Part 2.0

The world began to become an empty shell of what it used to be. I did not know what to do, to fix what was happening because i had no clue what was going on. After a few minutes the world was gone and all that was left was this soul.

I fell to the white surface beneath me; I laid there waiting for a sign of life or just a noise. Time went by so slow, it felt like I laid there forever, but in reality it hadn't been that long. A few hours past and I finally stood up; I started walking looking for anything that would point to a sign of life.

It seemed like a walked a long time and then I saw a speck of light on the ground in front of me. I reached down to get the light but just before I could a hand grabbed my wrist. I looked up to see Shadow and Abyss, they said to me "we were the ones that caused the world to fade away" and then I asked them "why did you do that for"?

We did it because the humans don't deserve to have a world to live in. I asked them why, they said "humans are carless and irresponsible of what they have". I started to get angry at them because they were lying; I said not all humans are careless and irresponsible.

They said we have made our decision and it is final no matter what you say. I went to attack them but they vanished again, I sat to think how I could get the world back to the way it was.

I came up with a reckless and careless plan to bring the world back. I called out the creatures names; they appeared in front of me. I told them that I would give myself up in exchange for the world. They turned around to talk to each other and decide if that would be a proper trade.

They turned back to me and told me that would be acceptable and I said but before I go bring everything back first. The world slowly came back to what it was; I then walked over to them and disappeared into thin air.