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Enjoy the last part!

The summer months passed by quickly, and soon the staunch heat of Atlanta melted into a breezy, rainy fall and then a mildly cooler winter. Between both of Daryl's jobs and both of Glenn's, they had slowly began chipping away at debt payments on the apartment, furniture, and loans, even if the Korean grumbled as Daryl signed check after check.

"'m tired of gettin' all those damn phone calls," was his only answer when Glenn shot him dirty looks.

Come December, his debt had shrunk substantially. There was a lingering worry in the air that had nothing to do with debt, however, but entirely with money. Stores had put up fake Christmas trees and had been playing Christmas music since Thanksgiving (which Glenn and Daryl had celebrated with prepackaged turkey and burnt stuffing), and with this new decor Glenn had started to worry about the other thing that came with Christmas: gifts.

Pretty much all of both of Glenn's paychecks went towards bills and food, even with Daryl chipping in on half. Two minimum wage jobs were still minimum wage, particularly when he succeeded in sending in a new bill payment without Daryl finding out and having to pay.

Glenn had spent hours wandering around after work, staring into department store windows and picking out gifts he would buy if he had the monetary ability. The one thing he'd been eying lately was a crossbow care set at a local hunting store- he'd heard Daryl's stories about how he preferred to hunt with crossbows as opposed to rifles or shotguns, and the package included a new set of bolts, cleaning supplies, and new wax for the string. The only sad thing? The package was over two hundred dollars.

So he simply sulked back home, keeping the gift in mind in case he struck gold one day cleaning out his apartment.

Needless to say, by Christmas day, Glenn had still been too broke to buy his boyfriend (and god, was that still weird to say) any sort of gift. And to make it worse, Daryl had mumbled some kind of excuse for having to spend Christmas with Merle, leaving the Korean alone in the apartment that day.

"For being so damn small, you feel really big without Daryl here..."

Glenn's words were muttered to the empty air as he sat at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee and eggnog in his hands. Between lack of work and his roommate not being home, the day had gone by painfully slowly. It was even worse, knowing that Daryl probably wouldn't be home until the next morning.

As he sulked at the table, he glanced over to the small, pathetic little juniper bush that Daryl had cut down for their "tree". It had a few dingy ornaments on it, and Glenn remembered nearly dying of laughter when they tried to pot it in a much too small pot. There had been soil everywhere.

But now the bush just looked dingy and depressing, especially thinking of the man that had cut it down and brought it home.

With a frustrated groan, he forced himself to stand, pouring the rest of his coffee down the drain before wandering over to the bed. Given that he had work the next day and that Daryl wasn't home, he couldn't think of a reason to stay up right now. The sun had set a while ago, and the only light on in their apartment was a little side table lamp next to their bed.

Daryl had gotten tired of sleeping on the couch, so one day after work Glenn had gotten home to find his old bed and mattress out on the curb of the apartment building, and a new, larger set inside. He hadn't even bothered to ask about that, even if he hadn't taken the redneck for the type to enjoy sleeping in the same bed as another guy... Even if that guy happened to be in an odd sort of unspoken relationship with him.

Neither of them had really cemented the relationship by asking one or the other out.. It just didn't feel right between the two of them. The closest they'd gotten was their first little awkward moments, but even out in public most took them as friends.

Granted, it probably didn't help that Daryl was vaguely panicking whenever they were out in public, worried that his brother or someone that knew his brother would see him and Glenn together. And Glenn, well... Public displays of affection had never been his strong suit.

So they settled on a simple routine- in public they just acted as they always did. It was in private that the awkward bantering turned into even more awkward bantering, only this time with attempted flirty over- and undertones.

Glenn shook his head and yawned, about to lift his shirt over his head when he heard footsteps outside the door. Thinking nothing of it, he continued what he was doing, tossing his shirt into the corner of the room. The rustling of the shirt masked the quiet opening and closing of the door, so the rough clearing of a throat nearly scared him shitless.

He spun around with wide eyes, only to exhale heavily when he realized that the only person there was the redneck in general. Wait.

"Aren't you supposed to be at Merle's?"

Maybe that wasn't the best thing to say right off the bat. Daryl gave him a sharp glare in return, keeping something hidden in his hand.

"Jeez, ya act like yer not happy t' see me or somethin'..."

"I am! It's just. Well. You said you would be at Merle's..."

