Well this was supposed to be up forever ago. But life gets in the way I guess…. So here's Edward's story of his first kiss. I had a bit of a…mental adventure with this one. But only because of when I had this story take place. So if you think the age and circumstance he had it under were a too young, believe me, I know. I'll explain later why he couldn't have been even a little bit older. But for now, please enjoy!

Edward's POV

"Alright, your turn." Bella turned to me and spoke.

"My turn?"

"Tell me the story of your first kiss." She nudged me. I shrugged.

"Alright." I made myself comfortable so I could tell my story.

"Wait, really? You're really going to tell me just like that?" I chuckled.

"Bella, it's not a big deal for me to tell you. It's not embarrassing for me. But I'll warn you now. I don't think you'll find my story as entertaining." She looked at me, waiting for me to continue. "Okay, so it was at a Fourth of July party for one of my dad's colleagues."

"Does everything significant for you happen at a party?"

"Do you want to hear the story or not?" Bella held up her arms in surrender. I smiled. "So as I was saying, it was at a party of a friend of my dad's…."

July 4th 2001

Today's July Fourth, which usually meant a quiet night, with some burgers on the grill and watching the fireworks from our backyard for us Cullen men. But not this year. This year one of my dad's friends, Dr. Bower, was having a huge barbeque at his house for the doctors of the hospital and their families. It sounded fun, but what I really wanted to do was stay home and play with the GameBoy Advance I recently got for my birthday. But there was no getting out of it. So at around five o'clock, dad loaded me, my brothers, and the 24 pack of beer he bought into the car.

Dr. Bower's house wasn't too far from ours and as we got closer, I was actually starting to look forward to it. Dr. Bower's house was really nice and he had an awesome game room.

Jasper, who was sitting next to me in the backseat, causally asked dad if Dr. Sanchez and his family were going to be there. Through the rearview mirror, I saw dad smile as he told Jasper that the last time he heard, they were. We all knew why Jasper asked though. He just wanted to know if Maria Sanchez was going to be there. Maria was Dr. Sanchez's eleven year old daughter and we all knew Jasper liked her liked her. With good reason too. Maria was easily the prettiest girl within all the doctors' daughters that we hang out with. She had long wavy dark brown hair and dark eyes. She was kind of shy but had a really nice smile. She was also the first of the girls to start…developing. Maria doesn't know Jasper likes her, but I don't think he plans on telling her.

As dad pulled up to Dr. Bower's large house, I could hear talking and laughter coming from inside. After my dad removed the drinks from the truck and locked the car, the four of us made our way over to the house. My brothers and I smiled and waved to those we knew and my dad shook hands with the men and hugged the women. As I looked around, I could tell not all the doctors from the hospital were here. Made sense, I guess. Someone had to work in the morning.

It wasn't until we were in the kitchen that we saw our hosts: Dr. Michael Bower and his wife, Jeanette. After asking how my brothers and I were doing, they told us to head down to the basement where all the other kids were and they would call us when the food was ready. The three of us made our way downstairs. When we reached the bottom step, Josh, Dr. Bower twelve year old son, came and greeted us.

"Hey guys, glad you could make it. Come on in." We nodded and said our thanks and walked further into the room. I caught sight of Maria and as she waved at us, I nudged Jasper.

"Look, Jasper, there's your girlfriend." I heard Emmett tease.

"Emmett, she's not my girlfriend." He replied slightly embarrassed and returned her wave. Emmett laughed and ran off in search for an available PlayStation controller.

"You going to be okay?" I asked my remaining brother. He nodded, still keeping his eyes on Maria. "Alright."

I made my rounds and said hello to all my friends. On the other side of the room, I met up with my friends Dean White and Daniel Harrison who were using the basketball hoop. I asked where they got the sodas they were holding and after getting myself a can of Sprite, I joined their game.

About ten minutes later, Josh called for everyone's attention. He held a plastic spoon and tapped it against is own soda can as if that would be loud enough. Eventually, everyone noticed and turned to face him.

"Thanks guys. Okay, so I know we're all having fun but I know how we can make it better." He smiled and I actually got a little curious. It was then that I noticed the empty two liter bottle of Coke on the floor by his feet. He picked it up. "How about a little game of spin the bottle/seven minutes in heaven?" I really can't tell you how everyone reacted. All I knew was, I'm out. No way was I playing. I'd seen that episode of "Boy Meets World."

It was silent when he first said it, but suddenly balls were dropped, games shut off, and two dozen kids rushed to the center to meet Josh, including my brothers. I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms. It was Emmett who noticed me.

"Aww come on Edward! It'll be fun." I shook my head.

"Come on Edward!" Someone shouted, which only caused cheers and shouts from others. Emmett decided it would be best to start the slow clap.

"Ed-ward. Ed-ward." He chanted with each clap. More people joined in and with each clap, it got faster. Pretty soon, everyone was doing it and I had no other choice but to join the game. Maybe if I got lucky, the bottle would never land on me.

