The long awaited sequel to the bloody spectacle that is Elfen Lied has finally risen its fanfic form at least! This fanfic will play out as if another 13 episodes of the Anime were produced from the last third of the Manga (from about ch. 72-109). Of course there will be some divergence from the original Manga as expected, but this should stay fairly true to the canon. After giving people a chance to leave their advice, I've waited long enough and am going out on a limb with this one (pun intended). I do of course have another fantastic accomplice in my gruesome tale: The Layman will be helping me with this one. So with the power of two minds, this will hopefully be a great success and maybe make you laugh, cry or even write a review.

I've also redone nearly the entire dub cast for the Anime, as well as included some sub and dub voice actors for the new Manga-only characters. I figured it helps give - the new characters especially, a mental sound to each character in the story. So here's the new (hypothetical) Voice Actors for the Second Season (you should look their names up on Wikipedia to find out what else they're in).

Lucy/Nyu: Stephanie Sheh (US); Sanae Kobaysahi (Jap)

Kouta: Yuri Lowenthal (US); Chihiro Suzuki (Jap)

Yuka: Jamie Marchi (US); Mamiko Noto (Jap)

Nana: Karen Strassman (US); Yuki Matsuoka (Jap)

Mayu: Mela Lee (US); Emiko Hagiwara (Jap)

Bandou: Jason Douglas (US); Jouji Nakata (Jap)

Kakuzawa Snr: Andy McAvin (US); Kinryu Arimoto (Jap)

Ms. Arakawa: Kari Wahlgren (US); Eriko Ishihara (Jap)

Nozomi: Cherami Leigh (US); Yuuko Gouto (Jap)

Anna Kakuzawa: Laura bailey (US); Kana Hanazawa (Jap)

Number 28: Caitlin Glass (US); Tomoe Sakuragawa (Jap)

Unknown Man: Crispin Freeman (US); Shou Hayami (Jap)

Dr. Nousou: Ethan Murray (US); Jun Fukuyama (Jap)

The Agent: Colleen Clinkenbeard (US); Yuuko Miyamura (Jap)

Mio*: Wendee Lee (US); Satomi Satou (Jap)

Oh and like any good Anime, there should also be an epic playlist to capture the mood of each scene. Anyway enough with the Author's rant, let's begin the show as we proceed with the First Episode of Elfen Lied's Second Season – Elfen Lied: The Second Verse...

Track 1: Playlist (Most of these can be found on Youtube)

Elfen Lied OP - Lilium

Elfen Lied OST - Yakusouku

Bleach OST 1 - Going Home (acoustic ver.)

Fairy Tail OST 1 - Ghost

Claymore OST - Kokoro no Kizuato

Elfen Lied: The Second Verse

Track 1: Auferstehung (復活): Resurrection

~ "And God said, "Let us make man in Our image – according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth the earth..." Genesis 1:26~

"Wow! Soumen tastes so good! ~Sugoi!" Nana remarked with great enthusiasm as she slurped up another bowl full of the cold noodles.

"Settle down Nana, there won't be any left for the rest of us!" Kouta laughed. Nana was just one of the girls Kouta had taken into his home over the last few months. Well, actually the Maple Inn was owned by Yuka's mother and had been entrusted to Kouta to look after the former restaurant, as long as he maintained it and kept it all together. Well they had struggled to keep the whole place in one piece due to a number of shenanigans with a former tenant. Now it seemed things had returned to a sense of normality since she had departed only a few weeks ago. The Maple Inn had felt half as empty since losing that girl several weeks ago. Kouta and the others were still awaiting her return, leaving a spare bowl of noodles to rest on the table as they had done for every meal since she left. As much as he enjoyed the trivial gesture for her, Kouta knew somewhere in his heart that she may never be able to return.

"This Spring weather were having is lovely isn't it?" a young woman named Yuka remarked. Though her mother entrusted the house with Kouta, she decided to live with the young man she had adored for most of her life. Together, Kouta and Yuka were like the Mother and Father in the Kaede Household.

