You all know what couple popped into my brain the moment I saw this quote, didn't you?

"Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too."


Gokudera was never the most pleasant person to be around. He cursed and yelled at everyone, with the exception of his beloved Jyuudaime of course.

Yet Yamamoto always spotted his silver head in the midst of the crowd at every single baseball game. He figured out that even though Gokudera claimed that he only attended the games because Tsuna had asked him to, Gokudera attended most of the games of his own violation.

He knew, because Gokudera and Tsuna would be waiting for him outside of the locker rooms if Tsuna had indeed attended the game. If there was no one waited for him, he knew Gokudera had come of his own free will.

Yamamoto couldn't remember a time when he didn't feel more than friendship for the silver-haired Italian. From the moment the teacher had introduced the surly bomber to the class for the first time, Yamamoto had felt an attraction to him.

He thought of it as wrong at first. After all, Gokudera was in fact a guy. Walking in on him going from the bathroom to his bedroom stark naked in his apartment had proven that. But he later decided that he didn't care. He loved Gokudera, and he had no problem admitting that to himself.

Admitting that to the other boy, however, was a completely different story.

He needed to, but he could never summon up the courage.

Every time he would meet those emerald eyes, he would lose all courage. He would be lost in the emerald pools, standing there, mesmerized.

Finally, he walked into school one day, and noticed a note on his desk. He sat down and opened it, expecting it to be yet another girl he would have to turn down.

His amber eyes widened in shock as he read the words on the page.

You're a stupid idiot. You think I wouldn't know? You aren't subtle at all you nitwit. Your face always lights up when you see mine, and even the Tenth can tell.

I've been waiting and waiting, but it seems that you don't have any balls. What should I expect though, the only balls you have are baseball related. So I am bringing myself down to this level, leaving a note on your desk like those other idiotic schoolgirls that flock around you.

Date me.

No, I'm not asking. There's no need to.

You stupid baseball idiot.

Yamamoto's face lit up with the largest smile that had ever graced his face. His eyes flicked up from the note and landed on a slightly-blushing Italian. Gokudera scowled at him, but the blush betrayed him.

Yamamoto sent a thumbs up at the silver-haired Italian, who only scowled again. His blush deepened, and that's all Yamamoto needed to know.

That night, after Yamamoto's baseball game, Gokudera was waiting for him outside of the locker room.

Without Tsuna.

Yamamoto pulled the smaller teen into a tight hug, and to his surprise, felt the arms return it.