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She was admiring a picture while he was admiring her. Her flaming red curls that were draped around her shoulders shifted whenever she turned her head to one side or the other.

"Do it. You know you want to." Jordan said next to him.

"How do you know she's not already with someone?"

"Like that's stopped you before?" Jordan scoffed.

It was true, Jace Herondale took whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He was just that good.

"Hmm. She's cute, but not my type." He just shrugged, already getting bored.

"She's fucking hot man, and you know it."

"Then you do it, asshole."

Jordan shook his head, "No way, Maia would kill me. I may be a flirt, but at the end of the day Maia is always going to be my one and only girl."

Jace stayed silent, studying the petite red head some more.

"Where did your girl go anyway?" Jordan asked.

"She's not my girl. And I have no fucking clue."

Jordan shrugged, "Well then, man, now's your only chance."

"What makes you think I'm doing it?"

"It's a bet. You love bets."

Jace shook his head, "Not this time," he said under his breath.

"That's mean, boys." Maia walked over to them, slipping a hand into Jordan's. "Come on, babe. I want to show you a painting."

"Sure thing. If you won't do it for the bet, at least do it for your ego, Jace. You know I'll give you shit about turning the bet down." Jordan was mocking him and Jace wanted to punch him in the face. But they were in public at an art exhibition, so he restrained himself.

Jordan and Maia walked away, leaving Jace to continue admiring the girl.

He couldn't take it anymore. He sauntered over and stood right next to her, looking at the painting. "Hey, Red, like the painting?"

The girl turned her head again in the opposite direction and scrunched her face up. "It's alright, I guess."

"Think you could do better, huh?" Jace asked in a teasing voice.

"Yeah, I think I could." She nodded slightly.

They were looking at a dark painting of a falling angel. The canvas was a light shade of gray and the angel was entirely back. A few feathers were falling from the angel. A feather at the bottom right corner of the painting had a white signature: C.F.Morgensternin nice, compact cursive writing.

"C.F. Morgenstern, do you not like their work?" He was genuinely curious. After all, who comes to an exhibition of a particular artist if they don't like said artist?

"I think she is an acquired taste for some people." Her eyes were still trained on the painting, never shifting to see who she was talking to.

"She?" Jace didn't know the artist was a woman.

Absent-mindedly the girl held up a pamphlet. "Yes she is Clarissa Fairchild Morgenstern."

Jace took the pamphlet out of Red's hand and glanced at it. It read: Heaven and Hell: A Tribute to Jocelyn Fairchild An Exhibition of the Works of Clarissa Fairchild Morgenstern. Flipping the pamphlet open he saw a list of works and a short explanation of each, some included a price next to them.

"Why are you here? You clearly don't seem too interested in the paintings." She turned and looked at him for the first time.

He noticed that she was not just "fucking hot" but truly beautiful as well. Her eyes were strikingly bright green, complimenting her red hair perfectly, and she had a few freckles splattered on each cheek bone. He quickly looked up and down her body noting that she had a great shape as well. Looking back up at her face, he saw that she was still waiting for an answer.

"My date wanted to come here tonight. Apparently she is a fan of Ms. Morgenstern. But I don't even know where she is right now." He sounded like a robot, just spitting out information. He was still stunned by how beautiful this girl standing in front of him turned was.

"Well," she turned to face the painting once more. "Isn't that nice."

Jace heard the sound of heals clicking on the floor and groaned, knowing who it was.

"Jace!" God, her voice was so nasally.

Red turned her head slightly to see who was approaching them. "I guess you found your blondeā€¦Jace?"

He nodded, "Yes, Jace Herondale. And I wasn't exactly looking for her."

Her mouth pulled up into a half smile and she turned her head back to the painting. How could someone stare at a picture for so long?

Turning around, Jace saw his date standing right behind him. "Yes, Kaelie?" He was so not interested in her, but she was hot so Jace decided to go for it. Now he was seriously starting to regret his decision.

"Are you bored already?" She whined.

He thought about the other girl standing right behind him. "No, not yet."

"Oh good," her voice was a bit too cheerful for his liking. "Would you like to come look at some more paintings with me?"