"So how does it work?" Samantha Hawthorne asked.

"It's easy. Everyone's going to spin. If it lands on someone of the opposite sex, it counts. If not, you keep spinning until it does. Then the spinner and whoever the bottle landed on have to go into the closet for seven minutes to do whatever they want. There are two closets down here, so it'll go by faster. Then the next person spins and so on and so on until it gets to someone who had the bottle landed on. It skips and goes to someone who hasn't gone into the closet. This way, everyone gets a turn. Any questions?"

"What about siblings?" Joey Benson asked.

"Obviously not, stupid. I'm not going to have you kiss your sister. That's just gross. Anything else?" Everyone else stayed quiet and no hands were raised. "Alright well, we've all got to sit boy-girl so split up." Everyone but me got up and moved next to either a boy or a girl. At the end, I sat next to Maria on one side and her close friend Lucy, on the other.

"Okay, let's do this." Josh spoke.

I am not going to lie. This whole thing was very funny. The funniest part wasn't even seeing people's reactions when they left the closet. It was seeing who got paired up. The youngest kid here was ten and the oldest is thirteen. So I'm pretty sure nothing would happen.

About twenty minutes into the game, I was still laughing at the crazy couplings. But it wasn't until Jasper's spin that things really got interesting. The bottle pointed right at Maria.

There were plenty of whoops and hollers (mostly from Emmett) and a couple of groans from the boys who were most likely jealous of Jasper's luck. I looked up at my brother, who I almost couldn't recognize because of how red he was. I noticed Emmett about ready to burst with laughter. Maria sat shyly by my side, tucking her hair behind her ear. Jasper nervously got up and once she noticed that he did, she did too. Josh stood by the closet, ready to close the door once they entered. Once he did, Emmett let out his laugh. I shook my head.

A few minutes and a very happy looking Jasper later, the game continued and I was lucky enough not to have been chosen. But my luck ran out soon after Jasper and Maria returned. I'd never been so scared of a plastic bottle in my life.

It wasn't so much the game that freaked me out. It was what had to happen as a part of it. Besides at school and whenever us doctors' kids got together, I've never really been around girls, much less have to be put in a closet for seven minutes with one.

I looked up to see who the poor girl was.

Victoria Riley.

Victoria is the twelve year old daughter of the best OB/GYN in the state. Being the best means long hours and hard work, something that Victoria wasn't always ready to handle. This and being an only child made her what she is. Angry, defensive, and not always the nicest person to be around, according to some of the others kids. Personally, I thought she was just misunderstood.

Oh well. No getting out of it now. We got up at the same time and made our way over to the closet. The door was shut behind us and all we saw was total darkness.

It was completely quiet for ten seconds until Victoria spoke.

"I guess we should look for a light switch or something."

"Umm, yeah." My hand went to the wall and I heard hers hit it too. I found the switch and flicked it on. It didn't light up the whole room. Instead, it just gave a small dim. "Guess that's all we're going to get." She gave a soft smile.


It was clear this is how it was going to go for the next six minutes and thirty seconds. Might as well start a conversation.

"So how you been Victoria?" She looked at me.

"Good. Same as always. You?"

"I'm doing fine." She nodded and pushed some of her curly red hair behind her ear. "Pretty stupid, this game. Isn't it?"

"It's not stupid." She shook her head. "It's funny. Until it's your turn." I laughed.


"Your brother looked like he was enjoying himself though."

"That obvious?" She laughed.

"I don't think I've ever seen Jasper happier."

"I would say it definitely made his whole summer." She smiled.

"He got lucky. I mean, look who he got paired up with. Maria, she's…gorgeous. And all the boys like her and all…." She looked down.

"Hey," I spoke. "You okay?" She lifted her head a little.

"Yeah. Sorry. I just didn't really feel like coming tonight."

"Isn't your whole family here?"

"No, it's just me and my mom. My dad's working. As always."


"Yeah." She sighed. "Sorry that you had to be stuck in here with me."

"Victoria, I don't mind. We're friends. It's not like we're going to do anything anyway."

She let out a laugh as she nodded. "Right."

I don't like the tone she said that in. Was she seriously expecting me to kiss her?

"Uhh, I mean…unless-." Noticing my stutter, she looked up at me.

"No offense Edward, but I really don't want to be pressured into my first kiss in a dimly lit storage closet with the seconds ticking down."

Wait. She hasn't-. She never-. What?

"What- what about those two guys you're always with?" Victoria is in the middle school and Dean and Daniel are always saying how they see her hanging out with some blond kid and a dude with dreadlocks.

"James and Laurent? No, they're just my buddies. My best friends actually. I would never do something like that with them. It'd be too weird."She ended with a shrug, showing how creeped out she'd be by that. "How about you?"

"I don't know James or Laurent."

"No," she giggled. "I mean, have you ever… you know… kissed anyone?"

