The Wrong Royal – Epilogue

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It had been ten years since the wedding. Throughout those years, Severus and Lily lived at the palace, with his parents and grandparents. They learned how to govern and rule the country from the current king and queen and participated in a lot of charity work with Severus's mother.

As Severus promised, he and Lily took many trips around the world. They went back to Britain at least once a month to see Lily's friends and family. Three years after their marriage, they had their first child, Cassandra. In her parents' eyes, she was perfection. She was a beautiful combination of them, with Severus's eyes and hair and with Lily's face and personality. To them, she was their perfect little princess, and a year later, their son Harry came along, looking like a mini-Severus, the only difference between him and his father being the green eyes Harry inherited from Lily.

The young family walked through the lights around Niagara Falls. It was two days before New Year's Eve, so the light festival was underway, and because it was winter in Canada, there was snow all over the place. The children loved it, though - Cassandra and Harry were running around and playing in the snow, while Severus and Lily walked behind them, holding hands like a young couple, the young couple they once were.

"Be careful dears, watch out for the ice," Lily warned as the family got closer to the Falls, where the mist had frozen into ice.

Lily and Severus held their children's hands as they crossed the street to look at the world-renowned waterfalls. Icicles hung from the railings and everything else and the ground was slippery to walk on. Severus had to stop Harry from falling at least twice.

At the viewing area, Severus looked around to see if anyone was watching him, before taking out his wand and casting a Shield Charm on the edge. It was only a safety precaution, so no one would fall, and he reasoned that he would be protecting rather than harming the Muggles. Then, he joined his family at the edge. Looking out, over the edge at the falls, glowing in the light, with his wife in his arms and their children with them, Severus couldn't help thinking that it was the most perfect sight in the world.

The End!

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