"He's drunk. So he wouldn' notice nothin' if I disappeared. Can't leave my chink alone on Christmas, after all."

He was flattered, really. Honestly. The usage of racial slurs had become terms of endearment between them, even if Glenn still rolled his eyes at the constant use of them as opposed to his name.

Glenn gave him a little, awkward grin before getting over his surprise, walking over and wrapped his arms around Daryl's shoulders. It was nice, getting surprised like this. "Merry Christmas, Daryl."

"Yeah, yeah. Don' get all sappy on me now," he muttered in response, but nonetheless gave him a tight hug back. "Why didn't ya plug in the lights?"

For a few moments, the Korean was confused at what he was asking, Then he turned to look over at their "tree", and it clicked. There was a string of lights wrapped around it, but the plug laid on the floor as opposed to in the wall. Daryl disentangled himself from the other's arms and made his way over, kneeling down to plug the lights in.

Immediately, the white lights flicked on, casting a weird set of shadows on the walls that would've been creepy if it wasn't for the atmosphere.

A few moments after, Daryl took a seat on the floor in front of the tree and looked expectantly over at Glenn, who followed him much like an Asian puppy a few minutes after the lights flicked on. He took a seat next to the redneck, who slung an arm around his shoulders and pulled him to lean against his more built form.

For several minutes, they just sat there together. It was nice, comforting sort of, with the warmth of their bodies and the nearly fluorescent lighting of the tree. Actually, now that he thought about it... The past few months, after they got over their awkwardness, had been some of the most comfortable for Glenn in a very long time... almost his entire life, actually. He allowed a small smile to spread across his face, simply enjoying the moment.

"Oh. I got ya somethin', too..."

"Hey! I said you better not do that!" Glenn's smile turned into a scowl as he slapped the redneck's shoulder, not exactly pleased that he'd gone around what he'd said and actually got him a gift.

"Yeah, yeah, but when do I listen to what ya tell I shouldn' do?" Scoffing off Glenn's chastising, he shifted to fiddle with something next to him, out of the Korean's line of vision.

Frowning, the Korean in question twisted to try and see what the hell he was doing, but stopped when Daryl turned to give him a look that told him that he'd better stop before he stopped him. With a pout, Glenn stopped trying to peer around him, but gave him a glare nonetheless. Finally, when Daryl turned back to look at him, he gave him a curious look, wondering what the hell the gift was.

"Hold out yer hand and close yer eyes."

For a few moments, Glenn gave him a curious look, before doing what he was told to. He thought he heard Daryl mumbling something about 'hoping it fits', before his hand was taken by a pair of rougher, calloused ones. There was a bump of something cool and smooth, before it slid onto his middle finger.

"You bought me a ring?"

To say Glenn was freaking out would be an understatement. This was- well, considering what rings usually meant- way unexpected from Daryl. Extremely unexpected. They'd only been together for around six months! Not long enough for this step! His eyes were wide and his mouth had fallen slack in shock as he stared at the redneck, not even looking at the thin band around his finger.

"I'm not fucking proposin' to ya!" Daryl's reply was quick and hasty, sounding almost embarrassed. He shook his head a few times, free hand sliding up to rub the back of his neck before groaning and continuing his explanation.

"I'm not asking ya to fucking marry me or anything... It's just that I don' like all those girls who keep flirting with ya. Yer mine, chink, so now they'll at least stop flirting."

Glenn stared at the redneck. That was... eerily cute, coming from who it was coming from. The possession he could understand, but the symbolic way of going about it?

Finally he looked away from the redneck and down at the small silver band around his middle finger. It was simple, but he expected no more from Daryl. His free hand moved to stroke the smooth silver with a little smile, not entirely sure how or what to say with his thanks. So, he decided on something equally simple to thank him.

Glenn turned and placed a small, chaste kiss on the redneck's cheek, that small smile still spread across his lips when he pulled back. Daryl was looking at him curiously, as if trying to figure out his response.

"Thank you," the Korean said at last, giving a light laugh at the little turn of a smirk he got in reply.

"Yer welcome, Glenn."

"Y'know. This is turning out to be a better Christmas than I thought- you even called me my name!"

The subtly snide remark earned Glenn a sharp punch in the shoulder before they both began to laugh, somehow finding each other's lips in the middle of it and sharing their second, but far from last, Christmas kiss.