I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters, plotlines, or settings in it. If I did, Severus Snape wouldn't have died.Takes place 6th year. (Marauders Era, after Severus is lead into the Shrieking Shack by Sirius during the full moon and James saves him from Lupin as a werewolf).

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As the four young wizards began to leave the grand office, Albus Dumbledore called out.

"And James, I will be sending a letter to your grandparents, to tell them about your heroic actions." They could hear the smile in his voice.

There was no response as they moved down the stairs. When they'd stepped off the gargoyle to enter the Headmaster's corridor, Severus suddenly grabbed James' arm.

"The room – NOW!" he hissed.

James simply nodded, and followed him to the seventh floor, where "The Room" (of Requirement, that was) was located. They didn't realize Remus and Sirius were still following until they were about to go in.

"What's all this about, James?" asked Sirius.

"What the hell are you doing following us around?" Snape demanded, before thinking better of it. "Actually, I suppose you should probably come in too though since this will affect you." There was a sneer in his voice, however.

They all entered the room and looked around. It had four couches in deep blues, greens and browns. Giving off an earthy feel to the room, it was expensively decorated and had many bookshelves, as well as a fireplace and a window. There was a huge liquor cabinet in the corner, one that Severus headed to straightaway. He grabbed a bottle of brandy and a tumbler and sat on one of the green couches.

"Damn, this is going to cause so many problems. Damn!" Severus muttered to himself as he threw back three shots of brandy.

He then finished his third tumbler and threw the glass across the room, breaking it, and promptly took a drink straight from the bottle.

Remus and Sirius just stared at him in shock while James went over to the cabinet and grabbed a whisky and sat on the brown couch.

"You can say that again, Sev. How long do you think it will take for the Howlers to show up? And are you good?"

"Yeah – I'm fine," said Severus as he watched an owl approach the window. "And I believe it's here."

The owl flew through the window and dropped a familiar red letter. Severus conjured a soundproof glass box around the letter and starts to time the letter as it yells.

"I'm finished! Why did the Headmaster need to send them a letter?" says James as the howler rages on.

"Does someone want to tell us what's going on?" asked Remus. It was the first time either he or Sirius had spoken since the four of them had entered the Room.

"Oh, right, you two are here. Severus, what do you want me to explain?" James asked casually.

"Might as well just tell them everything – with all this codswallop we're in, they're bound to get roped into it too, James. And you both should probably sit down." He addressed Remus and Sirius in his last order.

They obeyed and sank into the remaining couches.

"Well," James began, "it started in our first year when our grandparents sent a note to the Headmaster that their heir would be attending Hogwarts, and that they expected him to receive the appropriate treatment. But they never said who the heir was, and the Headmaster just assumed that they would be a rich Gryffindor because who else could be heir to the magical throne of Canada?" James explained.

"Wait a minute – your grandparent, as in the both of you? And heir to magical Canada?" Sirius interrupted.

"Yeah – our mothers are sisters." James explained.

Remus only paled, and said, "But if it's not James then it's you… and almost… killed – Merlin… I'm – so –"

"Don't worry about it," says Severus, cutting him off. "I don't fall under Britain's laws so technically it's Sirius who's in trouble, and, well, James."

"So, as I was saying," James continued, "the Headmaster thought I was the heir, so he pulled me aside and said that if I ever needed anything I could simply ask him, and as soon as I got out of there I went to find Sev to figure out what to do. After a while we decided to let him continue making his assumptions and believe that it was me, not Sev, that was the heir. And now I'm in trouble for almost letting him get hurt and…"

"SHIT!" yells Severus suddenly. "They're coming here to see the four of us tomorrow. For lunch – at the Maison Bleu in London." And with that, he passed the letter he was holding to James.


Both boys cowered and Sirius jumped behind the couch.

"Now, now, Lily, I'm perfectly fine, no need to worry about anything." Severus said, and Lily rushed over to him to check.

"Are you sure you're alright? Has Poppy had a look at you?" she asked, her voice softening.

"No, but my grandparents are coming to see us tomorrow, and if I know them they will bring a whole team of Healers," Severus replied. Lily's eyes sparkled when she heard the news.

"Do you mind if I come too? I really want to see them again."

"Alright, I'll tell them you're coming." As she sits down next to him.

"Now we just need a plan… hmm… since tomorrow's a Saturday we can say that after getting the news about last night, James's grandparents want to see all of us and Lily." Severus continued.

"Yes, that should work. Severus, do you want me to go and tell the Headmaster now?" James questioned.

"Yes, I think that would be good. We can all meet here around ten tomorrow morning and Floo over to the restaurant."

"Ok, I'll tell the rest of you what the Headmaster says but it seems as if we already know the answer. Sev, do you want tell Remus and Sirius how they should act?" James asked casually.

"Yes I should do that." He turned to face them. "The first thing I should go over with you is the greeting, I suppose. It's very important to make a good first impression. Now, those who are higher up in social status will be greeted first, that primarily being my grandfather. Next, you must remember to greet them with proper respect by bowing at the waist..."

As Severus went on to discuss etiquette with the other boys and Lily, James left the room to speak with the Headmaster once again.

When James approached the gargoyle he muttered "cookie dough blizzard" and it moved aside to the stairs. Clearly, this was an attempt on Dumbledore's part to stay on James' good side. Poor Severus would be so disappointed. Just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard "come in my boy" from behind the door. He sat down in front of the desk and the Headmaster – as always – asked if he wants a lemon drop, which he – as always - declined.

"Now, what is it that you wanted, my boy?" Albus asked in his grandfatherly voice.

"You see Headmaster, I was wondering if a group of us could leave the grounds tomorrow to go and meet my grandparents for lunch? After they got your letter they sent one themselves telling me that they wanted to see myself, Sirius, Remus, Lily and Severus." James spoke with a measured tone, one that would ensure he got what he wanted.

"I can understand your friends and I would guess that they need to have some words with that Snape boy, but why would they want to see Lily?" Dumbledore looked concerned.

"Well, we were thinking of getting together but we need the permission of my grandparents, you see."

"Yes, yes that will be fine my boy, I could meet you at the Entrance Hall at nine."

"Thank you, Headmaster. That will be wonderful, thank you for your help."

"Not a problem at all, James. You know that you can always come to me for anything. Now, how about some tea?"

After James finished his tea, he went back to tell the others what the Headmaster said. He didn't arrive a moment too soon, for when he came in Severus just said that their lessons were done. James reported what was exchanged between himself and Dumbledore, and they agreed to sneak back into the castle once they were out of sight. They then split up for the night and headed to their dorms.

"How the bloody hell do you remember all of those rules, James?" Sirius demanded as the Marauders approached Gryffindor Tower.

"Oh, please, you thought that was all of them? Wait until Severus really dives into them," replied James, laughing. In the back of his mind, though, he was more worried about facing his grandparents the next day.