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The warm water cascaded down from the shower head and eased my muscles in a burning hot massage. I heard the door creak open, but ignored the noise thinking Gaara was dropping off clothes or something else on the bathroom sink. I was far past shocked when I heard the shower curtain rustle and felt two arms slide around my sides near my breasts to hold out their palms under the warm water. Quickly a chisled chest was pressed against my back and a head was buried in the crook of my neck.

I forced myself to stay calm even though my body was on high alert. The arms pulled back, brushing against my breasts, before the hands gripped my hips and pulled me back tighter against the man teasing me. Then those very hands began to rub cirlces on my hips causing me to bite my lip in an attempt to not moan loudly. I refused to give into his wants so quickly. Just to piss him off, I reached down and grabbed the shampoo, conviently pressing my ass into his already hardening manhood, before continuing my regular shower routine. I heard a low growl from the mouth pressed against my pulse, but I pretended to be oblivious.

I was forced to pay attention to the red head, though, when he yanked me back against him before pressing his mouth against my ear and forcing my head sideways slightly. "Having fun you little tease?" I knew he wasn't going to treat me like glass or hold back, and somehow that excited me. For good measure I ground my ass against his dick a couple times to really get him hot and bothered. He let out a sound that was a mixture of a growl and a low moan. He slipped an arm around my waist and slid his hands down my hips toward my core before stopping and dragging his hands back up. He repeated this action until I was desperately panting.

"Touch me." I hissed, my eyes almost rolling back in my head when he came particularly close to my womanhood. The next time his hands came close I ground my hips back into him and let a low moan. That seemed to push him over the edge because he whipped me around and smashed his lips against mine. My hands quickly became tangled in his mess of red hair. His hand dipped down to inject two fingers into me and I let out a low moan, reveling in how amazing it felt.

He grinned at his obvious power over me but his amusement was cut short when I wrapped a slender hand around his painfully hard manhood. He growled and I smirked, gliding my hand up and down his slick member, wet from precum and water. Quickly I could tell he was getting excited and he stopped pumping his fingers in me and removed my hand from his erection. His hands came to support me under my ass, lifting me up so I wrapped my legs around his waist. He stepped out of the shower while flicking off the water, me still attached to him, and quickly made his way out of the bathroom.

He took us across the hall to his bedroom, quickly moving over to the bed and leaning over so I fell to the bed and he held himself up over me. He let a feral grin spread across his face and I returned it. He slid down my body until his mouth was at the level of my womanhood. He nuzzled it, eliciting a moan from me, before begining to thrust into me with his tongue. I gripped the sheets tightly, arching my back with a loud moan. He smirked as he continued until I was thrown into a mind blowing orgasm that had me panting and seeing stars.

When I finally came down from it I found him patiently sitting at my entrance with a fully erect member. I nodded to him, giving him permission, before he thrust into me. I let out a whimper and his eyes widened since I had failed to mention I had managed to somehow keep my virginity in tact through everything else. He leaned down and kissed my cheeks gently, helping distract me. When I began to move, shifting him inside of me, he pulled back and slammed back in bringing to me a new sensation of pleasure. I threw my hands into his hair and tugged on it causing an anamalistic growl to rise from his throat.

I giggled at his happy reaction before continuing to kneed his hair while he thrust into me repeatedly. Too fast for my liking we were both panting and I could tell both of us were close to release. Just as I orgasmed, screaming loudly, I felt him yank himself out of me and warm sticky strings fell onto my body. I smiled at him through my exhaustion and he fell to the bed beside me before pulling me to him and wrapping his body around mine.

Just as his breathing evened out and he slipped into slumber I whispered, "I love you." before sleep took me too.


When I awoke and my beautiful woman was lying next to me, I couldn't stop the grin that spread across my face. I reached out and gently peeled back the comforter covering her chest, but not for round two. Instead I stared at the angry red scar on her chest, glaring back at me with the knowledge it was a reminder I hadn't been enough for her to live for. I knew it wasn't like that, that she wanted to die because she didn't want to hurt me, but everytime I thought about it all I could think was, 'I wasn't enough.'

I leaned forwards and pressed my lips to the scar, placing a soft kiss on it. Her eyes fluttered open when I did it and I continued smiling, watching her closely as she leaned down and placed her forehead against mine.

"Gaara, will things stay like this forever?" I stared into her eyes, slightly confused on why she was asking such a question.

"I hope so," I responded honestly and she nodded, still keeping out foreheads touching. In that delicate moment, I found hope for a beautiful future between the two of us.