At least that was according to Mayu's definition – one of the other girls who had been taken under Kouta's whim. "Yeah, I think I'll have to take Wanta out for a walk so I don't waste this perfect day," she said to Yuka. Before calling this place home, Mayu had 'lived' on the beach in a tiny wooden shack, exiled from her abusive parents and the rest of the world. She had found happiness in these very warm and welcoming people.

Nana had also lived a life of isolation and exclusion before coming here, but her story was much more darker and cruel. A life of experiments and solitude; her only window of sanity coming from the bespectacled man she had always known as her Papa. Tears streamed down the pink-haired girl's eyes as she remembered her Papa, as well as the young girl who had been his true daughter.

They can no longer enjoy the wonderfully tasting things in this world...Nana covered her face as her sadness began to pour. Mayu was always there to comfort her in times like this. Every night since that incident,

Nana would often wake up with nightmares or sad dreams about her Papa and Mariko. Fortunately, Mayu had the personality of an Angel and could always swoop down and save her friend from suffering a deep depression.

"Are you going to be okay Nana?" Yuka leaned across the table to check the poor girl.

"Yeah, I'm fine...Thank you both so much for letting such a bothersome girl stay here," Nana regarded herself with disdain. She would always see herself as a 'burden' for other people; being a horned girl meant a life away from other humans. She felt that by living here she was only causing everyone else more unnecessary trouble.

Kouta dropped his chopsticks with aggression and rose to his feet. "DON'T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!" Yuka and Mayu were shocked by Kouta's sudden outburst. "Everyone here is family now, nobody is ever left behind. We all work together and contribute to this house, please don't ever say such things again."

Kouta still hadn't gotten over the loss of that girl who had changed his life forever. The one whom he had befriended in his childhood that fateful day eight years ago. The one who would murder his younger sister and father before his very eyes...The girl with horns...

Wanta's yapping ended the brief emotional tension between the five residents of the Maple Inn (Wanta was included on Mayu's demand). "I think someone might be outside." Yuka was about to get up when-

"I'll go answer it." Kouta slipped on some sandals and headed for the courtyard outside.

"I wonder who it could be?" Mayu enquired with the other two girls.

Yuka tapped her chin in thought. "Well, I know my friend Nozomi-chan is supposed to be heading our way soon for her studies, but she didn't mention anything about coming today."

As Kouta went to the front door of the house, he couldn't help but recall those final words by the girl who had transformed his life forever.

"I promise I'll be home very soon..."

"She still hasn't fulfilled that promise..." Kouta spoke to himself as he noticed the silhouette hiding behind the sliding doors of the the front entrance. It was the silhouette of a girl close to his own height.

Strangely enough, as he noticed the girl by the door, the grandfather clock in the foyer suddenly started working again. The fact that it had never worked at all since first arriving here struck Kouta as a most odd occurrence, (even after the person who left tried to fix it it had still remained mute), but when he slid open the door to reveal the person behind, his thoughts were moved, much like the springtime breeze, to another place...

Ragged, still wearing the tattered clothes they had gave her to wear that day and with a tiny smile hidden beneath a dirt-caked face. Kouta couldn't hold back the tears when he opened his arms and cried.

"You finally came back Nyu!"

"Oh my God! Nyu finally came back!" Yuka nearly fainted with shock when she saw the pink haired girl's return. "Where have you been all this time? We were all so very worried!" She quickly went over and checked the poor girl. "Oh my...your clothes are ruined and your all dirty! Please come inside and have a bath."

Mayu and Nana were still at the table when the girl named Nyu came inside. As soon as they saw the pink-haired girl's face they both jumped on their feet. Mayu was happy to see Nyu-san again and smiled calmly. Nana on the other hand...

