You're the only one I turn to
When I feel like no one's there
And when I'm lonely in my darkest hour
You give me the power
To sit and pretend

- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Damn Regret

Caroline wanted to kill him. Preferably set him on fire but she had a feeling he'd just deflect it.

He came home late, refused to speak to her and dragged himself to lie on the couch, all the while ignoring her questions about his state. She was just worried about him and he was being a jerk.

Christian Ozera was possibly the most infuriating boy she ever had the misfortune of meeting. The sarcasm, the mockery, the carelessness, the stubbornness, the arrogance – the everything! People like him should be scourged from this earth, like weeds they were. And she was going to end him.

Fireball in hand, she calculated how far she needed to throw to hit his head but at the last minute he turned around and smirked at her, the gall and beckoned her to come over to where he was seated on his bed. She didn't extinguish her fireball until he took it from her and put it out like it was nothing. Yeah, yeah, he was good at what he did, whatever.

He pulled her down on his lap and started patting her hair, playing with the curls. He liked doing that a lot and when he got bored he set it on fire.

"What's wrong now?" He asked, ice blue eyes thoughtful.

He could read her like a book now after weeks of living together. She'd found him asleep on the streets after he ran away from the Moroi palace, escaping from the life of comfort and love with a queen because he just wanted to be a rebel. She couldn't believe it either but she quickly learned Christian Ozera just wasn't one to follow the crowd.

She took him in because she felt sorry for him and the townhouse she lived in was lonely and she wanted to annoy her dad who kept kissing asses to the Moroi royalty. Caroline may have been born a commoner Moroi but she had some pride, something Christian admired about her.

"Today was her wedding," She said, it was unspoken thing between them not to mention his ex-girlfriend's name. "Why did you go without me?"

He looked guilty, looking down and took her hands in his. "I needed to see her, one last time."

They sat there in silence as they digested the words. He just needed to see the girl he loved, the one who wanted him to change so much to fit her new life, the girl he loved for most of his teenage life and now he was older and he was in love with someone else. He needed the closure.

"And how was it?" Caroline finally asked.

"Terrible." He admitted, grimacing. "I hate weddings."

"Really? I love weddings."

He nodded. "Of course you would." Then he thought again. "You're not asking me to propose are you?"

Her eyes widened at that. She wasn't expecting that at all and she almost fell of his lap n her shock. "What? No!" She was only twenty for God's sake! she still wanted to do so many things first. Getting married so young was out of the question.

"Good," Then he added. "Not that I don't ever want to marry you but um…."

"Yeah." She nodded, totally understanding what he didn't say. "Someday."

"Someday." He agreed. "And it's going to be all black."

She wanted to smack him so she did. What was up with outcasts and wearing black? All this boy wore was black this and black that.

But then she would agree except for her dress.