"Ok," Akihiko turned to face a blushing Misaki," What movie do you want to watch?" He felt excited to do something that regular family members do with each other, that he didn't bother asking why he was blushing. He grabbed the stacks of movies and felt his iPhone vibrate in his pocket. Telling Misaki to choose a movie, he walked out of the condo into the hallway once he saw who it was on caller ID.

"If you want to know how he is doing," Akihiko's voice stoic and cold was low, "he is fine."

"Does he need anything?" He heard Haruhiko's voice soften over the phone once he said that Misaki was fine.

"No, and if he did; I'm here to get it for him." Akihiko didn't want his brother to know that Misaki lost his memories. He was scared that his brother would find a way to take advantage of it and try to steal Misaki from him.

"Listen, I won't separate him from you, but I need to see him. At least let me watch him while you-"

"No! If I need to go out, his brother would be able to watch him for the time being."

"I know very well that his brother's son has a fever." Damn him and his investigation.

"Listen, I got it. Just, do what you do." Akihiko felt a bit bad since it was his brother who found him, and he couldn't ignore the tone in his voice. Something was up, and he knew for a fact that Haruhiko would never let anyone or anything hurt Misaki.

"Fine. But you can see him tomorrow. Meet me at the cafe down the street from here at 3 PM." With that he hung up, if he wanted to meet them then he would go. If not, well then he had just arranged a date for Misaki and him.

He walked back in to see Misaki hugging Suzuki-San and looking back and forth between two movies on the coffee table. Akihiko was happy, like really, happy that Misaki seemed to be so focused into choosing a movie for the two of them to enjoy.

"Just choose one. We can watch all of them after wards, ok?" Akihiko sat down next to Misaki, who picked the one to his right.

"This one!" He eagerly gave the case to Usagi-San who got up from the couch and placed the disc in the DVD player. He sat back down on the couch next to Misaki, with his arm behind the couch. He was so used to Misaki trying to scoot away from him when he tried to hug him, that he was surprised when Misaki scooted closer to him, leaning on his arm with his head on his lap hugging Suzuki-San.

Akihiko began to stroke Misaki's head, as he listened to Misaki ramble about the movie.

"Usagi-San look!" He pointed to the screen. "Humans don't bite monsters toes! And we don't steal their candies." He grabbed Akihiko's hand, letting Suzuki-San fall sitting on the floor.

"Usagi-San?" Misaki asked in a low voice.

"Yes," Akihiko looked down at the teen who was looking at the screen of the two people who have 'zinged' for each other in the movie.

"We have zinged," big, bright, innocent green eyes looked into gentle, lavender ones," right?"

Akihiko felt this stinging sensation in his throat. He always wanted to hear Misaki openly tell him how he felt, but now that he was acting like a kid, it felt over-whelming. He was happy that Misaki recalls their love, even if it is through the terms of a movie.

"Yes, why?" He kissed his head. "Want me to turn into a vampire?" He half-heartedly joked.

"No," Misaki stretched it out. "but instead of the next movie, can you tell me a story first?" He pleaded with the puppy-dog face. One that Akihiko could not resist, even if Misaki had done it in an angry face.

"Ok, but I choose the next movie then."

Misaki had laid back on Akihiko's lap, hugging Akihiko's arm over his chest, holding his hand, and enjoying how his Usagi-San was rubbing his head in an affectionately way.

"Once there was a prince named Yuuki. Now, Yuuki was kind at heart but a lonely boy who didn't understand what it was that he needed. He was named Yuuki because of his silver hair, his cold behavior, and his beautiful appearance. His parents didn't want anything to do with him, so they gave him everything that a normal kid would ask for. But, no matter how much toys they gave him or the finest of clothing; he wanted something else that they could not buy. Love.

He wanted someone to love and someone to love him for him, not his title. So, his parents, sent a message throughout the kingdom, that, if anyone could make the young prince laugh a genuine laugh and smile a genuine smile; they would receive 1 million strawberries. Because, in that kingdom, strawberries were very valuable and rare. But, the young prince did not know about the reward and was eager to find someone among the thousands who had appeared at the castle the next morning. The first person thought she was smart and understood what it was that the prince thought he wanted, so she said: 'My lord, I love you.' Now, normally, this would have made him smile a small smile, but he knew that she did not mean it by the way she said it, so he dismissed her immediately. The next few dozen, also did not help him. He then understood that those people were there for the reward. He told his parents that he had had enough and to send the rest of the people back.

The young prince walked through the royal garden into the forest, where he would go to ease his mind and to think. He went into a clearing that showed the many stars in the sky, shinning bright and beautifully. Yuuki was about to sit when-" Akihiko stopped and listened to the soft snores of the boy on his lap.

What will I ever do with you? He caressed his head and gently laid a pillow under Misaki's head so he could get up.

He kissed his head, and picked up the many things that Takahiro had brought him. Among the movies he saw Lion King 1 and 2, Lilo & Stitch, Hotel Transylvania (which they had just seen), Finding Nemo, and majority of the Disney movies. He wanted to wait until he woke up to look at the album photos, so he set them back down and went to fetch a blanket to cover the now shivering boy.

He grabbed the nearest one from his room, and spread it on top of Misaki, and stopped when his face was inches away from his neck-line.

Akihiko's throat began to feel very uncomfortable and if it weren't for the voice he heard on the other side of his door, he was sure he would have done something regretful to the one person whom he loved.


End of Part 1

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