"Lucy!" She nearly wrestled her fellow pink-haired kin to the ground with a massive hug. "You made everyone here so sad! How dare you make everyone worry, especially me..." Nana sobbed into Nyu's tattered clothes. Though herself and the girl she knew as Lucy both tried to kill each other, it seemed Nana was much more forgiving to the girl who had saved her from a fame-struck scientist named Isobe just before her disappearance.

"Why does Nana call Nyu-san Lucy?" Yuka wondered. "Oh never mind! Let's just get you cleaned up and changed into some fresh clothes."

Kouta hadn't had the chance to ask Nyu the burning questions he still had for her after all those weeks apart. The girls had all been overcome with joy for Nyu's return. He scratched his head and looked over towards the clock that was ticking away as good as new.

Nyu...I still have much to discuss with you...

"See? Isn't that much better?" Yuka poured a bucket of warm water over Nyu's soapy body. "I can't believe you've been away for so long, how did you find this place again anyway?" Yuka kept asking the girl questions as she scrubbed over more of her body.

Meanwhile Nana and Mayu were watching over Nyu from the bath. "Nyu-san hasn't said anything since she came back." Mayu picked up the pink-haired girl's lack of enthusiasm since coming back. "Normally she'd at least say 'Nyu' by now.

Nana noticed something different about Nyu as well. "Oh no! What happened to Nyu-san's horns?" Addressing her by the name the Maple Inn residents gave her to spare any future awkwardness.

Yuka combed through Nyu's hair like a mother looking for hair-lice. "You're right, they appear to have fallen off or something! Do you think she'll be okay without them?"

Nana rested her chin on the edge of the bath. "Hmm, I'm not really sure...Normally in this kind of scenario Nana would ask Pap-" Nana suddenly threw her head into the hot water, hiding her tears from the others.

Papa...Even the little things make Nana sad...Would you hate me if you saw me crying right now?

"I wonder where Nyu-san has been staying all this time?" Mayu wanted to know. Being a former runaway herself, she wondered how Nyu must have survived in the harsh environment alone without anyone to protect her or keep her warm. Mayu knew that she could survive when Wanta was with her, but Nyu-san must have borne all the elements by herself.

Yuka turned Nyu around and began scrubbing her back. "Well maybe Nyu-san is still troubled from being away for so long. Perhaps she'll open up to us later." When Yuka finished she lifted Nyu back to her feet and started drying her with the towel. "There we go!" She spoke to her as if dealing with a child. "I think it would be for the best if we let Nyu-san rest for a while."

Nana couldn't help but notice one more thing that was different about Lucy. She could no longer feel the murderous presence within the girl, but could this person really be Nyu? She didn't bear any traits of either of the two split-egos that made up this girl. But the thing that bothered Nana the most was the rather sullen expression on her face, as if the girl was mourning over some sort of loss. But what could she possibly be grieving over? She hadn't lost someone dear to her heart like Nana had...So what was it that made Nyu appear so down?

Kakuzawa rarely left the underground pond these days. This was his new domain as he awaited the queen's return. This place was the Eden of the new age of humanity – in his eyes at least. The grotto appeared to the observers eye as a mere pile of rubble and standing stones arranged miscellaneously. If it weren't for the small body of turbid water in the centre of the grotto, the place may have substituted for a form of hell on Earth. The place was more humid than a hundred saunas and the air pressure was high enough to give people nosebleeds – well one person at least...

"Aww...It stinks in here...Why don't we put up some nice decorations or something? Maybe an air freshener or two..." a fool-hearted scientist named Arakawa walked over towards the chief of the Diclonius Research Facility.

"Ah, you're finally here..." Kakuzawa turned away from the pond and faced the glasses-wearing female scientist. "How's the virus development proceeding?"

Arakawa held her nose to prevent another nosebleed. "So-so I guess...I really need more space and resources...Plus I could really do with a shower – doesn't this place have any facilities for humans?"