I don't know why but I actually felt really embarrassed to tell her the truth. It's not like there was anything to be ashamed of. I shook my head a bit.

"No?" she asked. I shook it more. "Oh. Well, it's okay. There's no need to rush it." I nodded.

We were in silence again.

"Unless," she spoke. "We-we could do it right now. You know, kiss."

"I- I thought you didn't want it to be like this. Here and now."

"I know but…." She shrugged. "We have the chance now. And we don't have to tell anybody if you don't want to. It'll be our secret."

"Uhh, I-." I didn't know what to say. I wasn't against this idea but I wasn't all for it either. I was thinking about it when we first got trapped in here, but now that she was actually bringing it up… I don't know. "I wouldn't know what to do."

"Neither would I." She reminded me. I nodded and looked away, still thinking about it. "Never mind. It's stupid. Just forget it."

"No Victoria, it's not. It's just…."I tried to think of a reason why I shouldn't and quickly realized there wasn't one. She wanted to. Technically, we were supposed to as part of the game. Sure, the setting wasn't perfect, but you can't ask for everything. I was the only one standing in the way. "Okay."


"We'll kiss."

"Are you- really? You're sure about this?"

"Yeah. I mean, we're kind of supposed to. Not that that's the reason why I'm doing it." I quickly explained. "It's just, you know, why not?"

She smiled. "Alright."


"Umm, I guess we should get a little closer."

"Right." Our steps were small but we were actually already pretty close. "Uhh, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do now."

"We'll umm, lean in." I nodded.

I leaned in and I could tell she did too. We met halfway. Our lips were only inches apart. And then I, trying to be the man, closed the gap.

I guess I should be happy she didn't already pull away. I told her I had no idea what I was doing. But it wasn't terrible. Once our lips met, I closed my eyes as if it were second nature. I hoped she did too, because if she didn't, that'd be pretty embarrassing. Her lips were soft and not chapped or cracked like some girls at school had.

About five more seconds passed and we both pulled away. Our eyes opened. She bit her lip, turned her head, and started blushing.

"Sorry if that wasn't-."

"No, it was fine Edward." She turned back to me. "It was great." She smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. I smiled back.

"I don't mind if people find out by the way. I mean, you can tell people if you want."

"Alright." She nodded.

"My brothers will probably get it out of me anyway so…."We both laughed, then, as if on cue, the door opened.

"Alright time's up you two." Josh's voice called. We straightened up. "How'd it go?" He smirked.

"That's none of your business Josh." Victoria snapped and walked out. I followed, not looking at him. The three of us made our way back to the group and I tried not to make eye contact with my brothers. I took my place next to Maria and the game continued.

It was Emmett's turn.

He gave the bottle a hard spin and it spun around really fast. Once it finally settled down, we got to see who the poor victim would be.

It landed on…Shelly Boyd.

Shelly's twelve and both her parents are orthodontists. So she definitely has the highest form of help. Long story short, she's got headgear and a big crush on Emmett. One that he is very much aware of.

Some guys are just lucky I guess.

As Shelly very eagerly got up, we all heard a voice coming from upstairs.

"Kids, food's ready!"Mrs. Bower. Josh shot up.

"Coming, mom!" Her yelled in her direction then turned to us. "Umm guys, my parents don't know we were playing this. So let's not tell them. Okay, let's go eat!" Emmett was practically on his feet by the time Mrs. Bower finished talking. All the kids followed and got up. They all but ran to the stairs. I noticed someone stayed behind.


As I faced her, she gave me a small smile. I returned it. With that, she turned and went with all the other kids up the stairs.

I followed after her.

"Aww. Wow." Bella spoke once I finished. I shrugged.

"Told you it wasn't as good as yours."

"Edward, you probably made Victoria's entire week."

"She did seem pretty happy, I suppose. I saw her a couple of times after that. But a few months later, we moved to Summit and I kind of lost contact with everyone."

"Oh. Well, you should try to get in touch with some of them. I'd love to meet your old friends." I chuckled and kissed the top of her head.

"That would be nice."

"Well, thank you for telling me all that. And I'm sorry for being so stubborn about opening up."

"It's okay. Your stubbornness is one of the reasons I love you so much." She smiled and went to kiss me. My lips met hers in a soft kiss. I pulled away but remained very close to her face.

"You know, we really should get back to work." I whispered seriously. Bella sighed and turned away.

"You're right."

"Let's do some more work and then maybe we can take another break. But no storytelling this time." I smirked.

Bella returned it.

"Sounds like a really good idea."

So I'm curious as to how many of you thought Edward was going to have to kiss Maria. I noticed I kind of made it sound like that. Well, as Edward mentioned before, the Cullen men would have moved to Summit months after that Fourth of July BBQ. Which is the reason I could not have made them any older.

I hope you guys enjoyed this because I really enjoyed writing this. Please leave a review and I'll see you the next time my creative little brain comes up with something. Thanks for reading!