Authors note:

I already have this story posted. This is the revised edition of the story I already posted. I had a review that suggested I re-write it and I thought that it was a good idea I re-read it and found it to be very vague. There wasn't much detail and it was very short. I may split it up in to chapters depending on the length. When I wrote the first edition the puss in boots movie wasn't in theaters and it wasn't a category on . So I am going to leave the first edition under Shrek and the second edition under puss in boots.

The legend of puss in boots


One night an older woman was sitting in her house next to a warm toasty fire with her four wonderful grand children and the children were telling each other ghost stories and laughing.

Then one child ask "grandmother do you have a story to tell?"

She replied "oh yes I have a very old one to tell but I think you may like it"

Then the children all gathered around her and became quiet because they new that the story that there old grandmother was about to tell was going to be a great one.