Hey everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! Thought I would do a small Thanksgiving fic for the holidays. Well, here it is, The Great Ark Turkey Hunt! I had so much fun with this. This is not done by a long shot, seeing as there are four parts to this and you only have the first. Sorry I couldn't have it ALL for you by today, but you get the prologue! I hope you enjoy. I know I did while imagining and writing this XD

Eventual Twins/Ratchet. NC-17 Sticky fic in later chapters ;)

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A run off of HiWtHi. Takes place during their first year on Earth.

They Call it Thanksgiving...

"And humans… eat these things?" Bumblebee asked, his helm cocked to one side in that ridiculously adorable look only he, Bluestreak and Fireflight ever seemed to pull off well.

The saboteur grinned widely while still showcasing his finding to the small group in the refectory. "Ye-up"

"They eat flightless birds? Aren't they, I don't know, endangered or something?" Bluestreak's optics flashed in confusion.

Sideswipe grinned widely from his position perched over his brother's shoulder. "Nah, mech, that's pinglins."

"Penguins, bit-brain. Penguins." Said brother corrected, the younger, golden plated twin scratching at an invisible blemish in his otherwise pristine paint.

The elder crimson plated twin shrugged. "Whatever."

"So this is a penguin?" Bluestreak frowned at the picture. "The tail certainly has pretty colors in it, although it's face –that is it's face, right? – is kinda gross looking. I wonder what that red thing on it's beak is for… I heard for some birds things like this are used to attract mates, but that goes back to what I said about their faces. Then again, maybe they're to distract potential mates from their faces in the first place and –"

The grey gunner cut himself off as the picture of the strange bird was shoved in his face and he took it to study it more closely, Hound leaning in over his shoulder to look as well. Beside the tracker, Mirage just rolled his optics.

Seizing the chance he'd created, Jazz spoke up. "Not a penguin, Blue. This here's called a turkey."

"A turkey?" Now Beachcomber was leaning in on Blue's other shoulder to see. "Crazy."

Jazz grinned. "Ah have it on good word that in tow days from now, Earth time, there's gonna be a holiday that the humans celebrate in this country every year. They call it Thanksgiving."


Wheeljack, sitting on Jazz's left suddenly cut in excitedly. "Hey, I've been studying that. It's a time that the people in America have set aside to celebrate the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock and making peace with the natives by celebrating with a huge feast. The Natives hunted and farmed and in return, the pilgrims prepared the feast… or that's one of the accounts at any rate, there are many more out there. The main moral of the story is giving thanks. It's celebrated in a few other countries too for the moral of the holiday, but I couldn't tell which ones off the top of my processors."

"So what's up with the bird?" Sunstreaker's own curiosity was poorly disguised despite the disgusted grimace on his faceplates when he got his own chance to view the photo.

Jazz, having been pouting at being interrupted and beaten to the impromptu history lesson, grinned widely again. "Okay, so ya know how OP has been pushin' for the learnin' human cultures and what not?" He waited until he received nods from his audience. "Well, Ah just finished discussin' wit him this particular holiday and –"

"You got us permission for a party?" Sideswipe asked eagerly, practically draping himself over his brother now.

The TIC held up his servos. "Let me finish. Anyways, ah was discussin' how we should take part in this holiday, 'giving thanks' and all, and he was all on board wit it. The only thing is, he's not too keen on another party with the D-cons being all quiet and all. So ah came up wit a better idea!"

"Oh?" Now Mirage's interest was piqued. Jazz had some outrageous ideas sometimes, but the glint he had caught in his visor this time around usually meant there was going to be something fun on the table.

If it were possible, the grin only managed to get bigger. "A Turkey Hunt."

All but Hound looked intrigued at the idea. The green armored tracker looked distinctly horrified.

"Do we really have to hunt down one of these?" He asked, the thought of killing something so interesting and very much alive making him feel sick.

Jazz actually laughed. "Nah, don't worry about it Hound! What would we do with one? Eat it?" That garnered a chorus of snickers from his eagerly listening group. "Ah say Turkey hunt, but really, it's more of a mech hunt."

"We're listening." Bumblebee urged, leaning in, Bluestreak following suit.

The saboteur was giddy with excitement now as he sold his idea to the eagerly listening mechs, while resisting the urge to take and image capture. Even Sunstreaker was looking adorably naïve caught up in the moment as he was. "Well, we pick one mech to be our 'Turkey' and those who are gonna join in get to 'hunt' the 'Turkey' and the mech or mechs at the end of the day to have captured the 'Turkey' are our winners. One week free of duty shifts! Ah already cleared it with Prime."

Eager grins around the table and he knew he had them hook line and sinker… Whatever that meant.

"So who's the 'Turkey' and how do we judge the winner?" Mirage questioned.

"Ah, ah, ah! Tha's fer meh to know and ya to find out! Prime, Prowler and I will be yer judges, unless Jackie wants ta be one too."

"Count me in. Don't thing I have it in me to go on a hunt. I think I'd more likely end up in the medical bay with Ratchet yelling at me again and missing out on all the fun."

Now there was an idea and Jazz could imagine that had he been in a human cartoon a lightbulb would have just flared on above his helm. "Well then, we have our judges and we announce tomorrow the 'Turkey Hunt' and the rules." Jazz grinned. "Gentlemechs, may the best bot win!"

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