**David and Teddy are strapped into the amphibicopter. The Ferris wheel has just collapsed and David is left praying to the Blue Fairy.**

David: Please, oh please, Blue Fairy! Make me into a real boy so that my mommy will love me! Please oh please..

**The Blue Fairy speaks in a pretty echoey voice.**

Blue Fairy: This wand is very special, David. It has the power to turn Mecha into Orga. Is this what you wish, David?

David: Yes! Please make me into a real boy so that my mommy will love me and say a thousand hundred times a day that she loves me...blah blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda...

**Blue Fairy shoots blue sparkles out of her wand, enveloping the amphibicopter. It rises a few inches off the ground, then drops as the sparkles subside.**

David (looking at hands): Oh wow! I'm a REAL BOY!

**Camera zooms away, so that we can no longer see the amphibicopter's inhabitants, but can hear their voices.**

David: But..but...Teddy..you're....a REAL BEAR!!!


David: AAAH! Keep me safe! Keep me safe! Keep me safe!

**Camera zooms away completely as we see the amphibicopter rocking, hear Teddy roaring, and hear David still screaming "Keep me safe! Keep me safe!" Soon they are out of sight, and the credits show.**

A/N: Wasn't this a better ending? Heheheh..