Summary: Good girl Bella Swan has her whole Thanksgiving planned out with no interruptions. When delinquent Edward Cullen gets into trouble for on-campus drinking at school, their principal suggests he spends Thanksgiving break somewhere where he wouldn't get in anymore trouble while his guardians are away. While in a meeting for his punishment for on-campus drinking their principal suggests he spend Thanksgiving with Forks' police chief Charlie Swan and his family and daughter who hates his guts. Neither of them want to be around one another but fate had other choices.

The clattering of glass bottles was enough to set my raging headache into more of a annoyance. I rubbed my sore throbbing skull in attempts to rid of the horrible feeling but failed miserably. Hangovers are one thing that should never be fucked with.

", this is the second time you have been caught drinking on our campus" Principal Greene said as he lined up all 4 of the glass beer bottles. I slumped in the cushioned chair and glared at the bottles. Those little fuckers wouldn't stop clanging together and making my headache so much worse. I want to shatter them.

"I'm sorry Mr. Greene" I grunted out and held my head in my hands. This is why alcohol should never have been invented. The hangovers suck; but that doesn't mean I'll stop drinking.

"A simple sorry isn't going to cut it Cullen. I wish it will but it simply won't" Greene barked in retaliation. I glared at him and breathed through my nose, trying to tame my short-temper.

"Well, what are you going to do to me that you haven't already?" I shot back at him. Honestly there wasn't a punishment at this school that he hasn't already given me. Lunch detentions, detentions, Saturday Schools, suspensions, in-house suspensions, and he even tried to expel me but, Mrs. Cope being the gracious women that she is, took pity on me and talked him out of it.

"Cullen, no matter the level of punishment I've given you, you just seem to get in trouble more and more. So i think two months suspension and a report to your parole officer should do it" He sighed and leaned against his wooden desk. i rolled my eyes and looked at him. Mr. Greene wasn't an old guy. I'd say around mid-30's and a head full of a shit brown hair and he was a tall guy, taller than me, and his brown eyes were set on me.

Then there was my parole officer. Deputy Benjamin Blacken. He was a young guy himself too. His dark brown long hair with a matching mustache and his tall lean stature fit the role of a cop. Little bastard. He hated me, but then again who didn't? Whenever I saw him he addressed me as 'Son' in a way to try and win me over. Ha! Like that'd happen.

There was also Chief Swan, who Blacken reported to about me. Chief Charlie Swan was an okay guy. He wasn't an asshole to me, so I had no problems with him. His daughter, Isabella Swan, was in four of my classes. She was a hottie. Every time I'd make a move on her she would always remind me of who her father was as if I was a little child. I called her Princess when i would reply to her. That pissed her off and was also the reason I kept doing it. I guess I did have a little delinquent streak in me.

The slam of the office door make me look up to a grumbling Principal Greene and he looked down to me as if I was the shit at the bottom of his shoe. I snorted at his attempt to be superior over me.

"You're the only student in this whole school who gives me this amount of trouble" He grumbled. I gave him a sloppy grin.

"You'd go soft without me" I retorted. And it was the truth. No one in the whole high school dared to do a wrong move. I was the only one constantly in detentions, and in-house suspension rooms. It was then that there was a knock that interrupted the tension in the room. There stood Mrs. Cope in front of the closed door and she stared at us with innocent blue eyes.

"Mr. Greene?" She said softly to try and calm him down, "Mr. Cullen's guardians have just informed me that they aren't in town to discuss Mr. Cullen's punishment or be here to watch him over Thanksgiving break" She said sadly. I smiled at her and gave sloppy wave.

"Hi Mrs. Cope!" I greeted politely. I loved that woman. She was the only one in the whole office staff and faculty who didn't think of me as a delinquent of sorts. She thought I was a typical troubled teenager but never thought of me as a delinquent. She was always kind to me and whenever i didn't have a lunch she would pick me something up from Subway and never expected me to pay her back. That woman was a God. I'm pretty sure she was the only one who genuinely gave a crap about me in this dinky town.

"Oh good lord, thanks Sherri." Mr. Greene sighed and looked to me. "Where do you have to go for Thanksgiving Cullen?" He asked. I shrugged and leaned back in my chair to play with my unruly hair.

"Home" I said simply and he shook his head.

"Well you're absolutely not going there. You need a place with supervision." He told me, but mostly to himself. A place with supervision? The lack of faith he had in me to stay out of trouble was a little insulting.

"Sherri?" Greene called through the door again, "Will you get Isabella Swan for me please?" He asked and eyed me. Mrs. Cope opened the door and stared at him with an incredulous expression.

"Miss Swan? Whatever for?" She asked with a crazed expression. I rose a brow at Greene. What did he want with Goody-Too-Shoes?

"Just have faith in me Sherri. Please get her" He requested and gave me a glance. I sighed and kicked my feet up on his wood desk. I could go for some Pringles.

"Ronald, what the hell do you want Swan for?" I asked addressing him by his first name to piss him off. It amused me.

Soon enough little Swan was meekly walking into Greene's office and her eyes went wide as she saw me. I winked when I saw her eyes go wide and she blushed furiously. I snickered to myself.

"Yes ?" She asked nicely. Mr. Greene smiled at her with a soft expression to be honest it grossed me out.

"Have a seat Miss Swan" He asked and gestured to the seat next to mine. She hesitantly sat down and I leaned over and tapped her arm.

"I guess we're in the same boat too huh, Princess?" I teased. She blushed and stomped on my foot.

"Asshole" She whispered. I chuckled and rolled my head to the other side it was cocked on.

"Miss Swan, I understand you and Mr. Cullen have a few classes together am I correct?" He asked. She swallowed and nodded to him.

"Yes sir" She said softly. Oh good God, gag me with a fork.

"And who are you spending your Thanksgiving with?" He asked her. She sat up straighter in her chair and crossed her legs as if she was chatting with one of her friends. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm spending it with my parents, my step-dad, my dad's girlfriend and her two kids, aunt, uncle, and three cousins" She informed. He nodded.

"Do you have room for one more?" He asked. I froze in my seat. He wasn't. I whipped my head to Bella and my eyes went large. He wouldn't.

"Mr. Greene are you asking to come?" She asked and blushed. He laughed and shook his head.

"No dear" He smiled, "I'm asking for Mr. Cullen to come" He said and looked to me. I mentally jumped him.

Fuck him.