Chapter 3: A New Purpose

The Shirogane was wandering aimlessly in space, reflection Lee's situation – he did not have a purpose in life anymore.

His life had fallen apart, along with the Shadow-Mirror. Vindel Mauser's organization had been completely annihilated by the EFA's assault on the White Star; the alien Inspectors were also defeated and the mysterious Einst had disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared.

As for himself, he did not know what to do. Attack the EFA? He would be defeated in no time, even with his skill – they were far more numerous than his lone ship. He had been denied everything: his happiness with Cynthia and his revenge from the aliens and the EFA.

That is when it dawned on him – the Inspectors had identified themselves as hailing from a "Zuvorg Alliance," while the Aerogaters… they said they were from the Balmarian Empire! Cynthia's murderers were still out there, after all and he could take his revenge on them!

His eyes brightened and he looked at the space, a smile on his lips. But he soon regained his composure – if the Aerogaters were but a part of this "Balmarian Empire," he would stand no chance against them, and he did not want to fail again.

But the aliens would come back. And, when that happened, the EFA would deploy the same people as before to fight them: the Hiryu and Hagane's crews that had defeated the DC, the Aerogaters, the Neo-DC, the Shadow-Mirror, the Inspectors and probably the Einst, too.

And when that would happen, he would be there, too. For Cynthia.

Well, that does end this little fanfiction. First of all, I have to say that, as a Frenchman, my English is not perfect and can be improved. Second, I think that, if Lee appears again, that will be in the OG version of the Alpha 3 Balmar Plot (he survived for a reason in OGs, after all).
I hope you enjoyed it, if not, do tell me why. I need to improve.