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Ratchet grinned widely when Wheeljack told him what Jazz was proposing.

"Really?" He chuckled when his friend had finished. "And he wants my help, why?"

"I think that's half my fault."

"I'll believe that."

The inventor's helm fins lit in a mute apology, although it didn't look as if Ratchet cared too much. As far as he could tell, the CMO was looking to dish out some payback for all of the aggravation the mechs of the Ark tended to inflict with their thoughtlessness.

"So, what does Jazz want me to do?"

Wheeljack leaned in to whisper in his friend's audio. A big, slag eating grin spread over Ratchet's faceplates. "Tell him he's got deal if he can nab me some of Prowl's good stuff."

The CME's helm tipped to the side, his helm fins blinking in random colors. It was obvious to those who knew his mannerisms that Wheeljack was having an internal conversation on his comm.

"He says deal."

The grin on Ratchet's face grew bigger and he leaned back against his desk, arms crossed. "So. Why me?" There was another internal conversation, followed by an amused chuckle.

"Something about not playing favorites and you knowing how to make a challenge challenging." The inventor's helm fins flashed a humored yellow. "I tend to agree."

"Well, I am the definition of challenging."

Wheeljack snickered. "You would have to be with lovers like yours, Ratch."

"The Twins have nothing to do with this."

"You're right. You were this thick helmed ever since our younger years. Even in the academy. You've always been a slagger. Old habits die hard?"

Ratchet's face became completely serious. "Damn straight."

Wheeljack's laughter could be heard outside the medbay and all the way to the end of the hall.

:: Alright gentlemechs! Today is officially what the humans call Thanksgiving!:: Blaster's voice was cheerful and full of glee as he spoke of Teletran's comm. system. :: There are three groups as follows and there are different rules for each one!

First group is our Indians: Indians are allowed on the Ark premises only. Outside is off limits and the base has been put in lockdown to guarantee that all groups adhere to this rule. Any trap is welcomed, as long as it doesn't cause injury to our 'turkey' or other members of the Ark! Teams are also allowed, but no more than three to a group, please. Rooms that are off limits include the storage halls A thru C, the Security Room, Wheeljack and Perceptor's respective labs and the Officer's deck. Personal quarters are also off limits and all participant doors have been locked down to ensure equal play. Medbay is allowed, but only one group at a time to make sure the medical bay is clear in case of emergency.

Our Second Group is our Pilgrims or our audience: Pilgrims, please remain in the rec room to avoid confusion. Pilgrims are not allowed to give hints to our Indians on the whereabouts of the Turkey should they know. Other than that, everything else is to proceed like normal.

Our Third and last group are our Judges: They will be monitoring the goings on from the Security Room to make sure everything stays fair. Judges names will be unknown as well as our Turkey. Shift changes will ensure that judges remain different and unbiased as well as mysterious. Former judges, you are not allowed to admit you were a judge or who is replacing you. Also, our judges will consist of Pilgrims only.

Breaking rules will result in a duration of a stay in the brig to make sure no further rules are broken. The turkey is allowed to fight back, and the Turkey is willing.

That being said, no area is off limits to the turkey other than personal quarters and offices. Safe zones are those off limits to hunters, but there is a two minute time max for each stay. The Turkey is marked, but I won't say how.

The prize for the winner or winners is one week no shifts.

Last, if the Turkey makes it the entire day without being caught, the prize is theirs.

Have at 'em, Blaster out::

Smokescreen grinned as he tossed his hand in and collected his winnings. "Sounds like it's starting."

Trailbreaker smirked, shaking his head and trying to calculate his losses. They were in the negatives numbers. "Sounds like it."

"Do we know who's in?" Brawn asked, frowning at the growing pile in front of Smokescreen.

The Datsun shrugged. "The Twins are for sure. I think Bluestreak and Fireflight wanted to give it a go…" There was a small wave of laughter that traveled around the table at that. "Then there was Blades, Slingshot and I'm pretty sure Slingshot dragged in Skydive. Who dragged in Air Raid…"

"No Silverbolt?" Hound grinned, in a good mood and just having joined the game, therefore not losing anything. Yet.

"Not this time."

"He could be the Turkey…"

"They wouldn't allow that. Poor 'Bolt can't lie, and his gestalt would know almost immediately if that were the case."


"Cliffjumper and Huffer are Hunters… I think Gears got dragged along too."

"Poor Gears." Bumblebee grinned from the next table over.

"Yeah. Poor Gears." Trailbreaker grinned as well.

"And nobot knows who the Turkey is?" Hound asked curiously, glancing at his friend-not-quite-lover sitting across from Bee as Trailbreaker dealed the cards for the next round.

"Don't look at me, Hound." The noble mech replied. "Jazz didn't spill the beans this time."

"You aren't going in?"

"Yeah, seems like your kinda thing Mirage. The whole hunting and catching…" Smokescreen supplied with a half smirk, arranging the cards he'd been dealt before laying down his first bet.

Mirage gave him a critical stare. "And run around the Ark chasing another mech who Jazz has placed bets on to win this? No thank you. I don't make stupid bets myself."

There was a chuckle. "That is true. Jazz placed a bet with the Turkey this morning."

"Now I'm scared." Trailbreaker laughed.

"So, Brawn." Smokescreen chuckled, passing his turn over. "That answer your question?"

"Actually," Brawn laughed. "I meant who was still in the game."

"So we have absolutely no ideas as to who could be the Turkey." Sideswipe concluded.

"Nope." Sunstreaker agreed, scowling. Just how had his brother convinced him to do this again?

Oh, right.

He'd taken all his wax and hidden it. Even with the twin bond, he had no way of finding his wax if his brother didn't want him to. Frag it.

"And knowing Jazz, he's going to make this difficult."


"So let's go through the list. Mechs we know wouldn't be the Turkey."

Sunstreaker frowned as he thought about it. "Well, Prime would be out, if only because he's more likely to be noticed if he were."

Sideswipe nodded his agreement. "True. Wheeljack already voted out as a pilgrim. So we're out of luck there… Plus I don't think Prowl would be too thrilled if 'Jack exploded or something."

That caused both of them to snigger. Really the idea was amusing and Sunstreaker could already feel Sideswipe scheming. He made a mental note to not be on base when things went boom. "Alright, and we know Prowl is out. Red Alert, there's no way. He'd fry circuits if bots suddenly started chasing him."

"I don't think he'd last ten seconds out of the Security room and that's off limits." Sideswipe added.


"What about Ratchet?"

Sunstreaker snorted. "Yeah right. He wouldn't leave the medbay just to run around getting chased."

"Good point."

There was silence as they trudged along before both sighed at the same time.

Sideswipe spoke first. "This is going to be harder than we thought…"

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