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The bandaged ball of fluff worms his way closer to his friend (or should he say master). His small, pink tongue darts out to lick his friend's (master's) hand. As his tongue slides across the surface of the young boy's (he knows that this boy isn't really a boy anymore, but he doesn't want to think about that too much) hand, he realizes that he has failed. This boy, the boy he has sworn to protect his entire life (he still isn't sure if he will live long enough to see the end of this boy's life, but he knows he will try) is injured.

He pushes his fuzzy head into the male's hand (his bandaged hand, there is a metallic scent drifting through the gauze and he really doesn't want anyone to confirm what that smell is) wanting to feel the child's (man, he is a man now) warmth.

The male looks at him and raises a shaky hand, petting his companion's form lightly (his wrappings are uncomfortable, but even a dog knows better than to ruin this serene moment).

"Are you alright, Akamaru?" It is amazing as to how this kid (the kid who can barely stand right now) can still care about him (him, the weak dog who couldn't protect his master).

Akamaru knows that if he could speak he would spend his entire life telling the (battered) male in front of him how happy he is to see that his friend is alive.

But instead he just settles for wagging his tail, hoping he gets the message.

"I guess I'll take that as a yes, eh, buddy." He talks like he normally would, (energetic and filled to the brim with life) but there isn't the usual wolf-like grin on his face. Beneath the carefree facade, he sees a flash, it goes by so quickly Akamaru isn't even sure if it was real. He saw pain (pain this boy is too young to have to feel).

Then there is silence. In this silence Akamaru realizes two things.

One, that if anyone ever tries to harm his master again, he would bite their head off without a second thought (even if he is barely tall enough to reach a person's ankles).

Two, he wasn't the only one who felt weak. The brunette beside him felt useless and weak as well. He rubs his fur against his shoulder to cheer him up.

The child laughs. A bitter melody (it sounds dead). His (bandaged) hand comes over to pet him again.

In a low tone (that sounds almost pleading) he asks:

"We'll be best friends forever, right boy?"

There is a pause. A quick pause. And you can feel the boy's hope diminishing.

(He's asking a question to a dog, does he truly expect an answer?)

Akamaru only allows that thought into his mind for a second, before he crushes it.

He moves closer to the male youth, and then he begins to (happily) bark his lungs out.

Even with his twelve years of life, Kiba knows that this dog will stand beside him until the end.

Akamaru stops barking, so he can jump onto Kiba's chest (which is just as bandaged as his hands he realizes sadly). As he leans forward to vigorously lick the answer into the boy's head, he notices the smile (a real smile) that has made it's way onto his lips.

Best friends forever Master Kiba...

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