Absolutely not. "You know what? I think I heard someone say that Clarissa Morgenstern was here. I think she is over there," he pointed to a semi-large crowd of people standing in front of a larger painting behind Kaelie. "Why don't you go introduce yourself to her?"

"She's here?" Her eyes widened like a child being told that Santa Clause left them presents under a Christmas tree.

"It is her exhibition, Kaelie." She was so dense sometimes.

"I'm going to go find her." And with that she quickly turned around and walked away.

Once out of ear shot Jace let out a sigh. "Thank God."

Red laughed, "That wasn't very nice. She will probably be disappointed."

Jace was confused. "Why? Because Morgenstern isn't actually over there?"

"Well that, and because she isn't really that great."

"Wow, you really don't like her do you? Why are you here?" Again, he was teasing her, but he was really curious as well.

"Like I said, acquired taste." She didn't answer his other question, but he didn't press it.

Moving in closer, Jace whispered in her ear. "I've told you my name. But you haven't told me yours."

Her body shivered and he grinned with satisfaction. She turned to look at him, their faces mere inches away, and smiled. "No, I haven't."

She was flirting, and Jace took this as encouragement. He opened his mouth but before he could say anything another voice cut him off.

"Hey, Sis, I hate to break something special up, but I've got news about tomorrow night." A tall, muscular man stood a few feet behind the girl.

Sighing, she stepped back and turned to face her brother. "What's up?"

Instead of answering, her brother stared down Jace. "Jonathan Morgenstern. How're you?" He extended a hand but his tone was cold.

"Jace Herondale. I was just admiring something pretty, don't mind me." He took Jonathan's hand and smiled.

"I'm sure you were."

"Jon." The girl snapped her fingers in front of his face. "What do you want to tell me?"

"Oh," he looked back at his sister. "Dad just informed me that tomorrow is the formal night. All the clients are coming out."

"Just great. Well, we'll be needing that trip to Pandemonium afterwards then. Better go tell the rest."

"Will do, Sis." With one last hard look at Jace, Jonathan turned and walked away.

Jace resumed his close stance next to Red. "So, Jonathan Morgenstern is your brother, huh? That would make you Clarissa Fairchild Morgenstern, wouldn't it?"

Clarissa stared right into his eyes, "Yes, I suppose it would."

Jace jerked his head toward the painting. "This is really good."

She shook her head, "It could be better. The body isn't quite right."

Jace pulled half his mouth up in a sly grin. "Well, if it's perfect bodies you're having trouble with, I could model for you. I've been told that my body is quite perfect." He added a wink at the end.

She laughed, "Oh you think so, do you?" Clarissa circled him, checking him out. He liked it.

Once back facing him, he said "Would you like to find out?"

Breaking eye contact for a brief moment, Clarissa asked "What about your blonde?"

Jace shook his head and said only one word. "Boring."

"Thanks for the offer, but maybe some other time Jace." And just like that Clarissa started walking away.

Shocked by rejection, Jace stood and stared at her retreating figure before reacting. He caught up to her and grabbed her wrist, not wanting to give up just yet. "Now just wait a minute, Clary. I - "

She stopped and turned. "Clary?"

"Um, yeah. It's a nickname. It's short and sexy. Like you." He didn't let go of her wrist, but he pulled her closer.

She willingly stepped forward. "What if I told you I was unavailable? Would you stop chasing me then?" She was being flirtatious and he wanted more.

"Nope," he replied, popping the 'p' and grinning.

Clary smiled, "Good. See you around Jace." She turned and started walking away again.

"When will that be?" Jace called after her.

She didn't turn around, but called over her shoulder, "The exhibition is running tonight, Friday and Saturday. Same time, same place."

His grin widened and after he watched her walk away he looked down at the pamphlet he still held in his hand. On the back there was comment about buying a painting: If you have any inquires about purchasing a work, please contact Isabelle Lightwood.There was number next to it.

Oh Jace will definitely be calling all right, just not about a work but rather the fiery artist he just met.

A/N: Well since 'We Are Broken' is coming to a close, I thought I would post this now. This story will be pretty short, no more than 5 or 6 chapters. My update schedule will be pretty sporadic but I will do my best :)

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