Part 1.0

One night, I was sleeping and I heard a noise outside my window, it sounded like a scream or a really loud screech. I was too scared to look outside because, I had no clue what was out there and it was too dark to see. I ran into my parent's room to wake them but they would not answer or wake up. I was scared and confused, I walked to the front door to go outside and I saw a bright, green light that blinded me. I fell to the floor and cowered in fear; I got back to my feet and walked to the door again.

I opened the door slowly, it made a squealing noise; I walked outside to see nothing but darkness and fear. I was scared because I felt like I was all alone and that the world stopped for a moment. I walked to the street to see if I could find where the noise was coming from, and in the corner of my eye, i saw a blinking orange light and I turned around quickly and it turned out to be the streetlight. I turned back around to look for the origin of the noise, I walked a bit to see an outline of a little child, but I wasn't entirely sure. I walked closer to the figure but, before I could get too close, it screeched and ran into the woods.

I ran after the figure, but I came to regret it, I came to a stop, looked around and couldn't see where I was. I searched for the opening I ran into but I just could not find it, I heard noises and rustling coming from the darkness. All of a sudden, I felt this cold and moving object; I looked down to see a cold breeze blowing past my legs. I started to get colder and colder, I tried to stay warm but, it was no use. Then, I saw the child size figure; I ran over to it and looked at it and saw it had no face, I backed up in shock. The figure ran again and I decided not to run after it because I didn't know where I end up.

I saw an opening in the woods and ran towards it, I was back to the street and then I saw two more outlines but this time there were bigger than the last one. I was confused, wondering why two more figures showed up out of nowhere. They started walking towards me and I went to turn and run, but before I could turn they vanished and reappeared behind me. The figures began to mumble words but I could not understand what they were saying.

I was terrified because I didn't know what was happening or what was going to happen. One the figures placed his hand on my shoulder and I felt a shock going through my body. It began to speak in an eerie voice and I could understand what it was saying, it said "We are known as The Creatures, I am Shadow and my friend is Abyss, the creature you saw earlier was a child and it is not used to seeing humans yet". I whipped around to look at them face to faceless, I said to them "what are you doing here and what did you mean by not used to seeing humans"? Just before I could finish my question they disappeared in an instant, I turned around in all directions to find them but they were nowhere in sight.

All of a sudden, the bright, green light flashed again and everything around me began to fade away. The houses began to fade first, next was the streetlights and the woods, then the street under my feet started to fade. There was barely anything left except me and the blurriness of the world surrounding me…..