"Junior," Sr's voice boomed through the bullpen, "When are you going to come to your senses and sweep this gorgeous creature off her feet?"

Those words kept echoing through him. What his father said made sense. Tony had 5 senses. Not the sixth sense. The sixth sense of seeing Ziva as amazing. But that was going to change.

"Hi, Ninja," Tony greeted the new Agent with a curve of enthusiasm. Her face dropped, pulling her words into something off a soft groan. "I asked you not to call me that," she noted with bitterness. He shrugged his shoulders, the ends of his very expensive Italian suit rising to his cheeks.

"Can I tell you something?" he asked her. She immediately nodded. "What my father said to me about you. It kind of made sense." "Oh." Her voice registered understanding; however, her face did not.

"It's about time I sweep you off your feet," Tony told Ziva. "Is it?" "Yeah." He walked up to her, picking her up, bridal style. They kissed passionately as he rocked her gently.

"There's one thing my father didn't tell me to tell you," Tony added, "I love you, Ziva, my baby." She grinned, red as a cherry and tomato hybrid. "I love you, too."

He carried her out of the bullpen, into the elevator.

All because of a careless comment. Tony had finally come to his senses.