Kakuzawa ignored the scientist's trivial concerns and faced the pond again. "Isn't it beautiful, behold the Lebensborn project in its most gracious form."

Arakawa shuffled over in her usual sandals and lab coat attire and scanned her eyes around the pond nervously. "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing here," she spoke, her voice sounding nasally.

Kakuzawa pointed directly into the centre of the pond. "The Oracle of this Eden...The 'uterus' of the new humanity...The 'Shintai' of the Lebensborn..."

"Enough with the abstract stuff...just what the hell am I supposed to be...Oh shit..." Arakawa slid back as she noticed a huge dark shadow in the middle of the artificial pond. It was as if the Loch Ness Monster had been shipped over to live here in the facility. Two large crescent's appeared in the middle of the shadow like tiny moons being reflected on the surface of the water. "Just what the hell is that thing?" The timid scientist shuddered.

Kakuzawa chuckled lightly as he gazed at Arakawa with demon eyes. "She is my daughter...and she is the 'embryo' of a God..."

As everyone finally sat down together for dinner, Yuka and the others were still troubled by Nyu's rather odd behaviour. Kouta didn't appear to share the same concerns as the others, but that was only because he was saving his opportunity to speak with Nyu for a more private occasion. Kouta finished his serving first and then left the table.

Yuka couldn't help but frown over Kouta's silence as well. Today was supposed to be a special occasion, yet nobody appeared to be any happier since Nyu's return...Perhaps, Yuka thought, that those happy faces she saw earlier, were merely a very brief honeymoon period of excitation.

"Goodnight Mayu, goodnight Nana," Yuka called over to the two young girls from the doorway. To her they were like her own children, so she would always make sure to say goodnight before going to bed. Yuka was still bothered bothered by Nyu's return. It had been great to finally see her again, and as much as she didn't like the pink haired girl at times she had gotten used to her presence at the Inn; but this uncharacteristic sullenness Nyu was employing wasn't what Yuka expected at all. She'd been missing for at least four weeks, what if something had happened to her while she was gone? Anything could have happened to her while she was outside on her own; what if she had been assaulted, or maybe...

"Nyu-chan? Yuka peered her head over towards the room where Nyu would be sleeping. She noticed the pink haired girl was sitting on the edge of her mattress leaning over someone, wrapping her arms around that person like a monkey...sobbing into their chest and breathing on their face...

Yuka had always been jealous of Kouta, whenever he was seen to being intimate with Nyu. Even after all this time, she could still not remove those feelings of anger and bitterness whenever she saw those two together. She knew that Kouta should be holding her like that, and consoling with her in such a comforting way; but why was Kouta always turning to Nyu?...

"I'm so stupid..." Yuka began sobbing quietly to herself. She braced herself against the wall, but slid to the floor when her legs decided not to support the new weight she gained, "Why did she ever have to come back?"

Kouta held Nyu tight in his arms, not ever wanting to let her go again. Even though he now knew the kind of things this girl had done to his family, he still couldn't bear to see her say goodbye again. He also had much more he wanted to ask her, about her past and why she had to kill his younger and father eight years ago.

"Kouta..." Nyu was finally able to speak when around the young man. "I'm sorry..."

"You don't need to apologise. For now at least, I'm relieved to see you're not hurt and speaking again." Kouta clutched the girl tightly, "I just need you to tell me more about-"

"No, Kouta, what I mean is..." Nyu averted her gaze trying to think of something. "Nyu doesn't remember anything about those things you said from eight years ago...

Elfen Lied: The Second Verse - Episode 2 Preview

"Maybe I should consider leaving the Maple Inn..."

"His name wasn't even disclosed to the Director or anyone here."


"This is Nozomi-chan, the girl I was talking about before."


When old wounds resurface, how does one heal the troubles of the past? When bonds are formed with evil, how does one escape their fate? When one wishes to become God, who will stop their madness? Don't miss the next episode of Elfen Lied: The Second Verse