Hello Disney fans! You must be if you're in this Category. This will be the first fic I ever make for a Disney category, so I'm excited!

Warning: the next few paragraphs will just be me rambling so if you don't want to listen to me, feel free to skip right to the story.

Okay, so a few days ago, I was looking up stuff on YouTube and came across a video made for Roxanne. I became intrigued and borrowed a copy of a Goofy Movie from a friend of mine. After that, I watched the House of Mouse episode with her in it too, and realized: I love this character!

The only problem is, she doesn't show up enough for my liking, so you can't really see the bond between her and Max. When I heard about Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas and that in it, Max brought a girl home, I was so excited that it would be Roxanne. But when I saw the truth, I was totally heartbroken "they broke up!"

But, when I looked up Max Goof on Wikipedia, I found something

The Goofy Movies, Listed by Max's age, goes:

Mickey's Once a Christmas (Max is about 5 or 6)

Goof Troop (Max is 11)

A Goofy Movie (Max is 14)

An Extremely Goofy Movie (Max is 18)

I guess he's still in college in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas so he's around 19

and finally,

House of Mouse (he has to be 19, because to be a valet you need to be 18, and he was in college then)

I realized that Max was still dating Roxanne (in House of Mouse) after he'd been to college and the other girl, (I can't bear to say her name).

I was so excited, I just had to write this fic to celebrate! I hope this also clears up anyone else's confusion about the Max/Roxanne affair.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Roxanne's Back-story

Chapter 1-After today

When she'd woken up this morning, Roxanne had thought this would be like every other last-day-of-school: students would slack off even more than usual; teachers would bust out homework to be given out over break, and maybe even a music number somewhere during the day (it's expected when you live in the Disney District after all).

Well, she had been somewhat right. There had definitely been a music number to accompany her on her way to school. Students were running down the streets in herds, seeming almost excited to be going to school, which alone should have been enough to tell her that something was off about today.

And, while she walked down her own street with the few books she needed for the day, she could have sworn she felt someone staring at her as she passed the music shop. But, she'd brushed it off as usual.

Roxanne was used to the feeling of people's stares. She wasn't trying to sound conceited, but she'd been told before that she was a very attractive girl, and by now, she knew those words held some truth.

She'd had her share of dates and part time boyfriends, but it had gotten old and dried out very quickly. Most men were al the same: stuck up, full of themselves, and always trying to act cool. None of them could ever just cut loose and be a person, without coming off as a jerk.

Maybe that's why she chose to stop dating a while ago. That and that her father doesn't trust boys around her. But that was just a father's way, so it didn't worry her too much.

After all, she was his youngest daughter and, since her mom had divorced him and her sisters were old enough to live on their own, she was all he had left. But she was sure he would let up some if she brought home a boy that really meant a lot to her. But that didn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

What she wouldn't give for a one-of-a-kind boy.

She had been out on the football field when the song finally came to its climax. A paper had flown out of her best friend, Stacey's, hands and since she was in a rush to get to the auditorium, Roxanne had volunteered to get it for her. Just as she had all but given up finding it, she heard a yell from the bleachers. She looked up in time to see someone go rolling down the benches and land flat on their face in the dirt a few feet away from her.

The kids around him immediately burst into hysterics and walked away, leaving him in the dirt.

Thinking the boy might be hurt, Roxanne immediately went to help.

"Are you alright?" she asked, helping the boy to his feet.

"Yeah yeah I'm okay, I just uh-" the moment the boy looked up, his eyes connected with hers, and, for some reason, Roxanne felt a small twinge of… something in her stomach. The boy was rather cute. Not really handsome, but definitely not ugly either.

The boy was babbling some kind of gibberish now, and Roxanne started at him, bemused. Had he suffered some kind of brain damage from the fall? But, with the way he was looking at her, nervous and somewhat shy, she realized that her was stuttering because of her. Roxanne was used to boys who'd put on cool-fronts and try to flirt with her, but this boy wasn't putting on any kind of front. He was openly babbling to her with apparently no way to stop it.

And for some reason, Roxanne found that extremely adorable and hilarious at the same time.

She bit her lip to keep her laughter down, but it didn't do much to stop the laughter from bubbling out of her mouth and his gibberish. The boy also seemed to find it funny and started laughing too, before making the strangest sound she'd ever heard.


Not knowing how to respond to this, Roxanne immediately stopped laughing. And starred at him as his hands flew up to his mouth as if trying to stop another one from erupting.

He became very jittery; she could see it in his eyes; before he turned tail and ran. In his retreat he stumbled against a trash can and gave an exasperated yell while continuing to run out of sight.

Roxanne continued to stand there for a moment, unsure what it was that she had done to make him upset. Why should she even care, her inner voice told her, why should she care what the problem was with some guy.

But, she knew the answer to that before she'd even asked the question.

Because, for some weird reason, that wasn't just some guy.

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